would like to make it clear that the photos we use on the website are free source and may be accessed on the Internet. They are used for representational purposes only.

Because the information and images on the internet are in the public domain, anyone who wants to use them can. Furthermore, as responsible people, we never intend to breach or infringe on the rights of a person or a company that have been specifically expressed by those parties.

If you are the sole owner of any photograph or other piece of content that appears on our website, please make your case to the firm and let them know.

We strictly prohibit the infringement of any kind of copy right or ownership right. If any person or organisation objects to using their owned or copy righted material without their consent or with inadequate credit, they should contact us in writing at [email protected]  with details of their complaint.

The complaint, notice, or request that was forwarded must include:

Name and other accurate information about the complainant, as well as documentation proving the party is the SOLE owner of the rights to the image, content, or other items in question.

A graphic representation of the material or a URL link to the page where the offended party first viewed it on the website.
specifics of the image, text, or other in question.

a declaration that you are the legitimate owner of the work that has improperly exploited; (which will be used against you if the complaint is fraudulent, deceptive, or defamatory for the firm.)

Make sure to include a letter of authorization and the physically or electronically signed Declaration by the First Party or the Original Copy Right holder if you are a Second Party writing to us on behalf of the Original Copy Right holder.

If any of the aforementioned information is incomplete or incorrectly filled out and submitted to, the request may not be granted in some cases and, in others, the company may file a lawsuit against the person or business that is attempting to falsely implicate in a case.

It should be kept in mind that after we receive a complaint, notice, or request that is fully legitimate and verified, we will acknowledge it in writing and provide the aggrieved party with a requested time frame within which the issue will be properly addressed. This correspondence will be sent to the email address used to send the complaint, notice, or request. never ever knowingly has any rights over anything that is owned by a party other than or its Associates, taking into account all of these facts and clauses as a crucial component of the company’s foundation philosophy.