The future is sustainable farming! We are excited to introduce the innovative Farmtrac electric tractor which is a game changer in the world of agriculture.

In this piece we will dive into the world of the electronic tractor, examining its strengths, and capabilities in addition to how can boost your farming operations to new levels.

Farmtrac Electric Tractor

What is a Farmtrac Electric Tractor?

A Farmtrac Electric Tractor is a tractor that is powered by an electric motor instead of a diesel engine. The electric motor is powered by a lithium-ion battery pack. This allows the tractor to operate without emitting any emissions, making it a more environmentally friendly option.

Why Choose an Electric Tractor?

There are many reasons you should look into the electric tractor instead of an ordinary diesel tractor. The first Electric tractor is more environmentally friendly. They don’t release any emissions which can aid in decreasing greenhouse gases or air pollution.

Furthermore, Electric tractors are quieter than diesel-powered tractors. This can be a major advantage for people that are operating in an area with residence or near the area of a prone area. Thirdly Electric tractors are less maintenance-intensive than diesel tractors.

They are less susceptible to the movement of parts, and as a result, they are far less likely that they can fail. This can assist you in saving costs for maintenance over the life that the equipment will last.

Farmtrac Electric Tractor Price

Based on the search results, here is the information on the Farmtrac Electric Tractor prices:

  1. New Farmtrac 25G Electric compact tractor for sale at Truck1 USA, ID: 5574730
    • Price: $25,969 USD
    • Year of production: 2021
  2. FARMTRAC ft25g electric – Tractor – 2022 – E-FARM
    • Price: €32,315 (VAT excl.)
    • Year: 2022
  3. Used Farmtrac 25G Tractor for sale – Machinio
    • Price: $27,037 USD
    • Location: Vlissingen, Netherlands
    • Year: Not specified
  4. 2022 Farmtrac Compact Series 25 HST T22982 | Love Power Equipment
    • Retail Price: $19,999.00
    • Location: Homosassa, Florida
    • Year: 2022

Be aware that costs may differ depending on the location or dealer and time of the production. It is advised to speak with a local dealer or go to Farmtrac’s website for official information. Farmtrac website to find the most current and accurate prices.

Farmtrac 25g Electric Tractor Price

Based on the search results, the price of the Farmtrac 25G Electric Tractor varies depending on the location, year of production, and dealer. Here are some of the prices found:

  1. New Farmtrac 25G Electric compact tractor for sale at Truck1 USA, ID: 5574730
    • Price: $25,969 USD
    • Year of production: 2021
  2. Used Farmtrac 25G Tractor for sale – Machinio
    • Price: $27,037 USD
    • Location: Vlissingen, Netherlands
    • Year: Not specified
  3. Farmtrac FT25G Tractors for Sale
    • Price: Not specified
    • Location: Not specified
    • Year: Not specified
  4. FARMTRAC ft25g electric – Tractor – 2022 – E-FARM
    • Price: €32,315 (VAT excl.)
    • Year: 2022
  5. New mini tractor Farmtrac 25G Electric for sale – ID: 5574730 – Truck1 Singapore
    • Price: 23628 EUR
    • Year of production: 2021
  6. Fully Charged Checks Out The Farmtrac 25G Electric Tractor – InsideEVs
    • Price: Around two times higher than the diesel equivalent
    • Year: Not specified

Farmtrac Ft25g Electric Tractor

It is the Farmtrac F25G is an electric compact tractor that offers efficiency for paddock or yard tasks. Here are some details about this Farmtrac FT25G electronic tractor, based on the results of a Google search:

  1. It’s Round 4 Wheel Drive Transmission The FT25G is four wheels drive, offering excellent traction and agility.
  2. Battery and Power It is powered by a lithium-ion battery with 72V that powers a fifteen kW (20hp) electrical motor. This powertrain is electric and offers low emissions and noise in comparison to diesel-powered tractors that are traditionally used.
  3. Productivity The FT25G can deliver 7 to 8 hours of productive time with a full charge. This may differ based on particular tasks and the conditions.
  4. Price: The cost of a Farmtrac FT25G electronic tractor can be different. Based on the results of a search the used Farmtrac FT25G electric mini-tractor is available for sale for $27,037 USD. In addition, a brand newly-built Farmtrac 25G compact electric tractor is available for sale at $25,000 USD. It is important to keep in mind that prices may differ based on various things like location the seller’s location, as well as additional features.
  5. Accessibility It is available for purchase. Farmtrac FT25G electronic tractor is available for purchase through a variety of sources, such as dealerships for machinery and online platforms. It is recommended to speak with local dealers or look up online for listings to ensure the most current prices and availability.

