Escort Electric Tractor: In recent years, the agriculture industry has been undergoing a significant transformation, with a growing focus on sustainability and environmental conservation.

One of the remarkable innovations contributing to this movement is the Escort Electric Tractor, an eco-friendly alternative to conventional diesel-powered tractors.

In this article, we will discuss Escort electric tractors, their features, benefits, applications, and how they compare to traditional tractors.

Escort Electric Tractor

About Escort Electric Tractor

Escort electric tractor range is an assortment of electric tractors made by the Escort Group. They are designed to be eco-efficient, economical, and efficient.

They are powered by lithium-ion batteries, which can be charged with electricity generated by the grid or alternative energy sources like solar panels. These are equipped with features like electric steering and seats that can be adjusted and an electronic display.

Escort electric tractor is ideal for applications in construction, agriculture as well as landscaping. These tractors are more quiet and cause less pollutant noise than traditional tractors.

Escort Farmtrac Electric Tractor Price in India

Model Price Range (INR)
Escorts Steeltrac 2.60 – 2.90 Lakh
Escorts Farmtrac 45 Classic 5.80 – 6.20 Lakh
Escorts Farmtrac 60 Classic 6.60 – 7.20 Lakh
Escorts Farmtrac 6055 Classic T20 8.10 – 8.60 Lakh
Escorts Farmtrac 6055 Classic Pro 9.10 – 9.60 Lakh
Escorts Farmtrac 6090 Pro 10.20 – 10.70 Lakh

Escort Electric Tractor Key Features

  • Engine Power: The capacity of the Escort Electric Tractor differs based on the type of model. For instance, the Escorts Steeltrac is equipped with an engine with 12 HP.
  • Batteries: Escort electric tractors are powered by batteries. They are powered by batteries. Escort Farmtrac electronic tractor, for example, comes with a lead-acid battery that is 72 volts.
  • Speed: The maximum speed for Escort’s electric tractor can differ. It is possible to vary the speed of an Escort Farmtrac tractor can reach the highest speed of 27 kilometers per hour.
  • Capacity for Lifting: Escort electric tractors have the ability to lift weights for a variety of tasks in agriculture. Specific capacities for lifting can differ based on what model you choose.
  • Automated Features: Escorts have also created electronic tractors that are autonomous and have advanced features like automated steering, smart implements, sprayers, automated control of the implement, and GPS direction.

Escort Electric Tractor Specifications

Model Escort 26E Escort 35E Escort 45E
Engine 26 HP electric motor 35 HP electric motor 45 HP electric motor
Battery Lithium-ion battery Lithium-ion battery Lithium-ion battery
Run Time 5-8 hours 6-9 hours 7-10 hours
Speed 25 km 30 km 35 km
Weight 1,500 kg 2,000 kg 2,500 kg

Benefits of Escort Electric Tractor

  • Sustainable development: Electric tractors produce zero emissions, which contributes to greener and cleaner air.
  • The efficiency of operation: Electric tractors offer instantaneous torque and maximum torque at any operating speed, ensuring high performance.
  • Lower operating expenses: Electric tractors have lower operating expenses than traditional tractors because they don’t require diesel fuel and are less prone to maintenance demands.
  • Noise reduction: Electric tractor motors operate at a low level which reduces noise pollution in both construction and agricultural environments.
  • State incentives: Certain regions provide incentives as well as financial aid for the use of electric tractors that make them economically viable for farmers.
  • Less moving parts and lower the need to maintain: Electric tractors have fewer moving parts, which means lower costs for maintenance and fewer maintenance requirements, such as oil changes and maintenance of exhaust systems.
  • Cost savings: Electricity typically costs less than gasoline or diesel and can result in lower operating costs over the course of time.

Applications of Escort Electric Tractor

Escort electric tractors have a myriad of applications in the fields of construction and agriculture. Here are a few uses of the Escort electric tractor:

  • Agriculture: Escort electronic tractors are suitable for a variety of agricultural tasks, including plowing tilling, planting, and harvesting. They can be used on large and small farms and are able to handle various tools.
  • Construction: Escort Electric tractors may be utilized for construction tasks like excavation, grading and for hauling. They’re powerful and effective and are suitable for tasks that require a lot of force.
  • Landscaping: Escort electric tractors are ideal for landscaping tasks like cutting, mowing, and pruning. They run quietly, which reduces the noise level in residential areas.
  • Automated operation: Some versions of Escort electric tractors have autonomous operation which makes them ideal for large-scale farming operations.
  • Modifications: Escort electric tractors can be customized to suit particular applications, for example paddy or haulage.

These programs create Escort electric tractors an adaptable and effective choice for a variety of construction and agricultural tasks.

Comparison of Escort Electric Tractor with Traditional Tractors

Feature Escort Electric Tractor Traditional Tractor
Engine Electric motor Gasoline or diesel engine
Emission Zero emissions Greenhouse gas emissions
Noise level Quieter Noisier
Maintenance Lower maintenance needs Higher maintenance needs
Fuel efficiency More fuel efficient Less fuel efficient
Operating costs Lower operating costs Higher operating costs
Suitable for Orchards, vineyards, and other small farms Large farms and commercial operations
Price More expensive Less expensive

How to choose the right Escort Electric Tractor?

