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Case Ih 7130 Combine About

The 7130 model from CaseIH is a 4WD or 2WD row-crop tractor that is part of the Magnum series. The tractor was produced through CaseIH at Racine, Wisconsin, USA between 1987 and 1993.

7130 from CaseIH 7130 is equipped with an 8.3 L (504.5 cu*in) diesel engine that has six cylinders, and three transmissions:

A full power shift transmission that has 18 reverse and forward gears. A powershift transmission that has a creeper as well as three reverse gears or a complete power transmission that has 18 forward and four reverse gears.

It was a Case-IH 7130 Magnum row-crop tractor was powered by an CDC engine. It’s an 8.3 L 8,267cm 2., (504.5 cu*in) six-cylinder turbocharged diesel motor with 114.0 millimeters (4.49 inches) of the bore of the cylinder and 135.0 millimeters (5.31 inches) of the stroke of the piston.

The compression ratio is 16.5:1. The engine generated 172.4 PS (126.8 kW; 170.0 HP) at 2200 rpm the PTO’s output power.

The CaseIH 7130 is equipped with hydrostatic power steering, hydraulic differential disc brakes that are wet, Silent Guardian II Cab equipped with air conditioning (standard) along with 359.6 milliliters (95 US gal. ; 79.1 Imp. gal) fuel tank.

Case Ih 7130 Combine


Case Ih 7130 Combine Price

Price: USD $162,500

Case Ih 7130 Combine Weight

Weight: 16280 to 17540 pounds

Case Ih 7130 Combine Horse Power

Horse Power:  380 HP

Case Ih 7130 Combine Engine Oil Capacity

Engine Oil Capacity: 21 qts 19.9 L

Case Ih 7130 Combine Serial Numbers

Location: On the floor, inside the tractor’s cab.
1987 9949001
1988 JJA0001501
1989 JJA0008528
1990 JJA0018838
1991 JJA0030160
1992 JJA0039300
1993 JJA0046350

Case Ih 7130 Combine Specifications


Year 1988
Manufacturer CASE IH
Model 7130
Serial Number JJA0003427
Condition Used
Hours 10517
Hours Meter Accurate / Verified


Rear Three Point Hitch Yes
Rear Quick Hitch Yes


Tires or Tracks Tires
Front Tire Configuration Singles
Rear Tire Configuration Duals
Front Tire Size 380/85R28
Rear Tire Size 480/80R42
Front Tire % Remaining 100
Rear Tire % Remaining 100
Front Weights yes
Number of Front Weights 10
Total Weight of Front Weights 1000


Canopy 4 Post
Cab Yes


Rear Remote Hydraulics3
Hydraulic Flow


Air yes
Heat yes
Radio yes
Ground Radar yes


Engine Horsepower
188 HP
Drive MFWD
Transmission Type Powershift
# of Forward Speeds Powershift
# of Reverse Speeds 2
Rear PTO Yes
Rear PTO Speed 100
Rear PTO Size 1 3/4
Differential Lock yes
Front End Suspension no


Fuel Type
Engine Turbo Yes

Case Ih 7130 Combine Review

The Case IH 7130 combine is a favored option for farmers looking for a trustworthy and effective machine to harvest different crops. It’s recognized for its straightforward design, user-friendly operation, and strong performance in various conditions.

For more details check out youtube video

Case Ih 7130 Combine Problems

  1. Feeding Issues

Your feeder’s neck should be narrow enough so that it is able to run smoothly through the crops. Wider throats can result in the slats reaching out towards the crops which can cause their ends to get caught by the crops. .

This can be very irritating as the collected material is pushed to the rear of the vehicle. This gets stuck within the chain that feeds it is blocked by plugs.

If you consider this, you could typically keep the throat closed enough to prevent the issue. If you require it and your earplugs have become blocked it is easy to clean them by stopping the vehicle.

Make sure you take the plants out correctly prior to starting the harvester in your combine. The chain of the feeder is an additional element that must be checked.

In the default, there will be two chains spinning with different speed. The top chain is always more efficient than the lower one.

  1. Wiring Harness Goes Bad

The wiring harness of the Case IH 7010 combine can be damaged and cause all kinds of issues. This is especially the case when the combine is operating in dusty areas.

Dust can build up in the electrical connectors, causing corrosion of the connectors. If this happens it can cause the wires to be damaged and cause numerous problems.

To resolve this issue the wiring harness has replacement. It’s fairly simple however, a skilled technician is the best person to handle it.

  1. Air Filter gets Clogged.

The air filter in the Case IH 7010 Combine can be easily blocked this can lead to lower performance.

To avoid this taking place, it’s essential to clean and inspect the air filter on a regular basis.

The proper method of clearing the air filter would be to get it completely from your combine, and then use a toothbrush or compressed air clean the filter. Once the filter is clean, you are able to attach it back in the mix.

  1. The fuel Filter gets Clogged.

The filter for fuel on the Case IH 7010 Combine can also become blocked and result in reduced performance.

To avoid this occurring, it is essential to clean and inspect the fuel filter on a regular basis. After the filter has been cleaned then you can reconnect it onto the combine.

  1. Overheating

It is the Case IH 7010 combine is vulnerable to overheating, particularly when operating in hot climates or when the harvest is dry.

The problem is often aggravated due to the accumulation of dirt and debris around the engine. This serves as an insulation and stops heat from dispersing .

To keep the engine from overheating, making sure the engine is free of dirt and dirt is vital.

Case Ih 7130 Combine FAQs

Q. What horsepower is a case 7130?

Ans. Produced in the USA by Case IH, this is the Axial Flow 7130 combine harvester. Find and download the full specs along with data sheets here.

The combine harvester is designed to supply up to 348 horses power or 260kW which is delivered via its strong Case IH engine to the 16.2t Axial 7130 machine.

Q. What does a case 7130 weigh?


CaseIH 7130
Dimensions & Tires
Wheelbase 118.3 inches 300 cm
Weight 16280 to 17540 pounds
Front tire 14L-16.1
2WD Rear tire 18.4R42

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