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Mahindra 1526 Specs

About Mahindra 1526

Mahindra 1526 is a compact 4WD utilitarian tractor of the 1500 series. The tractor was produced in partnership with Mitsubishi for Mahindra from 2016 until the year 2018.

The Mahindra 1526 comes with a 1.3 L diesel engine that has three cylinders and a choice of two transmissions: constant mesh transmission that has a dry one disc clutch (8 forward and reverse gears) or hydrostatic transmission (infinite 3 range forward and reverse).

The Mahindra 1526 utility vehicle used its Mitsubishi S3L2 engine. It’s a 1.3 L 1,318cm 2, (80.4 cubic inches) 3-cylinder diesel motor which is naturally aspirated and has 78.0 millimeters (3.07 inches) of bore the cylinder, and 92.0 millimeters (3.62 inches) of diameter of the piston’s stroke.

Its compression Ratio is 22.0:1. The engine produced 25.8 PS (19.0 kW; 25.5 HP) at 2500 pm when it was at its maximum output power. This engine’s PTO maximum output of 19.3 PS (14.2 KW; 19.0 HP) for the shuttle transmission, and 8.8 PS (13.8 KW; 18.5 HP) for the hydrostatic transmission.

The Mahindra 1526 comes by hydraulic steering and wet disc brakes. open operator station that has two-post ROPS, and 27.0 Liters (7.1 US gal.; 5.9 Imp. gal) fuel tank.

The following attachments can be found on Mahindra 1526 utilitarian tractor

Mahindra 1526 Price New

 Price: $22,750 USD

Mahindra 1526 Weight

 Weight: 2437 to 2459 pounds

Mahindra 1526 Horsepower

 HP: 25.6 HP

Mahindra 1526 oil capacity

 oil capacity: 4.4 quarts

Mahindra 1526 lift capacity

 lift capacity: 2646 lb

Mahindra 1526 Specifications

General Specifications

Model Mahindra 1526
Length 3,080 mm (121.3 in)
Width 1,600 mm (63 in)
Height 2,070 mm (81.5 in)
Weight Shuttle: 1,105 kg (2,436 lbs)
HST: 1,115 kg (2,460 lbs)
Fuel tank capacity 27.0 liters (7.1 US gal.; 5.9 Imp. gal)
Battery 12V, 46Ah, CCA 540A
Cabin type Open operator station with two-post ROPS


Engine model Mitsubishi S3L2
Engine type Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, inline
Cylinders 3
Fuel type Diesel
Displacement 1.3 L, 1,318 cm2, (80.4 cu·in)
Bore and stroke 78.0 mm X 92.0 mm (3.07 in X 3.62 in)
Compression ratio 22.0:1
Horsepower 25.8 PS (19.0 kW; 25.5 HP) at 2,500 rpm
Starter Electric

Transmission and chassis

Chassis 4×4 MFWD 4WD
Steering type Hydraulic power
Brakes Wet disc
Transmission model
Transmission type Constant mesh
Gears 8 forward and 8 reverse
Transmission model
Transmission type Hydrostatic
Gears Infinite (3-range) forward and reverse


Front tires Ag: 7×16
Lawn/turf: 25×8.5-14
Industrial: 27×8.5-15
Rear tires Ag:11.2×24
Lawn/turf: 13.6×16
Industrial: 15×19.5

Three-Point Hitch

Caterogy I
Control type Position control
Lift capacity 1,200 kg (2,646 lbs)

PTO (Power take-off shaft)

Middle PTO type
Middle PTO spped 2,000 rpm
Rear PTO type Independent (shuttle) or live (hydrostatic)
Rear PTO spped 540 rpm

Hydraulic system

Hydraulic type Open center
Valves 1 (optional)
Pump flow 7.5 gpm (28.4 lpm)
Total flow 10.8 gpm (40.9 lpm)
Steering flow 3.3 gpm (12.5 lpm)

Mahindra 1526 Review

The Mahindra 1526 is a popular subcompact tractor that is known for its versatility, reliability, and value.

It is powered by a 26-horsepower Mahindra engine and has a 12/12 Power Reverser transmission with four forward and four reverse gears. The 1526 also has a category 1 three-point hitch and a 540 RPM rear PTO.

