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john deere 7520
john deere 7520 crop tractor 2003 to 2004

John Deere 7520 Overview

The John Deere 7520 is a 4WD row-crop tractor from the 7020 series. It was made by John Deere between 2003 and 2007 in Waterloo, Iowa, USA.

A John Deere PowerTech 6068HF475 engine is in the JD 7520. It is a 6.8-liter (414.0-cubic-inch), six-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine, and the piston stroke is 106.0 mm x 127.0 mm (4.17 in x 5 in). At 2,100 rpm, this engine put out 150.0 HP (111.9 kW) of power.

The tractor comes with power steering, hydraulic wet disc brakes, a ComfortGard Cab (as standard) or an open station with two-post ROPS and a 66 US gal (249.8 litres) fuel tank.

John Deere 7520 Price New

2004 John Deere 7520 sold price – $99,000

John Deere 7520 Weight

Weight – 13280 lbs 6023 kg

John Deere 7520 Horsepower

Engine – 150HP (111.9 Kw)

john deere 7520

John Deere 7520 Specifications

John Deere 7520 Engine

Engine John Deere PowerTech 6068HF475
turbocharged diesel
Engine Displacement 414 ci [6.8 L]
Cylinder Bore/Stroke 4.19×5.00 inches [106 x 127 mm]
Engine Power 150 hp [111.9 kW]
Rated RPM 2100
Idle RPM 850-2250
Operating RPM 1300-2100
Engine Torque 454 lb-ft [615.6 Nm]
Torque RPM 1503
Firing order 1-5-3-6-2-4
Starter volts 12v
Starter power 4.1 hp [3.1 kW]
Oil Capacity 22.2 qts [21.0 L ]
Coolant capacity 29.6 qts [28.0 L]
Fuel tank Capacity 66 gal [249.8 L]

John Deere 7520 Power

Engine 150 hp [111.9 kW]
PTO (claimed) 125 hp [93.2 kW]
Drawbar (tested) 110.88 hp [82.7 kW]
PTO (tested) 143.97 hp [107.4 kW]

John Deere 7520 Mechanical

Chassis 4×4 MFWD 4WD
Steering power
Brakes hydraulic wet disc
Cab ComfortGard Cab standard with air-conditioning.

Open station with two-post ROPS available.

Transmissions 16-speed partial power shift,24-speed

John Deere 7520 Hydraulics

Type closed-center PFC
Valves 4
Pump flow 26.7 gpm [101.1 lpm]

John Deere 7520 Tractor hitch

Rear Type II/IIIN
Rear lift capacity at ends 7450 lbs [3379 kg]
8700 lbs [3946 kg]

John Deere Power Take-off (PTO)

Rear PTO independent
Clutch electro-hydraulic
Rear RPM 540/1000 (1.375)
Front PTO independent
Front RPM 1000

John Deere 7520 Electrical

Ground negative
Charging system alternator
Charging amps 115A
Battery CCA 850A
Battery volts 12v

John Deere 7520 Serial Numbers

Location On the main tractor frame, right side, above the front axle.
2003 1001
2004 10001
2005 30001
2006 45001
2007 60001

John Deere 7520 Transmission

Transmission John Deere PowrQuad
Type partial power shift
Gears 16 forward and reverse
Transmission John Deere AutoQuad
Gears 24 forward and reverse
Oil capacity 59.2 qts [56.0 L]
Speed F: 30.6 kmh (19 mph) R: kmh (0 mph)

John Deere 7520 Dimensions

Wheelbase 104.3 inches [264 cm]
Length 203.3 inches [516 cm]
Width 96 inches [243 cm]
Height 114.1 inches [289 cm]
4WD Clearance (front axle) 20.5 inches [52 cm]
Rear axle Flanged: 65.5 inch length
1663 mm
Rear axle Rack-and-pinion: 3.4 by 96 inches
86 by 2438 mm
Rear axle Rack-and-pinion: 3.4 by 110.5 inches
86 by 2806 mm
Front tread 59.5 to 87.5 inches
151 to 222 cm (2WD)
Front tread 59.4 to 83.4 inches
150 to 211 cm (4WD)
Rear tread 60 to 88 inches
152 to 223 cm (flange axle)
Rear tread 76 to 96 inches
193 to 243 cm (long flange)
Rear tread 60 to 104.6 inches
152 to 265 cm (96-inch axle)
Rear tread 60 to 119.2 inches
152 to 302 cm (110.5-inch axle)

John Deere 7520 Weigh

Operating 13280 lbs [6023 kg]
Max capacity 22035 lbs [9995 kg]
Max Drawbar 4955 lbs [2247 kg]
Max front axle 9695 lbs [4397 kg]
16315 lbs [7400 kg] (with loader)
Max rear axle 17185 lbs [7795 kg]

John Deere 7520 Tires

Ag front 14.9R28
Ag rear 18.4R38

John Deere 7520 Attachments

John Deere 741 Loader

Height (to pin) 172.5 inches [438 cm]
Clearance, dumped bucket 139.3 inches [353 cm]
Dump reach 38.2 inches [97 cm]
Dump angle 58.9°
Clearance, level bucket 167 inches [424 cm]
Reach at ground 113.4 inches [288 cm]
Breakout force (at pin) 7779 lbs [3528 kg]
Breakout force (at 800mm) 5913 lbs [2682 kg]
Breakout force (bucket) 7172 lbs [3253 kg]
Lift to full height (at pin) 4617 lbs [2094 kg]
Lift to full height (at 800mm) 3527 lbs [1599 kg]
Lift to 1.5m (at pin) 6259 lbs [2839 kg]
Lift to 1.5m (at 800mm) 4966 lbs [2252 kg]
Bucket width 73 inches [185 cm]
96 inches [243 cm]

John Deere 7520 Review

The John Deere 7520 is a tractor with 175 horsepower, made from 1972 to 1975. People like it because it’s strong, tough, and can handle different jobs. It’s a good option for farmers, ranchers, and contractors who need a tractor for tasks like plowing, preparing the soil, and harvesting crops.

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John Deere 7520 problem

  • Use recommended fuel. The fuel injection pump failed. Change what’s wrong. Mistimed fuel pump. If needed, adjust.
  • Bad starter – Replace as needed. Clean fuel pipes. Reinstall filter element is clogged. The piston rings need replacement.
  • Tractor 7520 issue. Hard-starting motor. Help identify the problem’s cause. Check what?
  • Filter/cleaner clogging. Misusing cold start. Piston ring wear/deformation. Leaking/misaligned valves. In-fuel water. Low-temperature fuel is heavy.
  • Fuel vent restriction. Intake hoses leak. Pipe restriction. Low battery? Charge. Sticking diesel injection nozzles. Clogged filter. Mistimed.
  • Hydraulics use air. Deflate. System oil low. Lubricate. Steering cylinder malfunction Restore.
  • Adjust valve timing. Compress. Fix worn cylinder bores. Leaking between valves and seats needs repair.
  • Oilless. Oil. Temperature fell.
  • Why does the front axle create so much noise when driving?
  • Gears broke. Replace the gear. Broken bearings. Replace bearings.
  • Clogged nozzle. Check injector. The fuel pump fails. Fuel pump replacement is required.
  • Diaphragm or clutch discs worn. Rebuild.
  • Dirty fuel system. Otherwise, the fuel pump adjusts.
  • Low coolant level. Fill the system. Clean radiator. Overloaded engine—reduce load. Replace loose or damaged fan belts. Tension belt.


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