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About Case Ih 7120 Combine

Grain harvester Case IH 7120 Axial-Flow. It differs from silage maize and grass harvesters in various ways, including its onboard hopper that keeps grain dry between offloads. Grain harvester Case IH 7120 Axial-Flow. It differs from silage maize and grass harvesters in various ways, including its onboard hopper that keeps grain dry between offloads.

The front row features adjustable boom heights and boom stop options (high and low) as Well As a road Transport mode with a maximum speed of 33 km/h. This Allows for adjustments to be made to the cleaning fan speed, rotors, concave gap, and lower cleaning sieve. The back spinner speed adjuster is also included. The park brake, gear selection dial, and 4WD mode can be found on the left side of the vehicle.

Case IH 7120 Combine Price New

2009 CASE IH 7120 $92,000

2010 CASE IH 7120 $73,000

Case IH 7120 Combine  Weight

  Weight: 35,080 (15912

Case IH 7120 Combine Horsepower

 Horsepower:  268kW or 359

Case IH 7120 Combine Engine oil capacity

 Engine oil capacity: 21 qts 19.9 L

Case IH 7120 Combine Years Made

Years from  (2010-2012)

Case IH 7120 Combine Specifications


Displacement 9 cu in
Power Boost Power 30 hp
Engine Model Class VII
Power 360 hp
Power Measured @ 415 rpm

Grain Handling

Grain Tank Capacity 315 bu


Transmission Type 3
Number Of Gears 3
Operating Weight W/O Attachment 35080 lb
Fuel Capacity 277 gal

Case IH 7120 Combine Review

The Case IH 7120 combine is a high-performance axial-flow combine that is known for its reliability, efficiency, and grain quality. It is a popular choice for farmers who need a combine that can handle a variety of crops, including corn, soybeans, and wheat.

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 Case IH 7120 Combine Future

The Case IH 7120 Axial Flow Combine Harvester can harvest any sort of grain and has an intuitive control system. An 8.7-liter, six-cylinder Case IH/Iveco Cursor 9 engine powers the machine, generating up to 268 kW (364 hp) at 2100 rpm and an additional 41 kW (55 hp) at 1950 rpm without the need for a boost to unload.

It can also give you an extra 22kW (30hp) of Power or a choice of 19kW (25hp) of power. The Tier 3 engine’s common rail fuel injection is controlled electronically And it gets a boost from The aftercooling of The exhaust gas and The turbocharger. The fuel Tank is 1000 litres which is enough for Daily use. How well it works And how it Handles.


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FAQs –  Case IH 7120 Combine  

Q.1 How much horsepower does a 7120 case Combine have?

The combine harvester is designed To supply up to 268 kW of 359 horses of power That is delivered by its robust Case IH engine to the 17.6t Axial 7120 machine.

Q.2 What engine is in a 7120 case combined?

The Case IH 7120 is powered By an 8.7-litre Case IH/Iveco Cursor 9 six-cylinder engine That delivers up To 268 kW (364hp) at 2100rpm with a power increase of 41kW (55hp) At 1950rpm with no boost to unloading. It can also provide an extra 22.2kW (30hp) power boost with an option of 19kW (25hp). Boost

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