Panda Express is a fast-casual Chinese restaurant chain that serves American Chinese food fresh from the wok. They are well-known for their famous Orange Chicken and other bold food items.

Panda Express has a location in the Universal Studios Citywalk in Orlando, Florida, where customers are able to enjoy American Chinese cuisine.

In addition, there are two additional Panda Express locations in Orlando One is located on Millenia Boulevard and the other is located on S Kirkman Road.

Customers can purchase Panda Express for pickup or delivery via their site or Grubhub. On March 20, 2020, Panda Express announced new promises to their customers to continue their elevation of menus which included new ingredient additions and a reduction in sodium.

panda express orlando menu

Panda Express Orlando Menu

Items Price


Bowl $9.40


Plate $11.25

Bigger Plate

Bigger Plate $13.15

Family Meal

Family Meal $40.00

Cub Meal

Orange Chicken Cub Meal $7.75
Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Cub Meal $7.75
Broccoli Beef Cub Meal $7.75

A la carte

Beyond The Original Orange Chicken
The Original Orange Chicken
Black Pepper Angus Steak
Chili Crisp Shrimp
Honey Walnut Shrimp
Grilled Teriyaki Chicken
Broccoli Beef
Kung Pao Chicken
Honey Sesame Chicken Breast
Beijing Beef
Mushroom Chicken
SweetFire Chicken Breast
String Bean Chicken Breast
Black Pepper Chicken
Eggplant Tofu
Sweet and Sour Chicken Breast
Potato Chicken
Steamed Ginger Fish
Super Greens
Chow Mein
Fried Rice
White Steamed Rice
Brown Steamed Rice
Quinoa Brown Fried Rice
Chow Fun
Firecracker Shrimp
Crispy Almond Chicken Breast
Wok Seared Steak & Shrimp
Firecracker Chicken Breast  
Almond Diced Chicken


Chicken Egg Roll
Veggie Spring Roll
Chicken Potsticker
Cream Cheese Rangoon
Hot & Sour Soup


Dr Pepper
Coca Cola
Diet Coke
Coca Cola Zero Sugar
Barq’s Root Beer
Fanta Orange
Minute Maid Lemonade
Powerade Mountain Berry Blast
Coca Cola Cherry
Fanta Strawberry
Fuze Raspberry Iced Tea
Mello Yello
Black Tea
Lemon Green Tea
Passion Mango Black Tea
Sweet Tea
Powerade Fruit Punch
Powerade Berry Blast
Minute Maid Apple Juice
Honest Half Tea Half Lemonade
Coca Cola
Vitamin Water XXX
Coke Mexico
Seagrams Ginger Ale
Coke Zero
Minute Maid Orange
Honest Peach Tea
Monster Energy
Mello Yello
Fanta Orange Mexico
Sprite Mexico
Diet Coke
Diet Coke
Diet Pepsi
Mountain Dew
Mug Root Beer
Lipton Brisk Raspberry Iced Tea
Sierra Mist
Sobe Yumberry Pomegranate
Tropicana Lemonade
Tropicana Pink Lemonade
Gatorade Lemon Lime
Manzanita Sol
Sobe Green Tea
Sobe Yumberry Pomegranate
Bai Coco Fusion
Sanzo Lychee Sparkling Water
Sanzo Mango Sparkling Water


Party Size Side $20.00
Party Size Entree

Panda Express Citywalk Menu

Panda Express at Universal Studios Citywalk in Orlando offers a selection of freshly prepared Chinese dishes like Orange Chicken, Beijing Beef as well as Honey Walnut Shrimp, along with noodles, rice, and other vegetables.

There is also an outdoor dining area located at CityWalk Hollywood. Apart from these locations, there’s the additional Panda Express in Orlando on the 6000 Universal Boulevard.

Customers can purchase through their Panda Express Citywalk menu to pick up or deliver on the website of their company or Grubhub.

The month of March 2020 saw Panda Express announce new promises to the brand to keep their elevation of menus with new ingredients, as well as sodium reduction and a reduction in sodium.

Panda Express Customer Service

  • Panda Express Customer Service: 1 (800) 877-8988
  • Email[email protected]
  • Website:
  • Panda Express Restaurant (1): 1551 Grand Ave, Billings, MT 59101.
    Phone Number: +14062568899
  • Panda Express Restaurant (2): 1633 Main St, Billings, MT 59105.
    Phone Number: +14062486699


Panda Express offers a wide assortment of freshly cooked Chinese dishes at its various outlets in Orlando which include Universal Studios Citywalk, Millenia Boulevard as well as S Kirkman Road.

The menu includes special dishes like Orange Chicken, Beijing Beef as well as Honey Walnut Shrimp, along with noodles, rice, and other vegetables.

Furthermore, Panda Express has announced new brand commitments that will keep their menus elevated and introduce new ingredients and a decrease in sodium.

No matter if you’re a lover of their signature menu items or are looking to explore something different, Panda Express has something for every person.

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Panda Express Orlando Menu FAQ

What is Panda Express?

Panda Express is a fast-casual Chinese restaurant chain that prepares American Chinese food fresh from the wok.

Where is Panda Express located in Orlando?

Panda Express has three locations in Orlando: Universal Studios Citywalk, Millenia Boulevard, and S Kirkman Road.

What are the signature dishes at Panda Express?

Some of the signature dishes at Panda Express include Orange Chicken, Beijing Beef, and Honey Walnut Shrimp.

Can I order from Panda Express for delivery?

Yes, customers can order from Panda Express for pickup or delivery through their website or Grubhub.

What are the prices like at Panda Express?

Prices at Panda Express vary depending on the location and the items ordered. Customers can check the menu and prices on the Panda Express website or at the restaurant.

Does Panda Express offer vegetarian options?

Yes, Panda Express offers vegetarian options such as Eggplant Tofu, Vegetable Spring Rolls, and Chow Mein.

Are there any gluten-free options at Panda Express?

Yes, Panda Express offers gluten-free options such as Steamed Rice, Mixed Veggies, and Grilled Teriyaki Chicken.

Does Panda Express have any low-sodium options?

Yes, Panda Express has committed to reducing sodium in their menu items. Customers can check the nutrition information on the Panda Express website or at the restaurant.

Does Panda Express have any promotions or discounts?

Panda Express occasionally offers promotions and discounts. Customers can check the Panda Express website or social media pages for current offers.

Can I customize my order at Panda Express?

Yes, customers can customize their orders at Panda Express by requesting specific ingredients or sauces.

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