LS9 Engine Specs

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The LS9 is a Gen. 4, 6.2L, aluminum small-block engine used in GM automobiles between 2009 and 2013. The information provided below is for an original LS9 engine.

Mechanically identical, General Motors’ LS and LS-based Vortec engines were found on nearly all branches of the GM family tree: Chevy, Pontiac, GMC, Cadillac, Buick–heck, there was even Saab, Hummer, and Isuzu received some LS admiration.

As LS and Vortec engines become ubiquitous, they’ve been the most popular engines for swapping and performance in the present.

These motors are capable of producing lots of horsepowers.

They also respond well to upgrades such as turbos, superchargers or turbos, intake systems, cams, and nitrogenous oxide.

The aftermarket is booming Crate engines are widely accessible, and used motors can be inexpensively obtained from junkyards.

Summit Racing has created a collection of complete guides for every engine within the LS family of machines so that the builders and tuners of engines can find a reference to work from.

This guide is specific to this engine model: GM LS9 6.2L engine.

There are additional LS engine specifications and information about LS here.

LS9 Engine Specs

LS9 Engine Block Specs

Material 319-T7 Aluminum
Bore Dia. 4.065 in.
Stroke 3.622 in.
Deck Height 9.240 in.
Bore Spacing 4.400 in.
Thrust Bearing Location #3 Main
Main Cap Style 6-Bolt, Billet Steel
Main Housing Bore Dia. 2.751 in.
Cam Housing Bore Dia. Bore 1/5 = 2.346, Bore 2/4 = 2.326, Bore 3 = 2.307
Cam-to-Crank Centerline 4.914 in.
Head Bolts M12
Casting Numbers 12621766
Displacement 6.2L / 376 c.i.d.

Engine Ratings

Compression Ratio 9.1:1
Horsepower Rating 638 hp @ 6,300 rpm
Torque Rating 604 ft./lbs.

LS9 Camshaft Specifications

Camshaft Part Number 126384277
Duration @ .050 in. (int./exh.) 211°/230°
Valve Lift (int./exh.) 0.562 in./0.558 in.
Lobe Separation 122.5°
Cam Gear Attachment 3-Bolt
Cam Gear Poles 4x
Active Fuel Management (AFM) No
Variable Valve Timing (VVT) No

LS9 Valvetrain Specs

Lifter Body Diameter 0.842 in.
Pushrod Length 7.385 in.
Pushrod Diameter 0.3125 in.
Rocker Arm Mounting Style Pedestal
Rocker Arm Style Die-Cast, Roller Fulcrum
Rocker Ratio 1.7
Rocker Offset Intake only
Valve Spring Style Beehive
Valve Spring Seat Pressure 90 lbs. @ 1.800 in.
Valve Spring Spring Open Pressure 295 lbs. @ 1.250 in.
Valve Spring Color Natural
Valve Angle 15 Degrees
Intake Valve Material Titanium, with Chrome Nitride
Intake Valve Dia. 2.165 in.
Exhaust Valve Material Stainless steel, Sodium Filled
Exhaust Valve Dia. 1.590 in.
Timing Chain Part Number 12646386
Timing Chain Guide Style Wedge Shaped Plastic Dampener
Lifter Style Hydraulic Roller
Lifter Link Style Plastic Lifter Tray
Supercharger Part Number 19244103 (solid coupler) R2300
Displacement 2.3L
Supercharger Drive 2.32 drive ratio, 15,080 rpm, 9.4 lbs. boost
Rotor Dimensions 4.400 diameter, 8.300 length, 160 degree
Pulley Diameter 3.100 in. upper / 7.330 in. lower

LS9 Cylinder Head Specs

Cylinder Head Part Number 12621773
Casting Numbers 1771
Material 356-T6 Rotocast Aluminum
Combustion Chamber Volume 69.8cc
Intake Port Shape Rectangle
Intake Runner Volume 259cc
Exhaust Port Shape D-Port
Exhaust Runner Volume 89cc
Valve Seat Material (int./ext.) PMF28 / Brico 3220
Cylinder Head Bolt Style Torque to Yield (TTY)
Cylinder Head Bolt Size (10) M12 x 2 x 100, (5) M8 x 1.25 x 45

