Delicious Panda Express Catering Menu Prices2023

Panda Express Catering Menu Prices Panda Express Restaurant boasts the beloved and delicious Chinese symbol as its name, providing catering as well as individual deliveries for any special event or celebration.

Panda Express catering provides an economical and delectable meal that will delight guests of any special event, be it weddings, office meetings, birthday celebrations or more.

Restaurant has earned rave reviews for its creative dishes, custom catering packages and accessibility.

Food trucks offer an assortment of items and the freedom to combine them as desired – garnering them immense popular approval across the board.

Now is your opportunity to experience all they offer – menu, prices and delectable dishes alike! Don’t miss this great chance.

panda express catering menu prices

Combine familiar American fast food with exotic flavors for the ideal catering idea at any event: Panda Express catering is sure to satisfy.

Restaurant offers 5 catering menus that allow clients to customize and select their ideal dishes from.

Popular entree options include Orange Chicken, Broccoli Beef and of course Kung Pao chicken.

Be sure to add appetizers and salads for an amazing dining experience – these items are included as part of your menu’s price!

Chinese fast food offers another delightful surprise by including fortune cookies on its larger menus – enjoy divining your future while replenishing energy levels with this delectable treat!

Panda Express History

The restaurant started as a family business when Ming-Tsai Cherng and his son, Andrew, two Chinese immigrants decided to transform the delicious Chinese cuisine into an American, fast food version of it.

The restaurant was initially named “Panda Inn” and as it got more and more popular, it started to expand to new locations in southern California.

This happened in 1983, and from then, the small, Chinese restaurant became the fast food giant known today as “Panda Express Catering”.

The restaurant’s earnings are also helping the community, as Panda Express is known to pay its employees well and donate hundred million dollars to charity.

Panda Express Catering Menu Prices

panda express catering menu prices

Panda Express Party Trays Bundle (12-16 Person Expense) Sides Food

Sides Food Calories Serving Per Tray
Chow Mein 510 12-16 Persons
Fried Rice 520 12-16 Persons
White Steamed Rice 380 12-16 Persons
Super Greens 90 12-16 Persons
Brown Steamed Rice 420 12-16 Persons


Beyond Original Orange Chicken 440 12-16 Persons
The Original Orange Chicken 490 12-16 Persons
Black Pepper Angus Steak 180 12-16 Persons
Honey Walnut Shrimp 360 12-16 Persons
Grilled Teriyaki Chicken 300 12-16 Persons
Broccoli Beef 150 12-16 Persons
Kung Pao Chicken 290 12-16 Persons
Beijing Beef 150 12-16 Persons
Mushroom Chicken 220 12-16 Persons
SweetFire Chicken Breast 380 12-16 Persons
String Bean Chicken Breast 190 12-16 Persons
Black Pepper Chicken 280 12-16 Persons
Super Greens 45 12-16 Persons

Buy 2 side dishes and two entrees for just $108 to feed up to 16 persons; additionally, this bundle comes with popular fortune cookies!

Choose three premium entrees and each will increase by $15 when added to the menu.

At Panda Express Catering, they’ve long offered vegetarian versions of classic Panda Express Catering dishes like Black Pepper Angus Steak and Honey Walnut Shrimps; now comes this plant-based alternative! It is called Beyond Original Orange Chicken.

Though more expensive, these creative choices add an unexpected flair to a dish tray.

18-22 Person Party Bundle Cost

At $194 per guest, depending on their location, you can provide four nutritious side dishes and entrees that will delight them at their meal.

Attributes that distinguish this menu: its variety of dishes brought for consumption at any party.

An assortment of eight options ensures all guests at any event will find something suitable; even the pickiest individual at your gathering should find something they enjoy!

Panda Express Catering  Side Menu Prices

Panda Express Party Size Side Menu

Sides Food  Calorie Price Serving Per Tray
Chow Mein 510  $16 10-12
Fried Rice 520  $16  10-12
White Steamed Rice 380 $16   10-12
Super Greens 90 $16 10-12
Brown Steamed Rice 420 $16 10-12

Party Size Side Menu Tray offers 10-12 servings on each tray and allows you to select 5 delicious side dishes from their assortment.

Combine it with our Party Size Entree or enjoy it alone – one great feature being you can divide the tray in two and combine 2 food items on either end!

This will certainly come in handy for guests with differing tastes or opinions, or if everyone shares one particular food item they enjoy eating together – simply order enough plates of it all for everyone at the table!

