Panda Express Joliet Menu: Welcoming the Panda Express in Joliet, IL! Our menu is inspired by Asian cuisine in a relaxed and quick-paced environment.

No matter if you’re craving traditional favorites or are looking to experience something different, our menu includes various options to satisfy your hunger. Here are a few highlights from our menu:

  • The A La Carte options: Enjoy dishes such as Sizzling Shrimp Beyond The Original Orange Chicken, Black Pepper Angus Steak, and many more.
  • Stir-Fry Vegetables Code V1.
  • Chow Mein Chow Mein: Code M1.
  • Fried Rice: Code R1.
  • Steamed White Rice Code R2.
  • Brown Rice Code R3.
  • Brown Fried Rice: Code R4.

Be aware that prices and menu items can change at any time We recommend that you check with the restaurant for current menus and other information.

Stop by our Joliet branch to enjoy the wonderful flavors of Panda Express. We are looking eagerly to serve you!

panda express joliet menu

Panda Express Joliet Menu

Items Price

Best Sellers

Plate $11.90
Chicken egg roll $13.75


Bowl $10.00


Plate $11.90

Bigger Plate

Bigger Plate $13.75

Family Meal

Family Meal $43.75

Panda Cub Meal

Orange chicken panda cub meal $7.90
Broccoli beer panda cub meal $7.90
Grilled teriyaki chicken panda $7.90

A la Carte

The original orange chicken $6.75
Honey walnut shrimp $8.00
Broccoli beer $6.75
Honey sesame chicken breast $6.75
Mushroom chicken breast $6.75
String bean chicken breast $6.75
Fried rice $5.75
Black pepper Angus steak $8.00
Grilled teriyaki chicken $6.75
Kung pao chicken $6.75
Beijing beef $6.75
Chow mein $5.75
White steamed rice $5.75
Sizzling shrimp $8.00
Eggplant tofu $6.75
Super greens $5.75
Brown steamed rice $5.75
Quinoa brown fried rice $5.75

Appetizers and more

Chicken egg roll $2.50
Hot & Sour soup $2.50
Veggie spring roll $2.50


Dr pepper $3.00
Diet coke $3.00
Mango guava tea $4.15
Peach lychee refresher $4.15
Fanta orange $3.00
Sprite $3.00
Fanta strawberry $3.00
Powerade berry blast $3.50
coca cola $3.15
Coke Zero $3.15
Sprite Mexico $3.90
Coca cola $3.00
Pomegranate pineapple lemon $4.15
Watermelon mango refresher $4.15
Barq’s root beer $3.00
Minute maid Lemanade $3.00
Coca cola cherry $3.00
Dasani $3.00
Minute maid apple juice $3.00
Coke mexico $3.90
Fanta orange maxico $3.90
Sanzo lychee sparkling water $3.50


Party size side $21.00
12-16 person party bundle $140.00
26-30 person party bundle $251.00
Party size entree $21.00
18-22 person party bundle $198.00

Panda Express Delivery

Panda Express offers delivery services to deliver tasty American Chinese cuisine right to your door. With several delivery platforms to choose from it is easy to make a purchase from Panda Express and enjoy their menu from your home. Here are a few popular delivery options available to Panda Express:

  1. Postmates: Postmates provides Panda Express delivery to Houston, Texas. You can make an online order through their website and get your preferred Panda Express dishes delivered to your doorstep in a matter of just a few minutes.
  2. Panda Express Website: Panda Express has its own website on which you can make a pre-order to pick up or deliver. Select your desired address and browse through their menu to place an order.
  3. DoorDash: DoorDash offers delivery from Panda Express in Pearland, Texas. You can place an order online or track orders in real-time without a delivery charge for the first time you purchase.
  4. Grubhub: Grubhub also offers deliveries for Panda Express in Houston. You can browse their offers and menus on their website and help local restaurants.

It’s important to keep in mind that delivery options may be different according to the location you live in. It’s recommended that you check with Panda Express in your area Panda Express or the delivery platforms above to get accurate details on the delivery options available within your area.

Panda Express is continuing to expand its services, having locations across 34 states, including the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and even Japan.

If you’re craving their signature Orange Chicken or exploring their unique limited-time menus, Panda Express is committed to providing fresh and tasty meals that satisfy your hunger.

Panda Restaurant

Panda Express is a fast-casual Chinese restaurant that has been serving fresh and quick Chinese food for more than 30 years.

The restaurant is renowned for its distinctive flavors and fresh ingredients, as well as dishes that include American Chinese cuisine favorites like Orange Chicken, Chow Mein as well as Fried Rice.

