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Bobcat 324 Specs

Bobcat 324 Overview

The reliable Kubota D1703-M-E3B engine powers the Bobcat 324 excavator. This engine produces 24.8 horsepower at 2,200 RPM and meets Tier 4 emissions regulations. 9-gallon gasoline tank in Bobcat 324.

The Bobcat 324 is surprisingly powerful. It has a maximum digging depth of 8.4 feet and Maximum reach of 14.1 feet. Both the arm and bucket breakout forces are 2,900 and 5,620 pounds, Respectively. It can slew 9.3 RPM and go 2.9 mph.

The Bobcat 324 includes a well-designed hydraulic system, Which is crucial for an excavator. The overall hydraulic flow is 12.9 gallons per minute, With a maximum auxiliary flow of 7.9. The hydraulic tank holds 5.5 gallons and the system pressure is 3,046 lbs.

Bobcat 324 Price

2014 BOBCAT 324: USD $23,675

2013 BOBCAT 324: USD $17,500

Bobcat 324 Weight 

Operating Weight: 3,571 lb

Bobcat 324 Horsepower

Horsepower: 13.9 hp

Bobcat 324 Fuel Tank

Fuel Tank: 6.3 gal

Bobcat 324 Specifications


Shipping Length Of Unit 13.77ft in
Max Cutting Height 13.31ft in
Shipping Height Of Unit 7.74ft in
Max Loading Height 9.12ft in
Max Reach Along Ground 166.66ft in
Max Vertical Wall Digging Depth 5.91ft in
Max Digging Depth 100.6ft in
Boom/Stick Option (Hex) 1 Stick 1050mm
Width To Outside Of Tracks 4.58ft in
Length Of Track On Ground 4.53ft in
Height To Top Of Cab 7.73ft in
Tail Swing Radius 3.82ft in
Removal Counterweight Clearance 1.75ft in


Shoe Size 12.6in
Track Gauge 3.54ft in
Ground Pressure 4.21psi
Max Travel Speed 1.9mph


Engine Make 2334
Engine Model D1703-M-E2B
Gross Power 27.7hp
Power Measured 2200rpm
Displacement 97.7cu in


Operating Weight 6145lb
Fuel Capacity 14.1gal
Hydraulic Pump Flow Capacity 17.5gal/min

Swing Mechanism

Swing Speed 9.2rpm

Bobcat 324 Review

The Bobcat 324 is a highly efficient compact excavator, well-known for its exceptional power, performance, and user-friendliness. It is equipped with a 13.9 horsepower Kubota engine and features a hydraulic system that delivers 7.9 gallons per minute.


The maximum dig depth of this machine is 8 feet 6 inches, and it has a reach of 14 feet at ground level. Additionally, it can lift up to 1,031 pounds over the end at a 10-foot radius.


For more details check out the video

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