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Thank you for visiting the 2022 Marks & Spencer Customer Survey. Visit the Makeyourmands.Co.Uk Marks & Spencer survey website for a chance to win £50 in cash.

All Marks & Spencer customers are welcome to participate in the open-door Make Your Own Michaels Customer Survey. The survey website Makeyourmands.Co.Uk is used.

You will have the ideal forum to offer all of your sincere comments regarding the Marks & Spencer Store in this survey program.

Www.Makeyourmands.Co.Uk Survey – Win £50 Cash

You can enter the sweepstakes at Make Your Menards and have a chance to win £50 cash after completing the survey program.

Anyone can use this. Make a demand survey whenever you like, using any device. Additionally, the survey program is only available to residents of the UK and ROI.

One thing to keep in mind when providing feedback: don’t be afraid to provide critical comments. Your sincere comments will undoubtedly enhance the facility of the store, the quality of the goods, the selection of the business, and the services provided.

Every client can take part in the M&S customer survey rather easily. To ensure a seamless survey entry at, follow the instructions below.

MakeYourMands.Co.Uk Survey Rules

Before taking part in the “Make Your Mandates” poll, keep in mind the following guidelines:

  1. It is necessary to be a legitimate resident of the UK or ROI.
  2. Each survey taker must be at least 18 years old.
  3. You need to be able to speak either Spanish or English.
  4. Per email address, one survey entry is permitted each month.
  5. It is not permitted to transfer the prize from one person to another.

The makeyourmands survey sweepstakes require a good laptop or mobile phone with internet access and a valid email ID to get started.

Have you recently been to an M&S location? Be ready and eager to begin the survey with the receipt or token.

Alternative Website: M&S Survey can also be done at Tellmands.Co.Uk.

Make Your Mands Survey Details

Survey Name: MakeYourM&S
Official Website: Www.MakeYourMandS.Co.Uk
Is Purchase Necessary: Nope
Duration: Every month first calendar day to the end of the calendar day
Survey Limit: One Entry per Email
Survey Prize: Ten winners will receive £50 cash each
Location: UK & ROI.

Questionaries Asked At MakeYourMands.Co.Uk

  1. First, how likely are you to tell your family and friends about this M&S store?
  2. How pleased were you, secondly, with the assistance you received from colleagues?
  3. Third, how well-presented, safe, and clean did you find our store to be?
  4. Fourthly, was it quick and simple for you to pay?

MakeYourMands Survey Participation Steps – With Receipt

You’re just a few short steps away from contributing your opinions and ideas about your visits to M&S stores! Genuinely.

  1. By visiting, you may quickly and conveniently take the MakeYourMands survey online.
  2. Make sure you have the token or receipt from the survey with you.
  3. After going to the official Marks & Spencer survey website, you must enter certain information from the receipt to move forward.
  4. Hit the “proceed” button after entering the necessary information, including the visit’s date and time.
  5. Three boxes with the codes A, B, and C are displayed. From your receipt, enter the following codes: Code A, Code B, and Code C.
  6. The right time has come for you to offer your review. Take a moment to reflect on your recent purchase and share your experiences at the M&S shop where you made it.

I answered the questions that were asked while I was completing the surveys, read them over, shared the feedback, and was entered to win £50 in cash.

We appreciate you sharing your ideas with us.

Make Your Mands Survey Guide – Without Receipt

I’ve been in a similar circumstance. On August 1, 2022, at about 12:30 PM, I went to the supermarket. Even though I misplaced the receipt, I completed the survey program.

Let’s start the survey-taking procedure.

  1. The first step is to go to to access the survey site.
  2. You must now tell us where in an M&S store you made your most recent purchase or picked up something.
  3. After choosing the region and storing them, click “Next.”
  4. Before you can move on, you have to fill out all of the surveys and send in your reviews.

Share your name, phone number, and email address at the conclusion. If you are one of the fortunate ones, you will receive £50 in cash.

Survey Links Of M&S

Prize Draw Previous Winners Of MakeYourMands

Month Store
June 2021 M&S Cramlington Simply Food
June 2021 M&S Cardiff
June 2021 M&S Watford
June 2021 M&S Lisburn
June 2021 M&S Malvern
June 2021 M&S Canterbury
May 2021 M&S Bury St Edmunds
May 2021 M&S Southend
May 2021 M&S Wheatley Hall Road
May 2021 M&S Cheltenham
May 2021 M&S Bluewater
May 2021 M&S Loughborough Simply Food
May 2021 M&S Watford
May 2021 M&S Armagh Simply Food
May 2021 M&S Poole
May 2021 M&S Brixton Road
April 2021 M&S Cirencester Simply Food
April 2021 M&S Ayr
April 2021 M&S Chester
April 2021 M&S Meadowhall
April 2021 M&S Worcester
April 2021 M&S Capital Cardiff
April 2021 M&S Leeds
April 2021 M&S Astle West Bromwich Outlet
April 2021 M&S Harrogate
April 2021 M&S Metro Centre

I’ve covered everything I need to in the Marks & Spencer Customer Survey 2022. I’m hoping this Make Your post is quite straightforward. Please leave a comment if you need assistance with the survey entry or the survey prize.

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