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Massey Ferguson 275 Specs

About Massey Ferguson 275

This Massey Ferguson 275 tractor is equipped with a Perkins four-cylinder A4.248 (4.1 L) Diesel engine, And two types of transmission one of Which is a manual type transmission that Has 8 forward and 2 reverse or Multi-Power transmissions that has 12 forward And four Reverse (three speeds with two ranges ) And a two-speed Power Shift).

The MF tractor 275 was powered by four cylinders of naturally-aspirated, liquid-cooled diesel engine, Perkins A4.248 which has 101.0 millimetres (3.97 inches) of The bore of the cylinder, and 127 millimetres (5 inches) of the stroke of the piston. The A4.248 engine was Able to produce the equivalent of 68 PS (50 kW or 67.0 HP) of output power via a PTO shaft.

Massey Ferguson 275 Price

 Original price: $21,000 (1983 )

Massey Ferguson 275 Horsepower

 HP: 60 hp 44.7 kW

Massey Ferguson 275 Lift Capacity

 Lift Capacity: 5048.6 lbs (2,290 kg)

Massey Ferguson 275 Weight

 Weight: 6100 to 9330 pounds

Massey Ferguson 275 Oil Capacity

 Oil Capacity: 8 qts 7.6 L

Massey Ferguson 275 Engine

 Engine: Perkins A4.248

Massey Ferguson 275 oil filter

Massey Ferguson 275 oil filter is NA

Serial Numbers Massey Ferguson 275 

1975: 9A207681
1976: 9A232539
1977: 9A257837
1978: 9A280301
1979: 9A300200
1980: 9A326169
1981: 9A339343
1982: 9A350584
1983: 9A354679

Massey Ferguson 275 Specifications

General Specifications

Model Massey Ferguson 275
Width 1,880 mm (74 in.)
Height Standard: 1,600 mm (63.1 in.)
Row-crop: 1,700 mm (67.3 in.)
Low profile: 1,570 mm (62.1 in.)
Wheelbase 2,080 mm (82 in.)
Ground clearance
Weight (operating) 2,998 kg (6,610 lb.)
Fuel tank capacity 70.0 l (18.5 Gal.)
Battery 12V 180A


Engine model Perkins A4.248
Number of Cylinders 4
Firing order 1-3-4-2
Fuel Diesel
Displacement 4.06 L, 4,060 cc (248
Bore x stroke 101 x 127 mm (3.975 x 5.0 in)
Power output PTO:68 PS (50 kW; 67.0 HP)
Starter type Electric starter
Oil type
Governed Speeds Low Idle: 725-775 rpm;
High Idle: 2,185 rpm; (no load)
Rated: 2,000 rpm (full load)
Oil Capacity 6.6 L (7.0 U.S. qt)
Coolant capacity 11.3 L (12.0 U.S. qt)
Injection Timing, B.T.D.C. 24°
Injector opening pressure 17,235 kPa (2,500 psi)
Valve clearance (Cold) Intake: 0.30 mm (0.012 in.)
Exhaust: 0.30 mm (0.012 in.)
Valve clearance (Hot) Intake: 0.25 mm (0.010 in.)
Exhaust: 0.25 mm (0.010 in.)

Tires size

Front tires Standard: 6.00-16
Standard: 6.50-16
Standard: 7.5L-15
Row-crop: 6.50-16
Row-crop: 7.5L-15
Low-profile: 6.00-16
Low-profile: 6.50-16
Low-profile: 7.50-16
Low-profile: 9.5L-10
Rear tires Standard: 16.9-24
Standard: 16.9-28
Standard: 16.9-30
Standard: 18.4-26
Row-crop: 13.6-38
Row-crop: 14.9-38
Row-crop: 15.5-38
Row-crop: 18.4-30
Low-profile: 14.9-24
Low-profile: 16.9-24
Low-profile: 18.4-16.1
Low-profile: 21.5L-16.1

Transmission and chassis

Chassis 4×2 2WD
Steering Power-assisted

Gear transmission

Transmission type Gear shift
Gears 8 forward and 2 reverse
Ground speed Forward: up to 30.7 km/h (19.1 mph)
Reverse: up to 12.7 km/h (7.9 mph)

Multi-Power transmission

Transmission type Multi-Power (Three speeds in two ranges plus two-speed power shift operated by pedal)
Gears 12 forward and 4 reverse
Ground speed Forward: up to 30.6 km/h (19.0 mph)
Reverse: up to 15.4 km/h (9.6 mph)

PTO (Power take-off shaft)

PTO Type: Rear, live type
Rear, independent (option)
PTO Speed: 540 rpm

Hydraulic lift

3-point linkage: Category II
Control system:
No. of remote valves: 0-2
Max lifting capacity (at link end): 1,859 kg (4,100 lb.)

Hydraulic system

Type Open center
Total flow 73.8 lpm (19.5 GPM)
Oil Capacity (Transmission, Differential, and Hydraulic Systems) Dry brakes: 38.7 L (10.0 US. gal.)
Wet brakes: 41.6 L (11.0 US. gal.)
Rear axle planetary (Each) 1.4 L (1.4 U.S. qt.)
Power steering 0.95 L (1.0 U.S. qt.)

