John Deere 50D Specs, Weight, Price & Review ❤️

John Deere 50D Specs, Weight, Price & Review

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John Deere 50D Price New

John Deere 50G weight is New Price:$64,900

John Deere 50D Horsepower

John Deere 50G is Horsepower: 35.9 hp

John Deere 50D Weight

John Deere 50G is Operating Weight: of 4920 KG (10847 LBS)

John Deere 50D Overview

This is a small excavator that is specialized for close-quarter work. It’s extremely quiet and efficient in fuel consumption, allowing users to work at any time, any place, for any job in construction. Shipping Length -17.93 feet 17.93 feet. Shipping Height 9.24 Ft.

John Deere 50D Features

Together with an independent-swinging boom, and 360-degree rotation it is able to maneuver into tight quarters comfortably and easily over obstructions.

  • Key Specs.
  • Max Digging Depth 11 ft 8 in.
  • Max Digging Reach 19 ft 6 in.
  • Rated Power 38.1 hp
  • Bucket Breakout Force 8273 lb
  • Operating Weight 10,811 lb

John Deere 50D Specs


Emission Rating Interim Tier 4 / EU Stage 3B
Engine Make / Engine Model Yanmar / 4 TNV 88
Net Power, kW (hp) @ Rated rpm 28.4 (38.1) @ 2400
Gross Power, kW (hp) not published
Displacement, L (cu in) 2.19 (134)


Pump Type Variable Displacement + Gear
Total Pump Flow, L/m (GPM) 124.9 (33)
Normal Relief Pressure, kPa (psi) not published
Auxiliary Hyd. Max Flow Rate, L/m (GPM) 85.2 (22.5)


Track Width, mm (in) 406 (16)
Overall Track Length, mm (ft) 2500 (8 ‘ 2 ”)
Ground Clearance, mm (in) 340 (13.4)
Width Over Std Track, mm (ft) 2000 (6 ‘ 7 ”)
Ground Pressure, Std. Track, kPa (psi) 28 (4.06)
Travel speed 1, kph (mph) 2.6 (1.7)
Travel speed 2, kph (mph) 4.2 (2.7)
Travel speed 3, kph (mph) not published
Travel speed 4, kph (mph) not published
Gradeability, %
Gradeability, deg
Max. Drawbar Pull, kN (lbf) not published


Blade Width, mm (ft) 2000 (6 ‘ 7 ”)
Blade Height, mm (ft) 430 (17)
Blade Max Lift Above Grd. Level, mm (in) 430 (16.9)
Blade Max Lift Below Grd. Level, mm (in) 335 (13.2)


Standard Arm, mm (ft in) 1380 (4 ‘ 6 ”)
Max. Digging Height w/Std Arm, mm (ft) 5760 (18 ‘ 11 ”)
Max. Digging Depth w/Std Arm, mm (ft) 3550 (11 ‘ 8 ”)
Max. Digging Reach w/Std Arm, mm (ft) 5940 (19 ‘ 6 ”)
Max. Digging Reach @ G.L. w/Std Arm, mm (ft) not published
Max. Dump Height w/Std Arm, mm (ft) 4100 (13 ‘ 5 ”)
Max. Vertical Wall Depth w/Std Arm, mm (ft) not published
Min. Front Swing Radius, mm (ft in) 2150 (7 ‘ 1 ”)
Min Front Swing Radius w/Boom Swing, mm (ft)
Boom Swing Angle – left, deg 80
Boom Swing Angle – right, deg 60
Lift Cap. Over Front @ 10′ G.L. (incl bckt), kg (lb) 2387 (5258)
Lift Cap. Over Side @ 10′ G.L. (incl bckt), kg (lb) 1045 (2301)
Max Arm Digging Force, kN (lb) 24 (5401)
Max Bucket Digging Force, kN (lb) 36.8 (8273)
Tail Swing Radius, mm (ft in) 1000 (3 ‘ 3 ”)
Swing Speed, rpm 9.0


Transport Length, mm (ft) 5460 (17 ‘ 11 ”)
Transport Height, mm (ft) 2510 (8 ‘ 3 ”)
Transport Width, mm (ft) 2000 (6 ‘ 7 ”)


Fuel Tank, L (gal) 70 (18.5)
Hydraulic Reservoir, L (gal) 50 (13.2)


SAE Operating Weight, kg (lb) 4904 (10811)

John Deere 50D Reviews

John Deere 50D Attachments

  • Grapples
  • Hammers
  • Planers
  • Plate Compactors
  • John Deere 50G Attachments
  • Backhoes
  • Blades & Scrapers
  • Brooms
  • Buckets
  • Shredders, Cutters


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FAQs – John Deere 50D

How wide is a John Deere 50D excavator?

✓ It measures 17 feet 11 inches in length and 8 feet three inches high and 6 feet 7 inches in width.

How much does a John Deere 50 g cost?

✓ $84,900. NEW! CAB with AC, no tail swing, 3-year warranty, aux-hydraulics with diverter block and buckets/thumbs/other accessories available, restrictions on territory may apply, shipping options available Contact us by phone or email for more details.

What is a John Deere 50D?

✓ John Deere 50D’s zero-tail-swing design allows this excavator to fully turn without having to smash its tail into anything. It has an independent-swing boom that allows 360-degree rotation.

It can be slid through tight spaces effortlessly and is able to operate without difficulty through obstructions.

What year did the John Deere 50 come out?

✓ In 1952, the B was replaced with the John Deere 50. With a new design and casting frame. The power was raised by 10 percent by identical engines, as well as a rack and pinion rear wheel adjustment was offered as well as real-time hydraulics, as well as the power to take off. Fuel choices included gasoline, all-fuel, as well as LP gas.