Kubota vs Massey Ferguson

Kubota and Massey Ferguson are two of the leading brands in farming equipment, offering products designed to increase efficiency and productivity for farmers and agricultural workers.

While both brands have earned a reputation for producing high-quality equipment, there are some key differences between them.

In this article, we’ll compare and contrast Kubota and Massey Ferguson based on their history, product offerings, and customer reviews so you can make an informed decision when choosing between these two brands.

Kubota vs. Massey Ferguson  Company Overview

Kubota Tractor Brand was Founded in Japan During the late 1800s Its headquarters moved to America during the 1960s.

The company has made it its mission to produce reliable and top-quality tractors and other agricultural equipment for successful farming operations.

Kubota has become the second-largest tractor brand worldwide, behind John Deere.

Massey Ferguson is another influential brand, having its roots in 1847 in Ontario, Canada.

Established in 1953, this joint name has been providing farmers with quality tractors and other agricultural equipment ever since.

But, what are their similarities and distinctions? Let us examine them further.

Kubota vs. Massey Ferguson: sub-compact tractors

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1 Kubota sub-compact tractors

Additionally, their smaller frame and lower ground clearance make them perfect for lawnmowers. You may not need a lawn tractor if you invest in a stylish subcompact model.

Kubota BX1880 is one of the most sought-after subcompact tractors in America, priced at approximately $17,000.

Landscape tasks such as digging holes or extracting tree stumps are made easier with this fully integrated backhoe and front loader attachment. In comparison to its rival, Massey Ferguson GC1723EB, its engine boasts 18 HP.

Kubota’s subcompact tractors are designed with comfort and efficiency in mind, so even those without extensive tractor experience can easily operate them.

2 Massey Ferguson sub-compact tractors

Massey Ferguson’s top-selling sub-compact tractor is the GC1723EB. Priced at $10,000 with a 22.5 HP engine, this popular model sells for less than its rival BX1880.

The GC1723 Backhoe package comes complete with a 661-pound rear lift and 870-pound front load weight capacity, making it an ideal subcompact for digging and lawn care tasks while offering fuel efficiency.

An open cabin design provides convenient access and excellent visibility, while the BX1880 offers more powerful capabilities at a lower cost. Therefore, the GC1723EB may be the better option if budgeting is an issue.

Kubota vs. Massey Ferguson: lawn tractors

1 Kubota Z700 series of lawn tractors

Lawn tractors are ride-on mowers that tow small trailers of leaves, weeds, dirt, or gardening tools. To be effective and maneuverable in tight places, these machines must be made of sturdy yet compact materials.

The Kubota Z700 lawn tractor series has six models to choose from, the z723KH-3-48 being one of the most sought-after at $9000 MSRP.

The Z700 series boasts a foot parking brake and zero-turn capability for speed and efficiency.

The Z723-3-48 boasts a 22.5 HP engine and 48, 54, or 60-inch cutting decks for superior precision cutting applications.

2 Massey Ferguson lawn tractors

Massey Ferguson’s trade-in lawn tractors are unclear. MF-branded zero-turn lawn tractors were manufactured by another business.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, they discontinued many models. Their line featured zero-turn mowers similar to Kubota Z700s.

On secondhand tractor sale sites, you can typically find a Z700 series-like tractor for between $1000-$2000.

Catalytic Converters on Tractors?
Consider investing in a Kubota lawn tractor instead, since these models typically lack warranties or parts availability guarantees.

Massey Ferguson tractors begin at 24 HP and are considered subcompact models.

Kubota vs. Massey Ferguson: utility tractors

1 Kubota utility tractors

Utility tractors are often responsible for pulling heavy auxiliary equipment and should have an HP range of 50-100. To effectively handle this task, utility tractors should possess at least this much power.

Kubota’s M5 series of tractors have an MSRP of approximately $44,000 and offer horsepower ratings between 92.5 to 105.5, making them ideal for small-scale hay or cattle farming operations.

Kubota’s M5 series features its iconic bevel gear front axle, providing excellent ground clearance, tight turning circle, easy maneuvering, and low maintenance requirements.

Overall, models in this series tend to be cost-effective yet capable of tough tasks such as ramming posts.

2 Massey Ferguson utility tractors

Massey Ferguson’s 4700 range of utility tractors offer 80 to 100 HP in three model options. These machines are perfect for mowing, loader work, haying, and tiling jobs.

These tractors boast a heavy-duty chassis and tend to weigh more than other tractors in their class. The 4708 provides 8o HP at an MSRP of $41,000, while the 4710 version offers 100 HP and starts at an MSRP of $47,000.

The 4700 is a bit pricier than its Kubota M5 series counterpart, but it performs an array of tasks well – from handling hay and silage to delegating tasks once assigned to forklifts.

Kubota vs. Massey Ferguson: compact tractors

1 Kubota compact tractors

Kubota L2501 compact tractor is well-known. The 25 HP makes it an extremely tough field, yard, and gardener.

The best compact tractor for the price It produces more power with less power and lower RPMs than MF 1726E.

The MSRP for L2501 is less than $20,000. The spacious cab features ergonomic levers and controls, power steering, and a 360-degree view.

It is able to lift 1100 pounds using the loader, and up to 1900 pounds using a three-point hitch. EPA Tier 4 emissions are in effect.