Farmtrac Tractors USA

Yes, there’s a lot to learn, but here are some details on Farmtrac tractor models in the USA.

Farmtrac is an Indian tractor model that first came into use in the USA in the year 2006. The firm currently offers an assortment of tractor models ranging from 25 to 60 horsepower. They are entirely driven by Mitsubishi engines. Farmtrac tractors are recognized as having high quality and low cost they are the most popular option for small farms as well as firms.

Below are several of the sought-after Farmtrac tractor models in America: USA:

  • Farmtrac 25 HST It is a small tractor that is perfect for small-scale farms and businesses. It is driven by a 25 HP Mitsubishi engine and features a hydrostatic transmission.

Farmtrac 35 HST It is an inherited tractor, but is nevertheless small enough to move in a small space. It is driven by a 35-horsepower Mitsubishi engine. It also has hydrostatic transmission.

Farmtrac 45 HST The Farmtrac 45 HST is a mid-sized tractor that is perfect for farms with medium size. It is driven by the 45-horsepower Mitsubishi engine and comes with an automatic transmission that is hydrostatic.

Farmtrac 60 HST The Farmtrac 60 HST is the largest tractor available and is perfect for large businesses and farms. It is driven by a 60 HP Mitsubishi engine. It also has a hydrostatic transmission.

Features of the Farmtrac Electric Tractor


The Farmtrac Electric Tractor comes with the advantage of the benefit of a number of modern-day features which make it a sturdy and pliable tractor. The features include:

  • An electric motor with powerful power that can offer up or 20 hp.
  • Long-range lithium-ion batteries that can be able to last for up to six hours of continuous operation
  • A cozy cabin with a spacious interior and stunning views
  • A variety of files that can be used to perform various tasks


The electric Farmtrac Tractor is a robust machine that can do a variety of tasks. It can achieve a top speed of around 25% and can take upwards of 1500 pounds. The tractor is equipped with numerous attachments that can be used to complete various tasks, such as mowing, tilling, and spraying.

Payload and Towing Capacity

It is a Farmtrac Electric Tractor has a payload capacity of 1,500 pounds and a for towing capability of 210 tons. This makes it a adaptable tractor, which can be utilized for many tasks.

Comfort and Ergonomics

Farmtrac Electric Tractor Electric Tractor comes with an incredibly comfortable cab, which has an open interior and a vast perspective. Its Cab is also equipped with a variety of features to allow for comfortable operation. a number of options make it simple to utilize, such as an air conditioning system, as well as seats with a seat that is suspended.

Safety Features

The Farmtrac electric tractor is equipped with a number of security options, including the seat belt, roll bar, and a four-wheel brake device. These safety features are designed to ensure the safety of the user while operating the tractor.

Benefits of Using an Electric Tractor

There are many advantages and a number of benefits to using electronic tractors. These include:

  • Eco-friendly electric tractors produce no emissions. This can aid in decreasing the greenhouse gas and pollution from the air. emissions.
  • The operation is silent Electric tractors are more silent than diesel-powered tractors. This can be a benefit for those who are operating in an area that is residential areas or near the area of an area that is sensitive.
  • They are maintenance-free. Electric tractors have smaller moving parts than diesel-powered tractors, so there is very little which can break or fail. This can allow you to save the cost of maintenance over the lifetime of the tractor.
  • Cost-effective: At first, the cost of an electric tractor may be higher than a diesel tractor, but its reductions in the long term on maintenance and fuel expenses can make it less expensive.

