Kubota v2203 Engine Specification, Prices & Overview ❤️

Kubota v2203 Engine Specification, Weight, Prices & Overview

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Kubota v2203 Engine

Kubota v2203 Engine Price

The Kubota V2203 new Engine price – is $6649 USD.

Old and used Engine price – $2850 to $3200 USD.

Kubota v2203 Engine Weight

The Kubota V2203 weight is 397 lbs. 180kg

Kubota v2203 Engine Overview

There is 39.9 horsepower available at 2800 revolutions per minute from the Kubota V2203 diesel engine’s vertical, water-cooled, 4-cycle design.

The Kubota V2203 has a built-in solenoid, and a low fan position, and can be serviced from only one side. It has a powerful performance, is very reliable, and can be used for almost any application.

Kubota v2203 Engine Features

High power output

Strong power output and torque backup are offered in a small package by Kubota’s E-TVCS indirect injection system.

Lower noise level

Compared to normal diesel engines, half-float valve covers and coated pistons have lower noise levels and less transmitted vibration from the valve area, which improves noise characteristics.

Original casting technology

Superior durability and dependability are provided by Kubota’s innovative casting technology, which shields the engine from high-power-density heat loads.

Long service life

Known for its long service life and how reliable it is.

Short pre-heat time

Super glow system to cut down on pre-heat time and make it easier to start the engine when it’s cold.

Kubota V2203 Engine Specs

Name V2203-BG 1500 V2203
Cooling Type Water Cooled Water Cooled
Orientation Vertical Vertical
Fuel Type Diesel Diesel
Number of Cylinders 4 4
Stroke 92.4 mm 92.4 mm
Total Displacement 2197 cc 2197 cc
Combustion System E-TVCS Indirect Injection E-TVCS Indirect Injection
Intake System Naturally Aspirated Naturally Aspirated
Starting System Electric Start Electric Start
Speed Type Fixed Variable
Name V2203-BG 1500 V2203
Net Intermittent Power 19.8 kW (26.6 hp) 34.3 kW (46.0 hp)
Net Rated Speed 1500 rpm 2800 rpm

Kubota V2203 Engine Review video


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Kubota v2203 Engine FAQ

How much horsepower does a Kubota V2203 engine have?

Kubota V2203 engine produces a 39.9HP at 2800RPM

How much does a Kubota V2203 weigh?

The Kubota V2203 weight is 397lbs. 180kg

What is a Kubota V2203 used in?

The Kubota V2203 Engine is used in Skid steers, Excavators, Lifts, Tractors, Sweepers, and other types of Agricultural, Construction, and Industrial equipment. Bobcat, Case, Gehl, Mustang, New Holland, Scat Track, Thomas, and others are some of the OE Manufacturers.


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