Full review YouTube video check here.

Mahindra 1526 Attachments

Attachment overview
Front-end loader

 1526L Loader

Loader weight: 774 lbs
351 kg
Height (to pin): 84 inches
213 cm
Clearance, dumped bucket: 67.5 inches
171 cm
Dump reach: 18.5 inches
46 cm
Dump angle: 40°
Clearance, level bucket: 80 inches
203 cm
Reach at ground: 56 inches
142 cm
Rollback angle: 20°
Breakout force (at pin): 2795 lbs
1267 kg
Lift to full height (at pin): 1560 lbs
707 kg
Bucket width: 58.5 inches
148 cm

 1526B Backhoe

Backhoe type: Mahindra 1526B Backhoe
Weight: 840 lbs
381 kg
Transport height: 73 inches
185 cm
Digging depth: 86 inches
218 cm
2-Foot flat digging depth: 84 inches
213 cm
Reach from pivot: 114 inches
289 cm
Loading height: 68 inches
172 cm
Bucket Rotation: 185
Swing Arc: 145
Bucket force: 2440 lbs
1106 kg
Dipperstick force: 1510 lbs
684 kg

Common Problems with Mahindra 1526

The Mahindra 1526 is a popular subcompact tractor, but like any other machine, it is not without its problems. Some of the most common problems reported by Mahindra 1526 owners include:

Hydraulic system problems: Some users have reported problems with the hydraulic system, such as leaks, slow hydraulic response, and failure of hydraulic components.
Electrical problems: Some users have also reported electrical problems, such as battery failure, alternator failure, and wiring problems.
Engine problems: Some users have reported engine problems, such as oil leaks, overheating, and poor performance.
Transmission problems: Some users have also reported transmission problems, such as difficulty shifting gears and slipping gears.


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What is Mahindra 1526?

The Mahindra 1526 compact tractor is specifically designed for use on small farms, gardens, and other agricultural applications. Equipped with a powerful engine and multiple gear ranges for optimal performance and a strong frame to withstand tough jobs, it has multiple gear ranges and durable construction that makes this an excellent value proposition.

What are the specs of the Mahindra 1526?

The Mahindra 1526 is powered by a 3-cylinder diesel engine with 25.5 horsepower, producing maximum speeds of 8.9 miles per hour and boasting a fuel tank capacity of 7.1 gallons. Furthermore, this vehicle boasts a 3-point hitch capable of lifting 2646 lbs with ease.

What is the weight of Mahindra 1526?

The weight of a Mahindra 1526 depends on its configuration and attachments; without any attachments, it weighs Shuttle: 1,105 kg (2,436 lbs)
HST: 1,115 kg (2,460 lbs).

What is the price of Mahindra 1526?

The price of the Mahindra 1526 varies depending on the dealership and the specific configuration of the tractor. The base model without any attachments typically starts around $18,000.

What is the fuel efficiency of Mahindra 1526?

The Mahindra 1526 features an efficient diesel engine capable of using up to 3.3 gallons per hour in fuel consumption.

What are the transmission options for Mahindra 1526?

The Mahindra 1526 comes equipped with a manual transmission featuring eight forward and eight reverse gears and features a synchromesh shuttle shift for quick direction changes.

What are the hydraulic options for Mahindra 1526?

The Mahindra 1526 has a dual hydraulic system with a maximum flow rate of 7.5 GPM. It also features a rear PTO with a standard speed of 540 RPM.

What are the safety features of Mahindra 1526?

The Mahindra 1526 has several safety features, including a rollover protection system (ROPS), seatbelt, and safety switch for the operator’s presence.

What is the warranty for Mahindra 1526?

The Mahindra 1526 comes with a standard five-year warranty that covers the engine and transmission. It also includes a two-year bumper-to-bumper warranty for the entire tractor.

What is the customer review of Mahindra 1526?

Overall, the Mahindra 1526 has received positive customer reviews for its durability, fuel efficiency, and ease of use. Customers also appreciate the wide range of attachments available for the tractor, making it a versatile tool for many applications.

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