Farmtrac Electric Tractor Key Features

Yes that is the case, here are a few of the main characteristics of Farmtrac electric tractors:

  • zero emissions Tractors that are electric emit no emissions making them eco-friendly.
  • Low levels of noise: Electric tractors are extremely quiet, making them the perfect choice to use in residential areas.
  • Low operating expenses: Electric tractors have very low operating expenses that can reduce your expenses in the long term.
  • The battery’s lifespan is extended: The batteries in electric tractors have a long life span, meaning that they don’t need to be replacing them nearly as frequently as you do with the batteries in diesel tractors.
  • Simple to keep: Electric tractors are extremely easy to maintain, saving you money and time.

Here are some other key attributes of the Farmtrac electric tractor:

  • The high-torque: Electronic motors generate high torque, making them perfect for tasks that require lots of energy.
  • A smooth operation Motors that are electric operate efficiently, which makes them comfortable to use.
  • An operation that is quiet: Electronic motors are extremely quiet, making them perfect for usage in residential areas.

History of Farmtrac Tractors

The background of Farmtrac Tractors can be traced to the beginning of the 1990s. In 1996 it was the Escorts Group, an Indian engineering company, introduced the Farmtrac Tractors brand in response to the demise of the Ford/New Holland license in India.

The initial Farmtrac tractor models were constructed in India however the company quickly increased its product line to several other nations including Poland, China, and Brazil.

Presently, Farmtrac is one of the most renowned tractor producers in all of the globe. Farmtrac manufactures a diverse assortment of tractors, ranging starting from utility-sized tractors to massive tractors with high horsepower. Farmtrac tractor models are sold in more than 100 countries around the globe.

The popularity that is Farmtrac Tractors can be attributed to several factors, including a number of factors, which include:

    • High-quality: Farmtrac tractors are recognized for their high quality and dependability.
    • Accessibility: Farmtrac tractors are priced affordably which makes them affordable to all kinds of farmers.
    • Large selection of models: Farmtrac offers many different tractor models which means that farmers can locate the ideal tractor to meet their requirements.
    • Excellent After-sales service: Farmtrac has an extensive network of dealerships as well as service centers so that farmers can receive the assistance they require when they require it.

Farmtrac Electric Tractor  Performance and Power

The Farmtrac Electric Tractor is an extremely versatile and powerful machine that is specifically designed to handle a variety of agricultural uses.

The tractor is powered by a 22-kW electric motor that is powerful enough to tackle tasks like plowing, tilling, and harvesting. It also comes with a number of characteristics that make it simple to operate and maintain with a comfortable cab, strong hydraulic system, as well as an array of attachments.

The power and performance that the Farmtrac Electric Tractor is amazing. The tractor can attain an impressive top rate of fifteen mph, and it has the capacity to run for up to 4 hours with a single charge. The tractor is extremely maneuverable which makes it an ideal choice for use in small spaces.

Here is an overview of the power and performance specifications of this model. Farmtrac electric Tractor:

Feature Specification
Power 22 kW
Top speed 15 mph
Range Up to 4 hours on a single charge
Torque 150 Nm
Lift capacity 500 kg

It is the Farmtrac Electric Tractor is an excellent choice for farmers that are looking for a robust and flexible machine that is simple to use and maintain. The tractor is an excellent option for farmers that are looking for a cost-effective green, eco-friendly as well as a quiet machine.

These are some advantages of using a Farmtrac Electronic Tractor

  • Operating costs that are low: Electric tractors do not require fuel, which means they can reduce a significant amount of money on operating expenses.
  • zero emissions Electronic tractors generate no emissions, which makes them an eco-friendly alternative.
  • Smooth operations: Electric tractors are quieter than gasoline or diesel-powered tractors, making them perfect to use in suburban or urban regions.
  • Easy maintenance: Electric tractors have fewer moving parts than diesel or gasoline tractor models, and therefore they are simpler to maintain.

If you are looking for a strong yet flexible and inexpensive electric tractor The Farmtrac Electric Tractor is an ideal choice.

Battery Capacity And Charging Time

This Farmtrac electric tractor comes with a capacity of 21 kWh for the battery. This means the tractor can be running for as long as 4 hours on one charge. The time to charge the battery is five hours when connected to the domestic outlet.

Here is a table that shows the battery’s capacity as well as charging times for this Farmtrac Electric Tractor.