Chow Mein is often considered the go-to item in this category; however, all options worth sampling.

Panda Express Catering Menu Party Size Entrees

Entrees Calorie Price Serving Per Tray
Beyond Original Orange Chicken 440 $56 12-14
The Original Orange Chicken 490  $41 12-14
Black Pepper Angus Steak 180 $56 12-14
Honey Walnut Shrimp 360 $56 12-14
Grilled Teriyaki Chicken 300 $41 12-14
Broccoli Beef 150 $41 12-14
Kung Pao Chicken 290 $41 12-14
Honey Sesame Chicken Breast 490 $41 12-14
Beijing Beef 150 $41 12-14
Mushroom Chicken 220 $41 12-14
SweetFire Chicken Breast 380 $41 12-14
String Bean Chicken Breast 190 $41 12-14
Black Pepper Chicken 280 $41 12-14
Super Greens 45 $17 12-14

As with the original menu, The Party Size Entree offers 12-14 servings per tray but now with even more variety!

There are 14 available entrees, such as shrimp, chicken, Angus steak and beef; as well as vegan options like eggplant tofu and super greens.

As there’s only room for one dish on your menu, take care to select and order carefully before placing your order.

Panda Express catering stands out because all their dishes include nutritional information as well as spicy notes for identification.

Dieters looking for ways to stay within a strict caloric restriction should focus on food items labeled “work smart,” as these have at least 8g of protein per 100cals consumed and less than 300 total caloric intake.

Beverages Menu

panda express catering menu prices

Drinks Service Size Prices
Dasani 16oz $2.50
Coca Cola 20oz $2.70
Diet Coke 16oz $2.70
Honest Tea Half Tea Half Lemonade 20oz $3.00
Seagram’s Ginger Ale 20oz $2.70
Sanzo Lychee 12oz $3.00
Honest Kids Apple Juice 12oz $1.20

Panda Express Party Trays Catering Reviews

Panda Express Catering has various deals of panda party trays at its disposal to make mealtime with your gathering enjoyable and delectable.

Express catering provides three primary combinations of party trays designed for large gatherings or meetings, each catering to between 12-16 people in total. They consist of two party tray sides, two party tray entrees and fortune cookies – creating the ultimate party package!

The second event is designed for 18 to 22 guests and includes three party tray sides along with three party tray entrees and fortune cookies.

This combination is tailored for 26-30 guests and features four-party tray sides, four-party tray entrees and fortune cookies.

Two-party trays can cost an estimated $99. Three-party trays could run you an estimated of around $139 while four-party trays may reach up to a total cost of approximately $179.

Panda Express makes dining even more delightful by providing promotional codes, gift cards and discounted meal deals – you just need to sign up to their special offers in order to take advantage of these savings.

Take advantage of their promo codes to take full advantage of all that Panda Express has to offer; making ordering easy through signup!

Services of Panda Express Catering

Working at Panda Express requires many skills; from teamwork and communication to quickly fulfilling orders for many clients – to keeping up excellent service is no simple task!

Catering orders at this restaurant include all necessary chopsticks, plates and other utensils to fulfill them properly.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Panda Express Catering services from customer perspective.

What We Like Most

Restaurant catering includes plates, chopsticks and special gifts such as fortune cookies for all guests attending your event – meaning all aspects are taken care of, leaving nothing for you to worry about in terms of logistics or supplies.

  • This site provides all the information one could possibly require, from nutritional values and allergens, as well as vegan/spicy options, in order to meet all preferences without risking allergic reactions at events.
  • Though only five dishes are offered, their list seems endless! You can add beverages and desserts as desired to customize your order to meet event-specific specifications.
  • Chinese kitchen adds an exotic, creative spin to American fast food with fortune cookies, authentic sauces and flavors for special events! Enjoyed worldwide.
  • Splitting more of them in half may be the perfect solution when selecting your side dishes! Our menus boast affordable prices while still providing plenty of delicious food options!

How to Order Panda Express Catering?

Panda Express provides delicious Chinese and American fare at unbeatably competitive prices, all available for online ordering or pickup and enjoyment.

