How To Connect Airpods To Samsung TV

Do you get tired of hearing your TV turn down? Perhaps you are wondering if Bluetooth can be used to pair your Connect Airpods To Samsung TV. Your viewing experience can be greatly enhanced by connecting your AirPods with your Samsung TV.

Bluetooth pairing is easy with an AirPods set and a Samsung TV. You can connect your AirPods by going to the Bluetooth menu on the TV. While in pairing mode, the AirPods can connect to and communicate with your TV.

connect Airpods To Samsung TV

Continue reading to find out how to connect your AirPods with a Samsung TV and other devices.

How to Connect AirPods to Samsung TV

  1. Go to the Bluetooth settings on your TV and enable Bluetooth.
  2. Open the lid of your AirPods case, press the button on the back of the case, and hold it down until the status light blinks white.
  3. Your AirPods should appear on your TV’s list of Bluetooth devices. Select your AirPods to pair with the TV.

How To Disconnect Apple Airpods From Samsung TV?

  • Open the settings on your Samsung Tv.
  • You can go to the Bluetooth section.
  • Select the Airpods’ name along with other paired devices.
  • Tap on them to disconnect.

Troubleshooting Connection Issues with Samsung TV

If your AirPods are not connecting correctly with your Samsung TV, follow this.

  1. The first step is to reset your AirPods. Next, put them back into the case and close the lid. Allow them to rest for about 30 seconds before reconnecting them.
  2. Next, turn up the TV volume. This can have an impact on how sound is transmitted to the earbuds.
  3. If this fails, you can try disabling them and pairing them within 2-3 feet of your TV.

An Apple support forum member advised that you enable noise control by navigating to the “Press and hold AirPods” option in the AirPods Pro settings. For the same reason, you should disable Bluetooth on your iPhone if you don’t want the AirPods to try to pair automatically.

Another user suggested that you turn off your iPhone (if it has one) before trying to pair AirPods with the TV. This will prevent the AirPods from trying to connect to your phone by default.

What Other Devices Are Compatible with Apple AirPods?

AirPods can be used with many devices, provided they support Bluetooth headphones. For devices Apple doesn’t manufacture, they function as normal Bluetooth headsets.

Apple AirPods can also be used with:

  • Android Phones
  • Windows Phones
  • Mac Devices
  • PCs
  • If they are compatible with Bluetooth headphones, game consoles
  • Any other device that supports Bluetooth headphones


AirPods, a pair of great headphones, and compatible with all Bluetooth devices! The AirPods have received overwhelmingly positive reviews from users. Even the minor issues that they did have, they are easy to fix.

Although Apple products can be pricey, they are well worth the cost. Apple products are well-thought-out and well-designed. The fact that your Samsung TV, for example, can use the company’s pricey AirPods to listen to music speaks much about Samsung.

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