Mahindra 1635 Price, Specs, Weight, Review [2023]

Mahindra 1635 Price, Specs, Weight, Review, Horsepower, Oil Capacity, Attachments

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Mahindra 1635 Price, Specs, Weight, Review

Mahindra 1635 price

Starting MSRP Tractor Only HP
$23,200 36.2

Mahindra 1635 hst price

The base price of a 1635 HST tractor is typically around $27,500.

Mahindra 1635 Horsepower

The Mahindra 1635 tractor has a gross engine horsepower of 36.2 and a PTO horsepower of 26.

Mahindra 1635 loader lift capacity

The Mahindra 1635 has a loader lift capacity of 1650 lbs.

Mahindra 1635 weight

The weight of the Mahindra 1635 tractor varies depending on its configuration. The following is a list of approximate weights for different configurations.

  • Hydro ROPS: 3075 lbs (1394 kg)
  • Shuttle ROPS: 3086 lbs (1399 kg)
  • Hydro cab: 3527 lbs (1599 kg)

Mahindra 1635 Oil Capacity

Mahindra’s 1635 oil capacity is 6.9 quarts. You will require 6,9 quarts to fill up the crankcase. Use the recommended oil grade and type in your tractor’s owner manual.

Mahindra 1635 Specs

Mahindra 1635 Power
Engine: 36.2 hp
27.0 kW
Hydro PTO (claimed): 26 hp
19.4 kW
Shuttle PTO (claimed): 27.6 hp
20.6 kW
Mahindra 1635 Engine
Mahindra 2.0L 3-cyl diesel
Fuel tank: 7.7 gal
29.1 L
Chassis: 4×4 MFWD 4WD
Steering: power
Brakes: wet disc
Cab: Two-post folding ROPS. Cab optional.
Transmissions: 8-speed sync shuttle
Type: open center
Pump flow: 7.5 gpm
28.4 lpm
Total flow: 10.8 gpm
40.9 lpm
Steering flow: 3.3 gpm
12.5 lpm
Power Take-off (PTO)
Shuttle Rear PTO: live
Hydro Rear PTO: independent
Rear RPM: 540 (1.375)
Engine RPM: 540@2376
Mid RPM: 2000
Engine RPM: 2000@2526


Engine Detail Mahindradiesel3-cylinderliquid-cooled
Displacement: 125 ci
2.0 L
Bore/Stroke: 3.50×4.33 inches
89 x 110 mm
Emissions: Tier IV
Power: 36.2 hp
27.0 kW
Fuel system: direct injection
Rated RPM: 2500
Starter: electric
Starter volts: 12
Type: sync shuttle
Gears: 8 forward and reverse
Clutch: dry disc
Type: hydrostatic
Gears: infinite (3-range) forward and reverse
Wheelbase: 73 inches
185 cm
Length: 123.8 inches
314 cm
Width: 63 inches
160 cm
Height (ROPS): 90.2 inches
229 cm
Height (cab): 88 inches
223 cm
Ground clearance: 12.2 inches
30 cm
Mahindra 1635 Tires
Ag front: 7×16
Ag rear: 11.2×24
Lawn/turf front: 28×8.5-15
Lawn/turf rear: 43×16-20
Industrial front: 25×8.5-14
Industrial rear: 13.6×16

Mahindra 1635 Attachments

Mahindra 1635 tractor is versatile and can be fitted with many attachments for a range of different tasks. The Mahindra 1635 is equipped with a wide range of attachments that can be used to perform a variety of tasks.

72″ Mower deck
Type: mid-mount Mahindra 1672M
Cutting width: 72 inches
182 cm
Mahindra 1635L Loader
Loader weight: 780 lbs
353 kg
Height (to pin): 87 inches
220 cm
Breakout force (at pin): 2650 lbs
1202 kg
Lift to full height (at pin): 1650 lbs
748 kg
Bucket width: 62 inches
157 cm
Mahindra 1635B Backhoe
Backhoe type: Mahindra 1635B Backhoe
Weight: 840 lbs
381 kg
Bucket width: 16 inches
40 cm
Digging depth: 86 inches
218 cm
2-Foot flat digging depth: 84 inches
213 cm
Bucket force: 2440 lbs
1106 kg
Dipperstick force: 1510 lbs
684 kg

Mahindra 1635 Review

The Mahindra 1635 is a popular subcompact tractor. Mahindra 1635 is known for its reliability, versatility, and affordability. Mahindra 1635 is the best choice for various tasks, including landscaping, mowing, and light construction.

 Pros and cons of the Mahindra 1635:


  • Reliable and durable
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable to operate
  • Versatile and can be equipped with a wide range of attachments
  • Easy to maintain


  • Not as powerful as some other subcompact tractors
  • Some users have reported problems with the hydraulic system
  • Loader lift capacity could be higher

Overall, the Mahindra 1635 is a good value for the money. It is a versatile and reliable tractor that is well-suited for various tasks.


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What is the Mahindra 1635?

Ans. The Mahindra 1635 subcompact tractor is known for its affordability, versatility, and reliability. This tractor is suitable for many tasks including landscaping, mowing, and light construction.

How much horsepower does the Mahindra 1635 have?

Ans. Mahindra 1635’s gross engine horsepower is 36.2, and its PTO horsepower is 26. It produces 36.2 horsepower on the crankshaft, and 26 horsepower on the power take-off shaft.

What is the loader lift capacity of the Mahindra 1635?

Ans. Mahindra 1635’s loader has a lift capacity of 1650 lbs. It can lift and move up to 1650 pounds of weight safely, provided the tractor and loader are used correctly.

What are some of the features of the Mahindra 1635?

Ans. Mahindra 1635 is equipped with many standard features. These include a power-steering wheel, comfortable seats, a roll-over protection (ROPS) system that can be folded down, and a 7-year powertrain warranty.

What are some of the attachments that are available for the Mahindra 1635?

Ans. Mahindra 1635 is compatible with a wide variety of attachments including backhoes and tillers as well as mowers, snowblowers, and others.

How much does a Mahindra 1635 cost?

Ans. The average price for a Mahindra tractor 1635 is approximately $32900.

Where is the Mahindra 1635 made?

Ans. Mahindra & Mahindra manufactures the Mahindra 1635 tractor in Chambur, Maharashtra (India) at their state-of-the-art facility.