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Caterpillar 303 CR Price

Caterpillar 303 specifications

Caterpillar 303 CR Original Price:USD $52,842

Caterpillar 303 CR key facts

  • Engine Model: S3L2
  • Horsepower: 26.1 hp (19 kw)
  • Operating Weight:7403 lbs (3,358 kg)
  • Engine oil capacity: 1.5 gal (6 l)
  • Dig Depth: 116.1 in 2950 mm
  • Hydraulic System: 18.2 gal (69 l)

Caterpillar 303 CR Features

  • All-day comfort
  • Easy to operate
  • Stick steer travel mode
  • Big performance in a compact design
  • Safety on the job site
  • Simple service for less downtime
  • Lower operating costs

Caterpillar 303 CR specifications


Bore 3.1 in (8 cm)
Displacement 80.5 cu in (0 m)
Engine Model S3L2
Gross Power 27.1 hp (20 kw)
Net Power 26.1 hp (19 kw)
Stroke 3.7 in (9 cm)

 Hydraulic System

Auxiliary Circuit – Primary 13.15 gal/min (50 l/min)
Auxiliary Circuit – Primary (245 bar/3,553 psi) 13.15 gal/min (50 l/min)
Digging Force – Bucket 6000 lbs (2,722 kg)
Digging Force – Stick – Long 3484 lbs (1,580 kg)
Digging Force – Stick – Standard 3822 lbs (1,734 kg)
Operating Pressure – Equipment 3550 psi
Operating Pressure – Swing 3550 psi
Operating Pressure – Travel 3550 psi
Pump – Gear (Single) 6.2 gal/min (23 l/min)
Pump – Gear (Tandem) 8.7 gal/min (33 l/min)

 Operating Specifications

Operating Weight 7403 lbs (3,358 kg)

 Service Refill Capacities

Cooling System TAG 1 gal (4 l)
Engine Oil 1.5 gal (6 l)
Fuel Tank 10.9 gal (41 l)
Hydraulic System 18.2 gal (69 l)
Hydraulic Tank 7.8 gal (30 l)

 Swing System

Boom Swing – Left – With Stop 65 °
Boom Swing – Left – Without Stop 90 °
Boom Swing – Right 50 °
Machine Swing Speed 9.6 rpm
Swing System Type Hydraulic Motor Driven

 Travel System

Travel Speed – High 3 mph (5 kph)
Travel Speed – Low 1.7 mph (3 kph)


Operating Weight – With Cab 7524 lbs (3,413 kg)


Blade Lift Height 16 in (41 cm)
Blade Width 5.1 ft (2 m)
Dig Depth 15 in (38 cm)


Center Ground Clearance 1.1 ft (0 m)
Digging Depth 9 ft (3 m)
Digging Reach 9 ft (3 m)
Height – Over Cab 8.2 ft (3 m)
Height – Over Canopy 8.2 ft (3 m)
Maximum Cutting Height – Long Stick 15.5 ft (5 m)
Maximum Cutting Height – Standard Stick 15.3 ft (5 m)
Maximum Digging Depth – Long Stick 10.2 ft (3 m)
Maximum Digging Depth – Standard Stick 9.9 ft (3 m)
Maximum Dump Height – Long Stick 10.8 ft (3 m)
Maximum Dump Height – Standard Stick 10.4 ft (3 m)
Maximum Horizontal Reach – Long Stick 18 ft (5 m)
Maximum Horizontal Reach – Standard Stick 17.3 ft (5 m)
Maximum Reach – Ground Level – Long Stick 16.1 ft (5 m)
Maximum Reach – Ground Level – Standard Stick 17.3 ft (5 m)
Maximum Vertical Dig Depth – Long Stick 8.2 ft (3 m)
Maximum Vertical Dig Depth – Standard Stick 8.4 ft (3 m)
Shipping Length 15.4 ft (5 m)
Swing Radius – Rear 3 ft (1 m)
Track Gauge 4.1 ft (1 m)
Track Shoe Width 1 ft (0 m)
Width – Over Track 5.1 ft (2 m)
Width – Upper Structure 5.4 ft (2 m)

 Electrical System

Electrical System Type Twelve-volt system

Caterpillar 303 CR Attachments

  • Buckets
  • Hydraulic Hammers
  • Augers
  • Grapples
  • Compactors
  • tilt rotators
  • Rippers

Caterpillar 303 CR problems with solution

Hydraulic System Leaks:

Regularly inspect the hydraulic system for leaks and replace worn seals or damaged hoses. Tighten loose connections and use high-quality hydraulic fluids to prevent leaks.

