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David Brown 1390 Overview

J.I. Case produced the David Brown 1390 in Meltham Mills, Huddersfield, England from 1980 to 1984. The David Brown 1390 has a 3.6 L diesel engine with 12 forward and 4 reverse gears.

J.I. Case powered the David Brown 1390 tractor. It’s a 3.6 L, 3,589 cm2, naturally aspirated diesel engine with a 3.94-inch cylinder diameter and a 4.49-inch piston stroke. It’s 17.0:1. At 2,200 rpm, the PTO generated 60.8 PS (44.7 kW; 60 HP).

David Brown 1390 Price New

David Brown 1390

David Brown 1390 Price: $22,100 USD (1983)

David Brown 1390 Weight

David Brown 1390 Weight (operating): 5,501 lbs (2,495 kg)

David Brown 1390 Horsepower:

David Brown 1390 Horsepower: 60.0 HP

David Brown 1390 Engine Oil capacity:

David Brown 1390 Engine Oil capacity: 7.5 L

David Brown 1390 Serial Numbers Information

Year Serial Numbers
1980 11120101
1981 11122928
1982 11126132
1983 11120040

David Brown 1390 Specifications


Engine model J.I. Case
Engine type Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, inline
Fuel type Diesel
Bore and stroke 100.0 mm X 114.0 mm (3.94 in X 4.49 in)
Horsepower 60.8 PS (44.7 kW; 60.0 HP) at 2,200 rpm
Oil capacity: 7.5 L (7.9 US. qt, 6.6 Imp. qt.)
Cylinders 4
Displacement 3.6 L, 3,589 cm2, (219.0 cu·in)
Compression ratio 17.0:1
Starter Electric
Coolant capacity: 14.0 L (14.8 US. qt, 12.3 Imp. qt.)

General Specifications

Model David Brown 1390
Wheelbase 2,130 mm (83.9 in)
Fuel tank capacity 72.0 liters (19 US gal.; 15.8 Imp. gal)
Cabin type Two-post ROPS or Cab (optional)
Length 3,420 mm (134.6 in)
Height 2,230 mm (87.8 in)
Weight 5,501 lbs (2,495 kg)
Battery 12V

Transmission and chassis

Chassis 4×2 2WD or 4×4 MFWD 4WD
Brakes Mechanical drum
Transmission type Synchromesh with hydraulic dry disc clutch
Speed Forward: 24.1 kmh (15 mph) Reverse: 13.8 (8.6 mph)
Steering type Hydrostatic power
Transmission model
Gears 12 forward and 4 reverse
Transmission oil capacity 27.0 L (7.1 US. gal, 5.9 Imp. gal.)

Hydraulic system

Valves 1 or 2
Hydraulic type Open center
Pump flow 15.3 gpm (57.9 lpm)


Rear tires Ag: 16.9-30
Front tires Ag: 7.50-16

Three-Point Hitch

Control type
Lift capacity (at ends)
Category II/I

PTO (Power take-off shaft)

Rear PTO speed 540/1,000 rpm
Rear PTO type Independent

David Brown 1390 Review

The David Brown 1390 is a compact tractor made between 1984 and 1990. It was equipped with a 3-cylinder diesel engine generating 40 horsepower. The 1390 had a 12-speed manual transmission and a live power take-off (PTO).

This tractor gained popularity due to its reliability, toughness, and how well it performed.

It was versatile and could handle various tasks like cutting grass, plowing, and moving things around. Small farmers, homesteaders, and hobbyists found it particularly useful.

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FAQs – David Brown 1390

david brown 1390

Q.1 What horsepower is a David Brown 1390?

David Brown 1390 horsepower 60.0hp

Q.2 Did David Brown make their own engines?

Browns created their own engine, which was added to later production. The total production was 1350 plus 1 engine built from components in 1940 after the production had finished.

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