The Cub Cadet XT3 GSX is a two-wheel garden tractor that is part of the XT3 Enduro series. The tractor was produced in the company of Cub Cadet (a part of MTD) between 2015 and.

It is the Cub Cadet XT3 GSX is equipped with the 0.7 Liter (44.0 cubic inches) V-twin gas engine as well as a hydrostatic shaft-driven transmission that has infinite reverse and forward gears.

The Cub CadetXT3 GSX garden tractor was powered by its Kohler CH740 motor. It’s an 0.7 L, 721cm 2., (44.0 cu*in) V-twin gasoline engine that has 83.0 millimeters (3.27 inches) of bore diameter and 67.0 millimeters (2.64 inches) of stroke.

The engine produced 25.3 PS (18.6 kW; 25.0 HP) of output power.

The Cub Cadet XT3 GSX is equipped with electric power steering disc brakes with an open-operating station and 12.5 Liters (3.3 US gal. ; 2.7 Imp. gal) fuel tank.

Cub Cadet XT3 GSX

Cub Cadet XT3 GSX Review

Cub Cadet is among the top adored gardening tractor brands available on the market. They offer power and performance in one package.

The latest model of XT3 systems delivers even higher levels of power and performance with unbeatable control and unbeatable endurance.

Dual-cylinder Kohler Command Series engine provides 25 horsepower to the Cub Cadet XT3 GXX Long-lasting lawnmower.

With a locking mechanism for the rear differential, it gives you better performance than with a conventional or open differential.

Additionally, the lever allows you to lock the differential if the rear tires are slipping when you drive on rough terrain.

Cub Cadet xt3 GSX Review: Pros and Cons

Cub CadetXT3 GSX is a tractor that comes out of the box. If you are looking for something greater than a lawn mower, but less expensive than a tractor, then opt for this.

The garden tractor from Cub Cadet comes with brush guards made out of heavy gauge steel and provides more protection for jobs that require a lot of effort.

It also comes with the steering wheel which has soft grips for greater control and less stress for your hands.

The front axle and the chassis come with five years of unlimited hours and a 4-year guarantee that does not have an hour limit.

Cub Cadet XT3 GSX Specification

General Specifications

Model Cub Cadet XT3 GSX
Wheelbase 1,280 mm (50.4 in)
Weight 362 kg (798 lbs)
Fuel tank capacity 12.5 liters (3.3 US gal.; 2.7 Imp. gal)
Battery 12V, CCA 300A
Cabin type Open operator station


Engine model Kohler CH740
Engine type Four-stroke, air-cooled, V-twin
Cylinders 2
Fuel type Gasoline
Displacement 0.7 L, 721 cm2, (44.0 cu·in)
Bore and stroke 83.0 mm X 67.0 mm (3.27 in X 2.64 in)
Horsepower 25.3 PS (18.6 kW; 25.0 HP)
Starter Electric
Oil capacity: 1.8 L (1.9 US. qt, 1.6 Imp. qt.)

Transmission and chassis

Chassis 4×2 2WD
Steering type Electric power
Brakes Disc
Differential lock Mechanical rear
Transmission model Hydro-Gear BDU-10
Transmission type Shaft-driven hydrostatic
Gears Infinite forward and reverse
Speed Forward: 10.5 kmh (6.5 mph) Reverse: 5.6 kmh (3.5 mph)


Front tires Lawn/turf: 16×6.5-8
Rear tires Lawn/turf: 23×10.5-8

PTO (Power take-off shaft)

Front PTO type Independent with electric clutch
Front PTO speed

Cub Cadet XT3 GSX Attachments

  • Mid-mount Cub Cadet 42 in (1,060 millimeters) mower deck, with two blades and an electric lift
  • Mid-mount Cub Cadet 50 in (1,270 millimeters) mower deck featuring 3-blade and an electric lift
  • Mid-mount Cub Cadet 54 in (1,370 millimeters) mower deck featuring 3-blades and an electric lift
  • Mid-mount Cub Cadet 60 in (1,520 millimeters) mower deck featuring 3-blade and an electric lift
  • Front mount Cub Cadet 46 in (1,160 millimeters) blade
  • Front-mounted Cub Cadet 42-inch (1,060 millimeters) three-stage snowblower

Cub Cadet xt3 gsx Problems

Probleme Solutions
Beginning problems Check the tank for fuel and then fill it with fresh air, then examine spark plug wires connections.
Engine overheating Reducing load, cleaning the ventilation system, and checking the level of oil and its quality.
The engine’s power is low. Cleanse the air vents clean, get rid of any oil, and change the fuel pump.
In excess of the consumption of fuel Change the choke cable and test or replace the carburetor.
In the course of operation, there is the emission of black smoke. Cleaning or replacing the filter check the choke and adjust it.

Final Words

With all these features and features, it’s easy to understand the reason why the XT3 GSX is sure to become a popular choice for consumers.

Furthermore, Cub Cadet XT3 GSX provides the best power and durability and is a brand that you can count on.

can purchase a sturdy tractor equipped with robust components, which include high-end engine shaft drives and cast iron transmissions frames, lever-controlled differential locks as well as electric power steering as well as height adjuster, and a deck lift, all for an affordable price that makes every cent worth it.

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