  • Power requirements: Determine the power needed for your particular application. Escort electric tractors have different horsepower options, so pick one that is compatible with the power requirements of your.
  • Capacity of the battery: Take into consideration the capacity of your electric tractor’s battery. This determines the operating distance and range for the same charge. Pick a tractor with an appropriate battery capacity to meet your requirements.
  • Applicability: Assess the specific tasks and applications you’ll use the tractor for. Be sure your electric tractor pick is suited to your needs in construction or agriculture.
  • Options for customization: If you have specific requirements or require customisation to certain applications, make sure you determine if the electric tractor comes with customization options.
  • Service and Maintenance: Consider the availability of support and maintenance services for your electric tractor. Check if there are approved repair centers as well as spare components on hand for repairs and maintenance.
  • Budget and Price: Evaluate the price range of electric tractors from Escort and pick one that falls with your financial budget. Examine the specifications and features that are offered by different models to help you make an informed choice.

The Future of Escort Electric Tractors

The future of Escort electric tractors appears promising, with numerous innovations and improvements on the horizon. Here are some important points regarding what’s to come for Escort electric tractor:


  • Development of hydrostatic and electric tractors: Escorts Ltd, the producer of Escort electric tractors, has revealed plans to develop hydrostatic and electric tractor models in India. It is an indication of their intention to expand the range of electric tractor models and provide more options for customers.
  • The idea of the electronic tractor: Escorts has already revealed the world’s first electric tractor concept. This is an indication of their dedication to the development of new technologies and innovation within the field of electric tractors.
  • Autonomous electric tractor: Escorts is currently working on the launch of the first electric tractor that is autonomous in India. This technology combines sophisticated features like automatic steering, smart implements, automated control of the implement as well as GPS guidance to ensure that operations are in real-time.
  • Commercial Launch: Escorts is actively working toward commercially launching its electric tractor in India. This suggests that electric tractors are soon available for purchase, supplying farmers with a green and sustainable alternative to conventional tractors.
  • Benefits to the environment and efficiency: Electric tractors offer many advantages over diesel-powered tractors which include quieter and cleaner operating, more efficient, and less maintenance.
  • Elimination of the cost of fuel as well as the ability to charge batteries with renewable energy sources also contribute to the long-term sustainability of electric tractors.

Escort Electric Tractor Review

The Escort Electric Tractor is a new and innovative tractor that is gaining popularity in India. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery that provides a range of up to 8 hours on a single charge. The Escort Electric Tractor is also equipped with a number of features that make it easy to use and operate, such as a hydrostatic transmission and a power steering system.

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The Escort Electric Tractor represents a remarkable shift in the agricultural landscape, promoting sustainability, efficiency, and productivity.

As more farmers embrace electric tractors, the agriculture sector moves closer to a cleaner and greener future.

With Escort’s commitment to innovation and excellence, electric tractors are set to play a significant role in shaping the future of modern farming.

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Escort Electric Tractor FAQs

How does an electric tractor work?

Electric tractors are powered by a battery-powered electric motor instead of a diesel engine. They use electricity to operate and produce zero emissions.

What are the advantages of an electric tractor?

The advantages of electric tractors include zero emissions, lower operating costs, quieter operation, and lower maintenance requirements.

How long does it take to charge an Escort electric tractor?

Charging times can vary depending on the model and battery capacity, but it typically takes a few hours to fully charge an electric tractor.

What is the range of an Escort electric tractor?

The range of an electric tractor can vary depending on factors such as battery capacity and operating conditions. It is important to check the specifications of the specific model.

Can an electric tractor be used for heavy-duty tasks?

Yes, electric tractors can be used for heavy-duty tasks. They are designed to be powerful and efficient, capable of handling various agricultural and construction applications.

Are there government incentives for purchasing an electric tractor?

Some regions offer incentives and subsidies for the adoption of electric tractors, making them more financially viable for farmers.

Can an electric tractor be used in all weather conditions?

Electric tractors are designed to be used in various weather conditions, but it is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and take precautions in extreme conditions.

What are the maintenance requirements for an electric tractor?

Electric tractors generally have fewer moving parts and require less maintenance compared to traditional tractors. Regular maintenance includes checking the battery, electrical components, and overall system performance.

Can an electric tractor be used with different implements?

Yes, electric tractors can be used with a range of implements, depending on the model and specifications. They are designed to handle various agricultural and construction tasks.

Are spare parts readily available for Escort electric tractors?

Escort Group, the manufacturer of Escort electric tractors, provides spare parts and has a network of authorized service centers to support their customers.

Can an electric tractor be charged using renewable energy sources?

Yes, electric tractors can be charged using renewable energy sources such as solar panels, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly operation.

Are there different models of Escort electric tractors available?

Yes, Escort Group offers different models of electric tractors with varying specifications and features to cater to different customer needs and applications.

Can an electric tractor be used for autonomous operation?

Some models of Escort electric tractors offer autonomous operation, combining advanced features such as auto-steering, smart implements, and GPS guidance for real-time operations.

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