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John Deere in Ankeny Iowa has long been recognized as a global leader in agricultural machinery and equipment production, boasting more than 180 years of history and producing high-quality products that help increase farmer productivity and efficiency.

One of the key manufacturing facilities for John Deere can be found in Ankeny, Iowa – here we explore its significance to local farmers in Ankeny.

About John Deere

John Deere is a well-known American company that specializes in the manufacturing of agricultural, construction, and forestry machinery. Established in 1837, John Deere has earned global renown for its high-quality tractors, harvesters, and agricultural equipment.

John Deere is headquartered in Moline, Illinois, In the USA, and has a global presence with manufacturing facilities in various countries. Innovative, sustainable practices and customer satisfaction have always been core to its mission, making them one of the premier producers of reliable and durable equipment.

It has also expanded into technology solutions for precision agriculture, with the aim of helping farmers increase productivity and reduce waste.

John Deere Plant in Ankeny Iowa

John Deere’s manufacturing plant in Ankeny, Iowa is a 330,000-square-foot manufacturing facility producing agricultural equipment and machinery.

Located at 501 SE Oralabor Road and covers 33 acres on SE Oralabor Road. John Deere’s Ankeny facility is one of its largest manufacturing sites, employing more than 1,000 workers and producing equipment such as self-propelled sprayers, tillage equipment, and planting tools.

John Deere Iowa facilities house both a parts distribution center and training center for their dealers and employees, playing an essential part in supporting Iowa agriculture.

These centers play an integral part of John Deere’s global manufacturing network as well as supporting Iowa’s agricultural industry.

What does John Deere Make in Ankeny Iowa?

John Deere specializes in manufacturing agricultural equipment and machinery at its Ankeny Works facility located in Iowa. This one million-square-foot space encompasses multiple manufacturing plants for John Deere products including:

Self-Propelled Sprayer Plant: This facility produces self-propelled sprayers designed to give farmers precise control over their crops while increasing efficiency. Equipped with cutting-edge technologies such as GPS navigation and auto steering systems as well as precision spraying equipment.

Tillage Equipment Plant: This facility produces an assortment of tillage equipment, such as disk harrows, field cultivators, and vertical tillage tools that are used to prepare the soil for planting, enhance its health and promote crop growth.

Planter and Seeder Plant: This facility produces an assortment of planting and seeding equipment, such as corn planters, air seeders, and drills designed to assist farmers with precise seed placement, even emergence, and maximized yields.

Parts Distribution Center: This facility houses a John Deere parts distribution center serving John Deere dealerships and customers throughout the Midwest region.

Ankeny facility of John Deere not only produces equipment but also serves as a training center for dealers and employees of John Deere, a research and development center, and a testing facility where newly manufactured equipment undergoes rigorous quality assurance tests to ensure it satisfies strict quality requirements.

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John Deere sprayer Factory Ankeny Iowa

John Deere’s Ankeny Works campus houses several manufacturing facilities.

One such manufacturing facility is the John Deere Sprayer Factory in Ankeny, Iowa which produces self-propelled sprayers designed to provide farmers with precise control of their crops while increasing efficiency.

This Factory covers an area of over 220,000 square feet and employs 500 individuals. Featuring the latest robotic welding and precision machining equipment as well as other advanced technology features to ensure quality standards are upheld, its production of self-propelled sprayers is of exceptional quality and efficiency.

Ankeny Factory’s self-propelled sprayers are engineered to meet the modern agricultural needs of the Midwest region.

Engineered to deliver precise control in applying pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers accurately and efficiently with minimum waste and maximized yield potential, these self-propelled sprayers include GPS navigation systems as well as auto steering capabilities with precise spraying equipment to give farmers more efficient chemical application while minimizing waste and maximizing yield potential.

The John Deere is proud of its longstanding dedication to supporting agriculture worldwide, as evidenced by their Ankeny sprayer factory and its contribution towards increasing productivity and profitability among farmers while simultaneously supporting local economies by creating job opportunities and contributing towards Ankeny’s continued development and expansion.

John Deere Ankeny jobs

John Deere’s Ankeny facility is a significant employer in the region, providing a range of job opportunities for local residents. Some of the job positions available at the Ankeny facility include:

  1. Manufacturing and Assembly Positions: These positions involve assembling and testing various John Deere agricultural equipment and machinery.

  2. Engineering and Design Positions: These positions involve designing and developing new products and technologies to improve agricultural practices.

  3. Sales and Marketing Positions: These positions involve working with local dealers and farmers to promote and sell John Deere products.

  4. Administrative and Support Positions: These positions involve providing support to various departments within the Ankeny facility, including human resources, finance, and supply chain management.