LS9 Rotating Assembly Specs

Piston Style Dished; No Relief Valves
Piston Volume +15cc
Wrist Pin Dia. 0.984 in.
Connecting Rod Part Number 12624231
Connecting Rod Material Titanium, Moly-Coated
Connecting Rod Weight 452-482g
Connecting Rod Style I-Beam
Connecting Rod Length 5.990 in.
Connecting Rod Housing Bore 2.225 in.
Connecting Rod Bolts M9 x 1 x 40
Crankshaft Material Forged Steel, 46MnVS
Crankshaft Part Number 12598610 (2009-11), 12641693 (2011-15)
Crankshaft Rear Flange 9-Bolt
Crankshaft Snout Long, with keyway
Crankshaft Main Journal 2.559 in.
Crankshaft Rod Journal 2.100 in.
Reluctor Wheel 58x
Piston Material Hypereutectic Cast Aluminum Alloy
Piston Part Number 19180414

Throttle Body, Fuel Injectors, Oil Pan Specs & More

Throttle Control Electronic (Drive-by-Wire)
ECM E-67
Fuel Injector Part Number 12598646
Fuel Injector Flow 59 lb./hr. @ 58 psi
Flex Fuel Capable (E-85) No
Fuel Injector Length (between O-Rings) 1.500 in.
Fuel Injector Connector EV6-USCAR
Camshaft Sensor Location Timing Cover
Oiling System Dry Sump
Oil Pan Center Sump (with a bolt-on cooler)
Oil Pump Part Number 12578147
Oil Pump Volume 32.3 gpm
Engine Weight (with Manifolds, supercharger, Clutch, Flywheel, Balancer, Waterpump 531 lbs.
Intake Manifold Cast Aluminum, with integrated intercooler
Throttle Body 87mm

LS9 Engine Specs Review

The LS9 engine stands as a true engineering masterpiece. It ranks among the most formidable production engines ever created, delivering its power with a remarkable level of smoothness and refinement. What’s particularly impressive is its unexpected fuel efficiency, given its substantial size and power output.

This exceptional powerplant is a testament to the prowess of General Motors’ powertrain engineers and holds a hallowed place in the realm of high-performance engines.

Full review YouTube video check here.

LS9 Engine Specs FAQ

Which LS engine is strongest?

Ever. In Camaro ZL1s that have 650hp, along with stronger Hellcats and Shelby Mustangs, it’s easy to forget the significance and influence that the powerful LS7 engine played in Corvette Z06.

Before the Z06, only a handful of cars with a horsepower of 500 or more. The Z06 revolutionized the entire industry.

How many cubic inches is a LS9?

The heart of 376 cubic-inch LS9 is an aluminum block with the number 319-T7, which is an extra-strong version of the block that was employed for LS3 production.

How much horsepower can a LS9 make?

The LS9 is an upgraded 6.2L that generates 638 horsepower and 604 pounds of torque.

It comes with high-rpm-validated, lightweight reciprocating components, including titanium intake valves, made-to-order internals, and high-flow cylinder heads, which draw in power imposed on them by the sixth-generation supercharger.

How fast is a LS9?

The LS9 engine produced 638 horsepower at 6,500 RPM and 604 lb-ft torque at 3,800 RPM. The power figures within the light Corvette body meant it could reach 60 mph in 3.4 minutes.

The speed didn’t decrease following that, as 100 MPH was achieved in just 7 seconds.

Did Chevy make an LS9?

The LS9 is the base to the turbocharged motor which drove in the 2010-13 Corvette ZR1, and our LS9 is a long-block engine designed to boost.

It is not equipped with a supercharger or front-end accessory drive systems that allow the builder to build the machine using the power accessory of their preference.

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