Panda Express is a subsidiary of the Panda Restaurant Group, which is the global top-rated restaurant when it comes to Asian dining experiences as well as the company that owns Panda Inn.

The company was established in the year 2000 by Chinese immigrants who were able to adapt Chinese cuisine to the American taste, and for many Americans, this has been their first exposure to Chinese food.

Panda Express has locations in more than 34 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and even Japan. Alongside its traditional food items on the menu, Panda Express has also added items made from plants to its menu catering to a wide selection of diets.

If you’re looking for an easy lunch or a delicious dinner, Panda Express offers a range of choices to satisfy your appetite.

Panda Express Menu Prices And Calories

Panda Express is a fast-casual Chinese restaurant serving American Chinese cuisine with bold flavor with fresh, quality ingredients. The restaurant is present in more than 1500 locations across the country and is renowned for its reasonable prices in comparison to the local family and local Chinese eateries.

Panda Express offers a variety of dishes, including Mandarin chicken, Beijing beef, and Kung Pao chicken, and it doesn’t include MSG in any meal. The restaurant offers a simplified menu because it is fast food and serves a wide variety of meals that are customized to suit your diet preferences.

Here are the most recent Panda Express menu prices and calories. Be aware that the prices and calories could differ based on the location. Panda Express menu prices:

  • Bowl 1 Entree and One Side. $5.90
  • Plate: 2 entrees plus 1 Side. $6.90
  • Bigger Plate: 3 Entrees + 1 Side, $8.40
  • Any 1 Side and 2 entrees: $7.80
  • Chow Mein (Half, Full): $7.80
  • Fried Rice (Half Whole): $7.80

Panda Express Food Calories in the Menu:

  • Orange Chicken is 260 calories
  • Honey Sesame Chicken Breast: 400 calories
  • Kung Pao Chicken: 290 calories
  • Beijing-Beef: 470 calories
  • Black Pepper Chicken: 6.3oz
  • Black Pepper Angus Steak: 5.1oz
  • Teriyaki Chicken 6oz
  • Honey Walnut Shrimp 350 calories
  • Cream Cheese Rangoon: 190 calories
  • Mixed Vegetables (Side): 80 calories
  • Eggplant Tofu: 340 calories

Panda Express provides a few different options for health-conscious children and kids However, few or no recipes are offered that cater to vegetarians, vegans, or gluten-intolerant guests.

People who are concerned about their health should opt for mushroom chicken, which contains 170 calories, 9 grams of fat, and 750mg of sodium.

Wok Smart is the Wok Smart symbol that appears on the menu warns diners of food items that contain 300 calories or less and a minimum of 8g of protein.


Panda Express in Joliet, IL provides Asian-inspired dishes in a casual and fast-paced setting. The menu has a range of options, including A La Carte dishes like Sizzling Shrimp, Beyond The Original Orange Chicken, Black Pepper Angus Steak, and many more.

The restaurant also provides menu codes that allow employees to quickly and easily determine menu items while taking orders, including V1 for stir-fried vegetables, M1 to indicate Chow Mein as well as an R1 code for Fried Rice.

It is important to remember that prices and menu items can change at any time therefore customers must consult with the restaurant to verify current menus and other information.

In the end, Panda Express in Joliet provides a cost-effective and convenient choice for those seeking an easy and tasty meal.

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Panda Express Joliet Menu FAQ

What are the menu codes for Stir-Fry Vegetables?

The menu code for Stir-Fry Vegetables is V1.

What is the menu code for Chow Mein?

The menu code for Chow Mein is M1.

What is the menu code for Fried Rice?

The menu code for Fried Rice is R1.

What is the menu code for Steamed White Rice?

The menu code for Steamed White Rice is R2.

What is the menu code for Brown Rice?

The menu code for Brown Rice is R3.

What are some popular A La Carte options on the Panda Express Joliet menu?

Some popular A La Carte options include Sizzling Shrimp, Beyond The Original Orange Chicken, and Black Pepper Angus Steak.

Are the menu items and prices subject to change?

Yes, menu items and prices are subject to change. It’s best to check with the restaurant for accurate menus and information.

Can I find the menu codes for Panda Express Joliet on Reddit?

Yes, you can find some menu codes for Panda Express on Reddit.

Is there a menu code for Steamed White Rice?

Yes, the menu code for Steamed White Rice is R2.

Are there flashcards available for Panda Express menu codes?

Yes, you can find flashcards with Panda Express menu codes on Quizlet.

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