2 Massey Ferguson compact tractors

This Massey Ferguson 1726E comes with an MSRP that is closer to $15,000, and a power generation capacity of 24HP. This is less than L2501.

It’s a popular and affordable compact tractor. It’s great for small-area mowing loads, farms, and other tasks due to its small size and precise control.

Heavy axles ensure stability and stable. Lever color-coded for easy controlling.

Its three-point linkage lift capability allows it to attach various pieces of devices.

Kubota vs. Massey Ferguson: Agricultural Tractors

1 Kubota agricultural tractors

Kubota’s largest agricultural tractor, the M8 Series, will make its debut in spring 2020.

According to the company’s senior vice president, the M8 is intended for commercial hay and forage use.

The M8 is powered by one of two 190 or 210 HP Cummins B6.7 Performance Series engines, both EPA Tier 4 final-compliant and powerful yet fuel efficient.

2 Massey Ferguson agricultural tractors

Massey Ferguson’s MF 8S.265 Dyna E Power Exclusive earned the 2021 award, beating Kubota’s M8 with its four variants offering 205-265 HP.

MF Business describes them as “the ultimate high horsepower machine… engineered to defy the rules.” What makes them special? Not least, is their ergonomic cab. Listening closely to customer feedback was essential in designing MF’s taxi redesign.

Farmers designed the Protect-U Cab for comfort, roominess, and visibility. Like Kubota’s M8, its fuel emissions have been improved as well.

Kubota vs. Massey Ferguson: Price 

1 Kubota tractors price

Similar to the Massey Fergusons Kubota’s BX Series compact Kubota will cost between $11,000 to $20,000, as well as the slightly more expensive L Series, is closer to $30,000.

Kubota does not produce tractor models that are similar to the biggest Massey Fergusons however, Kubota’s M5 or M60 Series are their most expensive models, and they can be as high as $55,000.

Kubota Tractors Price List 【2023】- USA

2 Massey Ferguson price

At the lower end of the spectrum for the economy compact tractor models such as the 1700E series or the GC1700 series, you could expect to spend between $12,000 and $20,000. the new tractor.

In the middle, the 5600 series can cost you between $75,000 and $100,000 however the row crop machines of the 8700 series are priced between $250,000 and $300,000.

Massey Ferguson Tractors Price List USA

Kubota and Massey: Durability

1 Kubota tractors

If you take care of your equipment Kubota’s tractor will last for around 5 years, which could translate to years on the job.

If you’re a cautious farmer, your machine may even last beyond the 10,000-hour mark, but you’ll typically observe that warranties don’t extend beyond a period of 24 months or two hours.

2 Massey Ferguson

A few older Massey Fergusons have run so long that they’ve run more than 20000 hours of running however that’s not the norm.

The normal Massey Ferguson runs for between 5,000 and 10,000 hours if well maintained and maintained, even though some of the newer machines are not as robust.

Kubota and Massey: Reliability

Kubota stands as the most popular brand that has a long history of top-quality models and tractor parts, and many dealers around you. Only through their service and quality can you select the most reliable brand that meets your needs.

Massey offers a long tradition of producing agricultural equipment and tractors for these two companies. They are well-known for their wear-and-tear models which are robust and durable for a variety of tasks.

We don’t doubt that you cannot go wrong with whatever choice you make.

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Conclusion – Kubota vs. Massey Ferguson

From this brief and selective summary, it’s evident that there are just as many factors to consider when comparing Kubota and Massey Ferguson tractors.

What farming tasks will your tractor be capable of, what price range are you searching within and which features do the models from each brand offer?

With some careful consideration and possibly extensive homework, a clear winner should eventually emerge for you.

Kubota Vs Massey Ferguson: that’s a more complicated question to decide.


What is Kubota?

Kubota Corporation is a Japanese company that specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of machinery and equipment, including tractors, construction machinery, and engines.

What is Massey Ferguson?

Massey Ferguson is a brand of tractors and other agricultural machinery that was originally established in Canada in 1953. Today, the brand is owned by the American company AGCO Corporation.

Which company produces better tractors, Kubota or Massey Ferguson?

Both Kubota and Massey Ferguson have strong reputations for customer service and support, with extensive dealer networks and knowledgeable staff available to assist customers with any issues or questions they may have.

Are Kubota or Massey Ferguson tractors easier to maintain and repair?

Both Kubota and Massey Ferguson tractors are generally easy to maintain and repair, with high-quality parts and accessories readily available through their extensive dealer networks.

Which company has a better warranty for their tractors?

Both Kubota and Massey Ferguson offer competitive warranties for their tractors, with terms and conditions that vary depending on the specific model and location of the buyer.

How can I decide which company to choose when buying a tractor?

When choosing between Kubota and Massey Ferguson, it is important to consider your specific needs and requirements, as well as your budget and any other factors that may be relevant, such as dealer availability and customer support. It may also be helpful to consult with a knowledgeable sales representative or industry expert to help guide your decision.

Are Massey Ferguson tractors good?

Massey Ferguson tractors are generally regarded as excellent tractors. They are robust and reliable and have even served the US military in the past

What is the most sought after tractor?

The 1913 CASE 30-60 is one of only five remaining examples, making it highly desirable among collectors of antique tractors. A tractor that is a century old has just become the most expensive tractor ever sold. The 1913 CASE 30-60 tractor sold for a staggering $1.47 million at an auction house in Illinois.May

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