Feature Specification
Battery capacity 21 kWh
Charging time 5 hours from a domestic socket
Its battery power is adequate for the majority of agriculture-related tasks. However, should you are looking to utilize the tractor for extended durations then you may prefer the tractor that has a bigger capacity battery.

The time to charge this Farmtrac electric tractor is quite sensible. It is possible to can quickly charge the battery overnight, or you can charge it throughout the day when you are at work.

Overall the battery’s capacity and the charging time that the Farmtrac Electric Tractor has been satisfactory. They are adequate for most agriculture-related applications. They are reasonably priced.

Maintenance and Service

Sure there are some tips for you, but here are some ideas on how you can keep the condition and service you Farmtrac tractor:

Regular battery check-ups: The batteries in your electric tractor are the most vital component, and it is essential to inspect them frequently. Check your batteries are correctly charged and that the terminals are clean of corrosion.

  • Oil changes every few months: This is the most crucial maintenance task on any tractor. Oil helps lubricate the engine and keep excessive heat. It is recommended that you should change the filter and oil every 250 hours of use.
  • Examining your tires are the sole thing connecting your tractor with the earth, which is why it is essential to maintain them in good shape. Check them for signs of wear and ensure they are correctly filled.
  • Check the levels of fluids: The other important fluids in your tractor include brake fluid, coolant, along with hydraulic fluid. Examine your levels for these liquids frequently and replenish them as required.
  • Lubricate the bearings These bearings in your tractor should be greased frequently to avoid them from becoming worn out. You can make use of the grease gun to coat the bearings after the conclusion of every day.

Farmtrac Electric Tractor Review 

The Farmtrac 25G, a 25-horsepower electric tractor, is an ideal choice for a multitude of farm-related tasks. It is powered by a 48-volt battery pack, offering up to 6 hours of runtime on a single charge. The versatility of the 25G shines through its ability to be fitted with a range of attachments, making it a valuable and adaptable option for any farm.

Full review YouTube video check here.


The electric tractor offer an assortment of a number of environmental, economic operational, and environmental advantages.

However, they are expensive and offer less distance than tractors that run on combustion. In the final analysis, whether to use electricity in a tractor is determined by the individual needs of the farmer and preferences.

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Farmtrac Electric Tractor FAQs

What is the Farmtrac Electric Tractor?

The Farmtrac Electric Tractor is a modern agricultural vehicle designed and powered solely by electric energy. It serves as an eco-friendly alternative to conventional diesel or petrol-powered tractors.

How does the Farmtrac Electric Tractor work?

The tractor utilizes an electric motor to power its wheels, drawing energy from a battery pack. It does not rely on fossil fuels, resulting in zero direct emissions and reduced environmental impact.

What are the benefits of using an electric tractor?

Electric tractors offer several advantages, including lower operational costs, reduced carbon footprint, quieter operation, and less maintenance due to fewer moving parts.

How long does the battery of the Farmtrac Electric Tractor last?

The battery life depends on factors such as usage, terrain, and load. Typically, a fully charged battery can provide several hours of continuous operation, and some models offer swappable battery packs to extend work time.

How long does it take to charge the electric tractor’s battery?

Charging times may vary depending on the charger’s capacity and the battery’s size. On average, a standard electric tractor may take 4 to 8 hours to fully charge.

Can the Farmtrac Electric Tractor be charged using renewable energy sources?

Yes, electric tractors can be charged using renewable energy sources such as solar or wind power, making them even more environmentally friendly.

How does the electric tractor’s performance compare to conventional tractors?

Electric tractors have shown comparable performance to traditional tractors in terms of power and torque. However, they may have certain advantages in terms of smoother operation and better acceleration at lower speeds.

Is the Farmtrac Electric Tractor suitable for all farming tasks?

The suitability of an electric tractor depends on the specific farming needs. For smaller to medium-sized farms or certain tasks, the electric tractor can be a viable option.

What are the maintenance requirements for an electric tractor?

Electric tractors generally require less maintenance compared to conventional tractors due to their simpler design and fewer moving parts. Regular inspections of the battery, motor, and electrical systems are essential.

Can the electric tractor be used with existing farming implements?

Yes, many electric tractors are designed to be compatible with standard farming implements. However, it’s essential to ensure that the tractor’s power and hydraulic systems are compatible with the implements being used.

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