Massey Ferguson 275 Review

The Massey Ferguson 275 is a compact tractor that was introduced in 1974. It is powered by a Perkins 3-cylinder diesel engine that produces 75 horsepower. The 275 is also equipped with a hydrostatic transmission and a power steering system.

The 275 is a popular tractor among hobby farmers and small landowners. It is known for its reliability, power, and versatility. It can be used for a variety of tasks, including mowing lawns, tilling soil, moving snow, and loading and unloading materials.

Full review YouTube video check here.

Massey Ferguson 275 Attachments

Height (to pin): 144 inches
365 cm
Breakout force (lift): 3250 lbs
1474 kg
Lift to full height (at pin): 2500 lbs
1134 kg

Massey Ferguson 275 Problems

Massey Ferguson 275 Engine Troubleshooting

The engine starts up hard or won’t start

The fuel filter is plugged in. Change filter element. Air in the fuel tank. The fuel tank bled. Injection nozzles are clogged. Service or change injection nozzles. The fuel pump may Be defective. Install The fuel pump with a New one or fix it.

Engine stops suddenly during operation

The timing of the fuel injection pump is wrong. Install as per The instructions. Fuel filter plugging. Maintenance of the filter is required. The engine isn’t heated to The temperature required. Reset The temperature by Heating The Engine.

Engine is overheated

The cap of the radiator is damaged or dirty. the core of the radiator. Replace the cap and clean the radiator. The engine has a shortage of coolant.

Fill the radiator up to the correct level and inspect components for problems. The belt is worn or damaged on the fan.

Belt replacement is highly recommended. Insufficient engine oil. The oil should be filled to The necessary level.

Oil pressure too low

The level of oil is not enough. Examine the oil level and add oil as needed. Defective oil pump. Install an entirely new pump. The engine oil filter is blocked. Clean or replace the element of the engine oil filter.

Massey Ferguson 275 Transmission Troubleshooting

Transmission is excessively noisy

The backlash is not correct or the gears have been damaged. Replace the gears with new ones and set the backlash correctly. Broken or bent shift forks.

Forks for shifts must be replaced. Splines on shafts that are damaged or worn. The shaft needs to be replaced. Fluid in the transmission is not sufficient.

It is necessary to add transmission fluid. Bearings damaged or worn out. Replace the bearings. The oil in the transmission is dirty. A change of oil in the transmission is required.

Difficult to shift gears

A Rusty or worn gear shift linkage. Replace or lubricate the shift linkage. A malfunction or An incorrect adjustment of The clutch.

Replacement or adjustment of The clutch is needed. Broken or Worn or worn gearshift forks. Change The forks on your shift. Gearshift mechanism malfunction. Find And replace The Damaged parts.

Transmission oil pressure is low

Fluid in the transmission is not enough. It is necessary To replenish transmission fluid. The transmission fluid filter is blocked (if installed). Replace or repair The transmission fluid filter. The relief valve is damaged. Replace The valve.

Massey Ferguson 275 Hydraulic System Troubleshooting

The hydraulic system is overheated

The type of hydraulic fluid is insufficient. The correct type of fluid has to be employed. Hydraulic fluid contamination. Change the hydraulic fluid.

The hydraulic system is leaking air. A hydraulic system has been bled. The main relief Aalve is malfunctioning. Replacement of The relief valve is required.

Low hydraulic fluid pressure

There is not enough hydraulic fluid. Add fluid as needed. Filter for hydraulic fluid That is blocked. Repair the filter, or replace it if needed. Leaks in the hydraulic lines.

Check for leaks in The hydraulic system And fix them. The valve for hydraulic control is not adjusted. It is necessary to adjust.

The hydraulic pump has failed. Replace or repair The hydraulic fluid pump. Hydraulic cylinder failure. Repair or replace the hydraulic cylinder.

Hitch does not raise or raises very slowly

The hydraulic pump not working. Install a new hydraulic oil pump. Defective main relief valve. The relief valve needs to be replaced.

The control valve for hydraulics is damaged. Repair or replace the valve. Hydraulic cylinder damaged. Repair or replace the hydraulic cylinder.

Lack of hydraulic oil. Make sure to refill your hydraulic fluid. Filter for dirty hydraulic fluid. Clean or replace the hydraulic filter. A heavy load on The hitch. Reduce loading.

Massey Ferguson 275 Electrical Troubleshooting

The battery cannot be charged

Connectors to wires that Are damaged or loose. Repair or tighten connections. Defective electrical terminal connectors.

Replace the terminal connectors. The battery is damaged. Install The battery. A belt that is loose or worn. The belt must be changed or adjusted.

The Starter motor cranks slow

The battery’s power is Depleted. The battery is exhausted so recharge it. The battery will not be able To retain a charge.

Repair the charging system or install new batteries. Broken wires or damaged battery terminals. Connect the wires correctly, or replace terminals.

The starter motor won’t turn

The battery is depleted or defective. Charge or replace the battery. Wire harness may be disconnected or is not connected properly.

Verify the wiring harness and connect it according to requirements. The power of the battery is not sufficient. Make sure to recharge the battery. Defective starter motor. Replace or repair the starter.

Massey Ferguson 275 FAQs

How much oil does a 275 Massey Ferguson hold?

Massey Ferguson 275 Engine Oil capacity: 8 qts 7.6 L

Where is the serial number on a Massey Ferguson 275?

Serial Number: Year Made: Plate Location:


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