Ordering at Express Panda should consist of three steps – online order, pickup, and enjoyment. Here are a few key actions:

  • Some entrees such as Shanghai Angus steak and honey walnut shrimp require additional costs; so when choosing what suits your budget best, keep this in mind.
  • Before beginning the ordering process, it’s necessary to create an account using Google+, Facebook or email as means.
  • Find what suits you from appetizers or salads.
  • Select your ideal entree!
  • Don’t forget to carefully follow all instructions provided with each dish!
  • Make sure that you know whether a Full or 1/2 Tray would best meet your needs.
  • Select Noodle, Sides and Rice dishes as accompaniments for your mealtime experience.
  • Check if you require drinks before selecting your service option, which will then prompt for pickup date/time/date /time as well as payment information – then finally be on your way!

Panda Express Famous

  • Panda Express catering has made waves as pioneers of fast food Chinese dishes.
  • Born out of a family business, this restaurant has transformed to meet today’s market by crafting delectable entrees and appetizers while using more fresh, healthier ingredients than competitors in its industry.
  • Orange Chicken stands out as their signature dish; both delicious and addictive – making a major hit across America!
  • Due to its orange-flavored sauce and chili spice combination, this entree stands out among Chinese fast food options as one of the finest choices available today.
  • Their Chow Mein Menu comes highly praised as well, boasting perfectly cooked noodles that don’t feel dry nor slimy.

Benefits of Panda Express Catering

At times when planning family or office gatherings, catering to large numbers can become challenging.

Panda Express Catering stands out among other caterers by outshouting the usual American taste with quality that exceeds it.

Express Catering provides deliciously unique and flavorful cuisine on large platters, complete with starters and desserts to enhance the overall dining experience. A feast awaits! Make Express Catering part of your gathering plan today to experience it for yourself.

Panda Express Catering Services also take great pride in managing every last detail for their clients, relieving any stress in managing them themselves.

Panda Express Catering takes pride in taking great care to prepare delectable cuisine that exceeds any expectation, while their services also include offering Fortune cookies as part of the experience.


Panda Express’s catering menu provides an exquisite array of Chinese-American cuisine that will take any event to new heights. Panda Express catering will delight guests at your corporate luncheon or family reunion with delicious flavors and exceptional service.

They have party trays, boxed meals, appetizers, and sides available so that your order can be tailored specifically to each of them – be it delicious flavors or impeccable service that they provide. For more details visit the


What is included in a Panda Express party tray?

A Panda Express party tray includes entrees, sides, and appetizers. Customers can choose their favorite items to include in their party trays.

How many people does a Panda Express party tray serve?

Panda Express party trays can serve 12-30 people, depending on the size of the party tray.

How much does a Panda Express party tray cost?

The cost of a Panda Express party tray varies depending on the number of people being served and the number of party trays ordered. For example, a two-party tray that serves 12-16 people is estimated to cost $99.00, while a three-party tray that serves 18-22 people is estimated to cost $139.00.

What are the options for Panda Express party tray entrees?

Panda Express offers a variety of entrees, including Orange Chicken, Beijing Beef, Kung Pao Chicken, and Honey Walnut Shrimp. Customers can choose their favorite entrees to include in their party trays.

What are the options for Panda Express party tray sides?

Panda Express offers sides such as Chow Mein, Fried Rice, and Super Greens. Customers can choose their favorite sides to include in their party trays.

What are the options for Panda Express party tray appetizers?

Panda Express offers appetizers such as Cream Cheese Rangoons, Chicken Egg Rolls, and Vegetable Spring Rolls. Customers can choose their favorite appetizers to include in their party trays.

What are the options for Panda Express party tray desserts?

Panda Express offers desserts such as Chocolate Chunk Cookies and Fortune Cookies. Customers can choose their favorite desserts to include in their party trays.

What are the options for Panda Express party tray drinks?

Panda Express offers drinks such as Coca Cola, Diet Coke, and Cherry Coke. Customers can choose their favorite drinks to include in their party trays.

Can I customize my Panda Express party tray?

Yes, customers can choose their favorite items to include in their party trays.

How do I place an order for Panda Express catering?

Customers can place an order for Panda Express catering online or by phone. The catering menu is available on the Panda Express website, and customers can choose the items they want to order and specify the date and time for pickup or delivery. Customers can also call their local Panda Express store to place their catering order.

How far in advance should I place my Panda Express catering order?

It is recommended to place your catering order at least 24 hours in advance.

Is delivery available for Panda Express catering orders?

Yes, delivery is available for Panda Express catering orders. Delivery fees may apply.

Are there any vegetarian options available for Panda Express catering?

Yes, Panda Express offers vegetarian options such as Super Greens and Vegetable Spring Rolls.