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Kubota M5 111 Problems

Kubota M5 111 Problems – How To Fix?

Here is a list of Kubota M5 111 Problems and how to fix them. Which are as follows.

 Kubota M5 111 Problems Solutions
Hydraulic Problems Check and see what’s wrong.
Diesel Exhaust Fluid Problems Troubleshoot DEF; take it to the dealer.
Fuel Problems Troubleshoot and replace fuel filters, injectors, etc.
Steering Problems Troubleshoot the cylinder behind the steering.

Above we have briefly seen some problems and their solutions, now let us understand them in detail.

(1) Problem 1: Kubota M5 111 Hydraulic Problems

Often, the hydraulic clutch slips. It could also break down. You might get an error message, or you might not.

The correct hydraulic lever console may make a clicking sound. The tractor stops pulling its load all of a sudden. When you transform it from being cold, it appears to work better on Drop but not on High.

On damper disks, the splines can fall off and break. It sounds like a clutch that is about to die. The hydraulic clutch is rarely going to hurt.

For forward and backward, different spring-loaded packs are used. So if it’s slow or jerky throughout reverse, it’s probably only part of the clutch pack.

How To Fix?

Test the flyer valve by getting the WSM. If that’s the problem, it’s an outermost layer that may save you a significant amount of money.

Check the damper disks for broken splines. Most of the moment, you don’t need to split your truck to figure out what’s wrong.

(2) Problem 2: Kubota M5 111 Diesel Exhaust Fluid Problems

Because of DEF problems, the tractor stays inside the shop for just a long time. A Kubota M5 111 tiller will move to 50 percent idle and then ten percent power. A DEF alert time clock may brighten up before this.

Diagnostic Serious difficulty Code P-206A is the first sign of the problem. This code says that someone’s DEF is broken.

Reports say that the location of the DEF tank causes heat to build up inside the DEF, which kills your detectors, header arrangement, and DEF in the long run.

How To Fix?

Their “fix” is installing an insulation kit all around the DEF tank. But this doesn’t work in the end.

It will cost you a few thousand dollars, but the warranty will pay for the cost. By default, the way the model is made is wrong. This is because so many sensors, parts, and computers can break down.

Also, Detroit Diesel, Cummins, and Ford Powerstroke engines do everything they can to put you out of business with DEF emissions problems.

(3) Problem 3: Kubota M5 111 Fuel Problems

Users of the Kubota M5 111 have said many times that the tractor needs more fuel. Or a problem with getting the power. It could start chucking a P0093 code at any time.

In addition, the engine takes a lot of work to start. Or it starts to work but then stops. There might not be any fuel coming in. There may also be white, blue, or black smoke from the engine.

While the filters are being changed, dirt can get through. The infusion pump or injectors could get damaged.

If there aren’t any leaks or limitations on the fuel delivery side of the cylinder system and a clear tubing or sight glass demonstrates no atmosphere in the gasoline, check the fuel return side of the scheme for signs of air.

If this only occurs on the return side, the injector might be broken.

How To Fix?

Replace all the gas filters, ensure this same line to the water spacer spoon has been cleared, and drain the tank. Next, check the fuel tank, hoses, shutoff valve, fuel filter, and fuel. Make sure they all work well and none of the people are leaking.

If the engine puts out black smoke, it may have too many petroleums, a dirty air sift, or contaminated fuel.

Blue or white fumes means that there is fuel inside the muffler, that the fuel injection nozzle is clogged, that the power is insufficient, that the thermostat is broken, or that there is an old solid substance in the fuel.

Check for problems and replace them as needed.

(4) Problem 4: Kubota M5 111 Steering Problems

Most of the time, it feels like the steering is loose or tries to pull to one side. Usually, you could press the walking release again for tilt steering, and the steering wheel will be matched up and down.

But if something goes wrong, the wheel will decrease to its lowest position as quickly as the foot is pressed.

When you employ a grapple, you might also need help to steer. So, you might be unable to use something on the front loader to stop the tires. But even with no load, the steering could still need to work better.

There may be a problem with a small channel under the steering wheel. First, you’ll need to remove the panel underneath the handlebars to get to it. It could be preventing the steering wheel from tilting.

How To Fix?

The nuts that hold the cylinder from the behind steering to the steering wheel may come off. If you tighten them, it might solve your problem.

You can’t expect hydrostatic power steering to work the same when the motor is idling as it does when RPMs are high because it depends on oil flow. You also could check the air stress in your front brake pads and add a little more.

What Majority of the Users Feel?

For the price, the Kubota M5 111 is pretty decent. Since they are light, you should know that if you want to use them as a launcher tractor, they won’t lift more than a Deere or Case of the same size.

Because of this, the M5 111 also uses less gas than most of its competitors. But, in the past, this Kubota could have been better for doing regular farm work.

People often have oil leaks and other problems when using it for things other than moving around the yard. For less money, you could buy another Kubota instead of this one.

And if you switch every several years, there shouldn’t be any problems. Choose a Deere if you desire a workhorse that will last for years.

Kubota M5 111 Problems FAQs


(1) What are the hydraulic shuttles on a Kubota M5 111?

8, 12, and 24 hydraulic shuttle.

(2) How long is the emissions warranty on the Kubota M5 111?

The emissions warranty is 5 years.

(3) Which code on the Kubota M5 111 shows up when it is DEF and SCR troubles?


(4) What has the new recall on the Kubota M5 111 changed in the DEF?

With the new recall, the top corner unit within the DEF tank is replaced.


➡ The Kubota M5 111 is a powerful tractor, according to my research. Even though they are known for the DEF problem, buying a tractor can be worth it if you know what you’re doing. So do it!

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