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About CaseIH 7140

The Magnum series CaseIH 7140 is a row-crop tractor with either 2WD or 4WD. From 1987 to 1993, this tractor was made by CaseIH in Racine, Wisconsin, in the United States.

The CaseIH 7140 has an 8.3 L (504.5 Cuin) six-cylinder diesel and one of three transmissions: a full power shift transmitting with 18 forward and 2 reverse gears.

a powershift transmission with a creeper and 24 forward and 3 reverse gears, or a full shift in power transmission with 18 forward and 4 reverse gears.

The CDC engine was in the row-crop tractor Case IH 7140 Magnum. It has an 8.3 L, 8,267 cm2, 504.5 Cuin, six-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine with a cylinder bore of 4.49 inches and a piston stroke of 5.31 inches.

The ratio of compression is 16.5:1. At 2,200 rpm, this engine put out 197.7 PS (145.4 kW; 195.0 HP) of power.

The CaseIH 7140 comes with hydrostatic power steering, differential hydrodynamic wet disc brakes, a Silent Guardian II Cab with air conditioning as standard, and a 359.6-liter (95 US gal; 79.1 Imp. gal) fuel tank.

CaseIH 7140 Price

CaseIH 7140 Specs

CaseIH 7140 Original price: $91,000 (1993)

CaseIH 7140 Horsepower

CaseIH 7140 Horsepower: 195 hp 145.4 kW

CaseIH 7140 Years Made

CaseIH 7140 Years Made: 1987 – 1993

CaseIH 7140 Weight

CaseIH 7140 Weight: 16480 to 17850 pounds

CaseIH 7140 Serial Number

Location: On the floor, inside the tractor’s cab.
1987 9949001
1988 JJA0001501
1989 JJA0008528
1990 JJA0018838
1991 JJA0030160
1992 JJA0039300
1993 JJA0046350

CaseIH 7140 Specifications

Make CaseIH
Model 7140
Company Country United States
Production years From 1987  Until 1993
Tractor type Row Crop tractor
Fuel diesel
Price 91,000  USD
Total build

Engine size 504.5 ci or 8.3 L
Number of cylinders 6 cylinders 12 valves
Power RPM 2200 (rpm)
Engine torque
Engine torque RPM
Fuel type diesel
Fuel tank capacity 95 gal or 359.6 L
Compression ratio 16.5:1
Bore stroke 4.488×5.315 inches or (114 x 135 mm)
Oil tank capacity 21 qts or 19.9 L
Oil change frequency 250 h
Coolant tank capacity 31 qts or 29.3 L

Transmission type full power shift
Transmission gears 18 forward and 4 reverse
Clutch system hydraulic wet disc

Hydraulic system closed center pressure flow compensated
Number of valves 2 to 4
Pump flow rate 22 GPM or 83.3 lpm
Hydraulic tank capacity 50.5 gal or 191.1 L
Hydraulic pressure 2600 psi or 179.3 bar
Hydraulic max flow 29 GPM or 109.8 lpm

Hitch control system electronic lower link
Rear hitch III/IIIN
Rear hitch lift 10,200 lbs or 4626 kg

AG front tires 14L-16.1
AG rear tires 18.4R4
Weight 16,480 lbs or 7475 kg
Length 191.4 inches [486 cm] (2WD)
Height 119.3 inches [303 cm] (2WD)
Wheelbase 118.3 inches [300 cm]
Ground clearance
Rear tread size 60 to 127 inches
Front tread size 60 to 86 inches

Battery and electrical specs

Number of batteries 2
Battery voltage 12 V
Battery cold cranking Amps 950
Electric ground force negative
Electric charging system alternator
Electric charging Amps 110 amps
Engine starter volts 12 V

Wheel drive 4×2 2WD
Steering system hydrostatic power
Braking system differential hydraulic wet disc
Cabin type Silent Guardian II Cab standard with air-conditioning

PTO claimed power 195 hp or 145.4 kW
PTO real power 197.53 hp or 147.3 kW
PTO clutch system wet disc
Rear PTO system independent
Rear PTO RPM 1000 (rpm)
Front PTO system
PTO fuel consumption 11.2 gal/hour or 42.4 l/hour

CaseIH 7140 Review

The Case IH 7140 is a four-wheel drive agricultural tractor that was produced from 1989 to 1995. It is powered by a Cummins 8.3-liter turbocharged diesel engine that produces 235 horsepower. The 7140 is equipped with a 16-speed PowerShift transmission and a four-wheel drive system with a differential lock.

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CaseIH 7140 Attachments

  • Not Available

CaseIH 7140 Problems

The Case IH 7140 is a generally reliable tractor, but there are a few common problems that owners have reported. These include:

  • Hydraulic problems: The hydraulic system is one of the most complex systems on a tractor, and it is also one of the most prone to problems. Common hydraulic problems on the 7140 include leaks, slow operation, and overheating.
  • Transmission problems: The transmission is another complex system that can be prone to problems. Common transmission problems on the 7140 include shifting difficulties, slipping gears, and noise.
  • Engine problems: Common engine problems on the 7140 include overheating, oil leaks, and fuel problems.
  • Electrical problems: Common electrical problems on the 7140 include battery problems, alternator problems, and wiring problems.


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CaseIH 7140 – FAQs

What kind of engine does a CaseIH 7140 have?

The CaseIH 7140 comes with an 8.3 L (504.5 Cuin) six-cylinder diesel engine and any of 3 transmissions: a full power shift transmission with 18 forward and 2 torpedo tubes, a powershift transmission to creeper and 24 forward and 3 reverse gears, or a full power shift transmission to 18 forward and 4 reverse gears.

How many hours on a 7140 Case IH?

[CASE ID 7140] Quanti…See More Details 13,619 hrs. By way of the shop, 3pt. 1000 PTO. All high-hour maintenance has been done on the 7140 CASE IH tractor, which has a new air seat and cab interior. It also has Duals and a new air seat. New: engine oil, oil pan gasket, PTO cable, and hydraulic oil To fix the transmission shaft seals, the tractor was taken apart. Ne…See More Details

Where can I find the transmission details on a CaseIH 7140?

Transmission details … CaseIH 7140 photos… Full dimensions and tires … Inside the tractor’s cab, on the floor. how to read a serial number…

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