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Bolens 1886

About Bolens 1886

The Bolens 1886 Husky is a garden tractor from the Large Frame series that was made Between 1971 and 1972. It was Available with a two-wheel drive (2WD) setup.

The Bolens 1886 has a gasoline two-cylinder engine with a displacement of 781 ccs (47.8 cu in), cylinder diameter and stroke Measurements of 82.6 mm (3.25 in) and 73.0 mm (2.87 in), And an infinitely variable Hydrostatic gearbox that is shaft driven.

Bolens 1886 Price

New price: NA

Bolens 1886 Engine

The Bolens 1886 has a Kohler K482S engine

Bolens 1886 Weight

The operating Weight is 845 lbs

Bolens 1886 Features

  • The Kohler K482S Engine runs on gasoline and generates 18.2 PS (13.4 kW; 18.0 HP) at 3,600 rpm.
  • Electric or manual (optional) steering
  • Brake discs
  • Category 0 rear operator station hitch that is open (optional)
  • Unbiased middle PTO

Bolens 1886 Specs


Model Bolens 1886 Husky
Tractor type Garden tractor
Production years 1971-1972
Length 1,930 mm (76 in)
Width 960 mm (37.8 in)
Height 1,140 mm (44.9 in)
Wheelbase 1,320 mm (52 in)
Ground clearance 210 mm (8.3 in)
Weight 385 kg (845 lbs)
Fuel tank capacity 19.0 liters (5.0 US gal, 4.2 Imp. gal)


Model Kohler K482
Engine type 4-stroke, L-head (side valve), two-cylinder
Displacement 781 cm3, (47.7 cu·in)
Bore and stroke 82.6 mm X 73.0 mm (3.25 in X 2.87 in)
Max. horsepower 18.2 PS (13.4 kW; 18.0 HP) at 3,600 rpm
Cooling system Forced air
Lubricating system Splash type
Fuel system Carburetor
Starting system Electric starter
Intake valve clearance 0.20-0.25 mm (0.0079-0.0098 in)
Exhaust valve clearance 0.43-0.48 mm (0.0169-0.0189 in)
Lubrication system Splash type
Oil type API SF or SG
Recommended oil Summer: SAE 30W
Winter: SAE 5W-20, 5W-30
Oil capacity 3.0 L (3.17 US.qts, 2.64 Imp. qts)
Spark plug Champion RH10
Spark plug gap 0.65 mm (0.0256 in)
Spark plug torque 27 N·m (2.8 kg·m, 19.9 ft·lb)

Transmission And Chassis

Chassis 4×2 2WD
Steering type Manual or power (optional)
Brakes Disc
Transmission manufacturer or model Eaton 12
Transmission type Shaft-driven hydrostatic
Gears Infinite forward and reverse
Speed Forward: 12.9 km (8 mph)
Reverse: 6.4 km (4 mph)
Transmission oil capacity 9.5 L (2.5 US. gal, 2.1 Imp. gal.)


Front tires Lawn/turf: 5.70/5.00×8
Rear tires Lawn/turf: 27×8.50-15

Rear Hitch

Category 0 (optional)
Control type
Lift capacity (at ends)


Middle PTO type Independent
Middle PTO speed

Electrical System

Ground Negative
Charging system Alternator
Charging amps 30A
Battery 12V

Bolens 1886 Review

The Bolens 1886 is a sturdy and powerful garden tractor manufactured between 1979 and 1983. This large-frame tractor is well-known for its durability, power, and versatility. It has a Kohler K482S engine that delivers 18 horsepower, a four-wheel drive system, and a three-speed transmission.

Additionally, the 1886 comes with a three-point hitch and mid-mount PTO, which makes it compatible with various attachments, such as mowers, loaders, and backhoes.

For more details check out the YouTube video

Bolens 1886 Attachments

Attachment overview
48″ mid-mount mower deck
54″ mid-mount mower deck

48″ Mower deck

Type mid-mount Bolens
Cutting width 48 inches
121 cm

54″ Mower deck

Type mid-mount Bolens
Cutting width 54 inches
137 cm


Type front-mount Bolens
Width 54 inches
137 cm

48″ Snowblower

Type front-mount Bolens
Clearing width 48 inches
121 cm


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