Hinomoto E23 Specs, Weight, Price, Overview, Horsepower, Review & Fuel Tank Capacity

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Hinomoto E23 Specs

Hinomoto E23 Overview

The Hinomoto E23 Tractor featured a naturally Aspirated and liquid-cooled P126 diesel engine with two cylinders.

It had a bore diameter of 92.0 millimeters (3.62 inches) and a piston stroke of 95.0 millimeters (3.74 inches), With a compression ratio of 23:1.

Its Engine had a maximum power output of 25.0 Horsepower (18.6 kg) and a PTO shaft power output of 23.0 horsepower (17.1 kW).

The Hinomoto E23 had mechanical Steering, asbestos-molded single-plate dry Clutch, Mechanical differential drum, Shoe brakes, And an open operator station.

Hinomoto E23 New Price

NEW Price: N/A

Hinomoto E23 Weight

Operating Weight: 928 kg (2,048 lb.)

Hinomoto E23 Horsepower

Engine Horsepower: 25 HP

Hinomoto E23 Fuel Tank Capacity

Fuel Tank Capacity: N/A

Hinomoto E23 Specifications


Engine model Toyosha P126
Fuel Diesel
Displacement 1.3 L, 1,216 L (77.1 cu.in.)
Bore x stroke 92.0 x 95.0 mm (3.62 x 3.74 in)
Power output 25.0 hp (18.6 kW)
Starter type Electric starter
Oil type
Oil Capacity
Coolant capacity

General Specifications

Model Hinomoto E23
Length 2,560 mm (101 in.)
Width 1,219 mm (48 in.)
Height 1,320 mm (52 in.)
Ground clearance
Weight Shipping: 928 kg (2,048 lb.)
Fuel tank capacity
Battery 12V

PTO (Power take-off shaft)

PTO Type: Rear
PTO Speed: 547 / 875 / 1000rpm

Transmission and chassis

Chassis 4×2 2WD
Steering Mechanical
Transmission type Gear
Gears 12 forward and 3 reverse
Ground speed Forward: –
Reverse: –
Transmission oil capacity

Hydraulic system

Pump flow
Oil Capacity

Hydraulic lift

3-point linkage: Category I
Control system:
No. of remote valves:
Max lifting capacity (at link end):

Hinomoto E23 Review

The Hinomoto E23 is a small, handy tractor that many small farmers and landowners like. People trust it because it doesn’t break easily, lasts a long time, and is simple to work with. The E23 uses a 23 horsepower diesel engine and can switch between 12 different speeds. It can also connect to various farming tools because it has a special hitch at the back.

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FAQs – Hinomoto E23

Hinomoto E23

What type of engine does the Hinomoto E23 have?

The Hinomoto E23 is powered by a 2-cylinder diesel engine, delivering reliable and efficient performance.

What is the horsepower of the Hinomoto E23?

The Hinomoto E23 has a horsepower of 25, making it suitable for a variety of agricultural tasks.

How much does the Hinomoto E23 weigh?

The Hinomoto E23 weighs 928 kg (2,048 lb.), making it a compact and maneuverable tractor.

What is the fuel capacity of the Hinomoto E23?

The fuel capacity of the Hinomoto E23 is 21 liters or 5.5 gallons, providing long run times and fewer refueling stops.

What is the price of the Hinomoto E23?

The price of the Hinomoto E23 can vary by region and dealer but it approx ranges from $5,000 to $8,000 USD making it an affordable option for small farmers and homeowners.

What type of transmission does the Hinomoto E23 have?

The Hinomoto E23 has a 12 forward and 3 reverse gear transmission, providing versatility in speed and power.

What type of tires does the Hinomoto E23 have?

The Hinomoto E23 has 5-12 front tires and 8.3-20 rear tires, providing excellent traction and stability on different terrains.

Is the Hinomoto E23 suitable for agricultural use?

Yes, the Hinomoto E23 is suitable for agricultural use, as it has features that make it ideal for tasks such as tilling, plowing, and mowing.

What is the warranty on the Hinomoto E23?

The warranty on the Hinomoto E23 typically offers one year or 1000 hours, providing buyers with the peace of mind knowing that their investment is protected.

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