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Bobcat 15C Auger Specs, Weight, Price, Features, Review

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Bobcat 15C Auger

Bobcat 15C Auger Overview

The Bobcat 15C Auger is a strong and flexible attachment for Bobcat skid steer loaders, Compact track loaders, And compact excavators. It is intended to drill holes swiftly and efficiently in a wide range of soil types and Conditions.

A hydraulic motor powers a spiral drill bit on the 15C Auger, enabling quick and accurate drilling. Depending on the task at hand, It is simple to switch out the bit for a different size. The auger may be used for a variety of applications thanks to its maximum drilling depth of 73 inches.

The 15C Auger offers a variety of safety measures to ensure safe and efficient operation, In addition to its strong drilling capabilities. A torque overload prevention device and a Hydraulic relief valve minimize harm to the equipment if the Auger becomes stuck.

Bobcat 15C Auger Price

15C Auger Price: USD $4,500.00

Bobcat 15C Auger Weight

15C Auger Operating Weight: 358 lb

Bobcat 15C Auger Features

  • Added Digging Depth: You can dig a foot deeper than with other units because the whole drive unit goes into the hole with the bit. See how other brands compare by watching the digging depth challenge.
  • Improved Torque: When it matters most, Bobcat® auger attachments give you more torque. All augers have torque ratings, but what matters most is how well they work on the job site. The difference is looked at in the torque challenge video.
  • Direct Drive: Direct drive gives you the best combination of torque and RPM. Other brands use a planetary auger drive, which has more moving parts, needs more upkeep, and costs more to run. See for yourself by watching the maintenance comparison video.
  • Combination Hex and Round Output Shaft: The combination output shaft, which is a Bobcat patent, can be used with both hex and round bits, increasing the number of parts that can be used (models 15C and 30C).
  • Versatile Mounting System: Attaching the auger to the carrier is easy and works well. Switch quickly and easily between multiple carriers.
  • Unique Knuckle Joint Design: The unique design of the knuckle joint lets the auger dig vertical holes even when your Bobcat is on uneven ground.
  • Auger Bits and Teeth: A lot of options to fit your digging needs.

Bobcat 15C Auger

Bobcat 15C Auger Specifications

Operating Weight 205 lb
Length 37 in
Width 10.6 in
Height 12.7 in
Dig Depth (without extensions) 62 in
Operating Weight (Less Bit) 358 lb
Speed Medium
Torque Medium

Bobcat 15C Auger Review

The Bobcat 15C Auger is a well-liked addition for skid steer loaders and compact track loaders. People appreciate it for being strong, performing well, and being flexible. This auger is useful for many jobs, like digging holes for fence posts, planting trees, and setting up septic systems.

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