To learn more about job opportunities at John Deere’s Ankeny facility, you can visit the company’s website or check local job boards and employment websites. Additionally, you can contact the facility directly to inquire about available positions and the application process.

john deere dealership Ankeny Iowa

Ankeny, Iowa boasts multiple John Deere dealerships that provide sales, service, and support of John Deere equipment. Here are just a few such facilities in or nearby Ankeny:

Check the below details of john deere dealer in ankeny ia

Van Wall Equipment can be found at 2277 NW 114th Street in Clive, Iowa 50325, approximately 15 minutes outside Ankeny. As a full-service John Deere dealership, they offer an array of equipment as well as parts and service support.

P&K Midwest – conveniently located at 1306 NE 56th Street Pleasant Hill Iowa 50327 is only 20 minutes away from Ankeny and provides John Deere equipment sales, parts, and service support.

Sinclair Tractor in Newton, IA 50208 is about 30 minutes away from Ankeny and provides a full-service John Deere dealership with equipment available for purchase as well as parts and service support.

Ankeny may host additional John Deere dealerships; for more information regarding dealerships near your area, it’s always advisable to check their website or reach out directly.

John Deere Credit Union Ankeny Iowa

Yes, there is a John Deere Community Credit Union (JDCCU) located in Ankeny, Iowa. Their branch can be found at 1011 N Ankeny Blvd in Ankeny.

As a non-profit financial institution that offers various financial services for John Deere employees and their families living or worshipping within any one of Iowa’s counties like Cedar, Clinton, Des Moines, Dubuque Jackson Johnson Linn Muscatine Polk Scott

John Deere Community Credit Union provides its members with an array of services, from checking and savings accounts to loans, mortgages, credit cards,e, and online banking.

They also offer investment and insurance services as well as financial education resources to assist members in reaching their financial goals. Founded by its members for not-for-profit operations and offers competitive rates and fees to their membership.

JDCCU Ankeny branch is part of an expansive network of credit union branches throughout Iowa and Illinois. To become a member or discover more of what services JDCCU has available to them, visit their website or reach out to their customer service team for more information.

John Deere Ankeny Address & Phone Number

The address of the John Deere facility in Ankeny, Iowa is:

John Deere Ankeny,

501 SE Oralabor Rd Ankeny,

IA 50021 United States

Phone Number – (515) 289-3241.

Note that this information could change at any time to make sure of accuracy it’s always wise to confirm with the company directly or check their website for accurate up-to-date details.


John Deere’s presence in Ankeny, Iowa has proven beneficial to its local community and the agricultural industry as a whole.

Their Ankeny Works facility showcases their dedication to innovation and excellence with research & development centers located on-site; in addition, John Deere Community Credit Union also serves the Ankeny region by offering financial services.

Overall, John Deere has been an uplifting influence in Ankeny’s development as both an employer and an economic force.


What is John Deere’s presence in Ankeny, Iowa?

John Deere has a large manufacturing facility in Ankeny that produces agricultural equipment, including self-propelled sprayers, tillage equipment, planters, and seeders. The facility also includes a parts distribution center, a research and development center, a testing facility, and a training center for John Deere dealers and employees.

How has John Deere contributed to the local community in Ankeny, Iowa?

John Deere has provided many jobs for local residents and has helped to stimulate economic growth in the region. Additionally, the John Deere Community Credit Union located in Ankeny provides a valuable financial service to the community.

What is the training center at John Deere’s Ankeny facility?

The training center provides expert guidance and support for John Deere dealers and employees when purchasing and using John Deere equipment.

What kind of products are produced at John Deere’s Ankeny facility?

The Ankeny facility produces a range of agricultural equipment, including self-propelled sprayers, tillage equipment, planters, and seeders.

What is the research and development center at John Deere’s Ankeny facility?

The research and development center is where John Deere engineers and scientists design and test new products and technologies to improve agricultural practices.

How does John Deere support local farmers in Ankeny, Iowa?

John Deere provides high-quality agricultural equipment and machinery to local farmers, which helps to improve their efficiency and productivity.

What is the John Deere Community Credit Union, and what services does it offer?

The John Deere Community Credit Union is a non-profit institution that offers competitive rates and fees to its members and operates on a mission to improve the financial well-being of its members and the community as a whole.

How has John Deere’s presence in Ankeny impacted the agricultural industry?

John Deere’s commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service has made it a leader in the agricultural industry, and its presence in Ankeny has helped to support local farmers and improve agricultural practices.

What is the address and phone number for John Deere’s Ankeny facility?

John Deere’s Ankeny facility is located at 5800 SE Delaware Ave, Ankeny, IA 50021. The phone number for the facility is (515) 289-3241.

How can I learn more about John Deere’s Ankeny facility and its products?

You can visit the John Deere website to learn more about the Ankeny facility and its products. Additionally, you can contact the facility directly or visit a local John Deere dealership for more information.

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