Electrical System Malfunctions:

Check wiring connections and fuses for security and damage. Replace faulty switches or components as needed. Consult the electrical system manual or contact a Caterpillar technician for further assistance.

Engine Starting Problems:

Inspect fuel filters for clogs and ensure fuel lines are clear. Check the battery and connections for proper voltage and cleanliness. Replace fuel filters or service the battery if necessary.

Track Alignment and Tension:

Regularly inspect tracks for alignment and adjust as needed. Check track tension according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Refer to the operator’s manual for proper track maintenance procedures.


Clean the radiator regularly and ensure the cooling fan is functioning correctly. Maintain recommended coolant levels and quality. If overheating persists, consult a Caterpillar technician for diagnosis and resolution.

Caterpillar 303 CR  Review

The Caterpillar 303 CR is a small-radius mini excavator that’s famous for how well it works, its efficiency, and the fact that it can do many different jobs. People often choose it for tasks like landscaping, getting sites ready, building roads, and utility work.

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About Caterpillar 303 CR

The Caterpillar 303 CR is a compact excavator designed for efficient operation in tight spaces. With its reduced tail swing configuration, it excels in urban environments and confined job sites.

Powered by a fuel-efficient diesel engine, it offers reliable performance while meeting emission standards. The 303CR has a competitive digging depth and reach, making it suitable for various construction and excavation tasks.

It is versatile, with the ability to be equipped with different attachments. Operator comfort and control are prioritized, and it incorporates advanced technology and safety features.

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Caterpillar 303 CR FAQ

How much does a CAT 303CR weigh?

CAT 303 Operating Weight is 7817 lb 3545 kg

What is the maximum digging depth of the Caterpillar 303 CR?

The maximum digging depth of the Caterpillar 303 CR can vary depending on the model and attachments, but it generally offers competitive capabilities within its size class.

How fuel-efficient is the Caterpillar 303 CR?

The Caterpillar 303 CR is designed to be fuel-efficient, utilizing advanced engine technologies to maximize performance while minimizing fuel consumption.
The exact fuel efficiency can vary depending on factors such as operating conditions and workload.

Does the Caterpillar 303 CR have a reduced tail swing?

Yes, the Caterpillar 303 CR is equipped with a reduced tail swing design, making it well-suited for working in tight spaces and close to obstacles.

Can I operate the Caterpillar 303 CR on uneven terrain?

Yes, the Caterpillar 303 CR is designed to operate on uneven terrain.Its robust undercarriage and advanced suspension systems provide stability and traction, allowing for smooth operation on various surfaces.

What safety features does the Caterpillar 303 CR offer?

The Caterpillar 303 CR incorporates various safety features, such as integrated control systems, load-sensing capabilities, and optional extras like rearview cameras and proximity sensors.
These features help enhance operator safety and reduce the risk of accidents.

Does the Caterpillar 303 CR have an adjustable seating position?

The Caterpillar 303 CR is typically equipped with a comfortable cabin that includes features like adjustable seating.This allows operators to customize their seating position for optimal comfort and ergonomic support during long working hours.

How do I transport the Caterpillar 303 CR to different job sites?

The Caterpillar 303 CR is designed for easy transportation.
It can be loaded onto a trailer or truck bed using appropriate lifting equipment or ramps.
Ensure that you follow local regulations and safety guidelines for transporting heavy machinery.

What type of maintenance does the Caterpillar 303 CR require?

The Caterpillar 303 CR requires regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance.
This includes tasks like checking fluid levels, inspecting and cleaning filters, lubricating moving parts, and keeping the undercarriage clean.
Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule and guidelines for specific maintenance requirements.

Can I rent a Caterpillar 303 CR for my project?

Caterpillar equipment, including the 303CR, is often available for rent from authorized dealers and rental companies.
Contact your local Caterpillar dealer or equipment rental provider

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