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Publix is a large chain of grocery stores in the United States. Its full name is Publix Super Markets, Inc. One of the most interesting things about Publix is that it is employee-owned. This means that its workers have an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). This lets workers have an interest in the company since each worker owns a share of the company. Publix is said to be the largest employee-owned company in the world. But on this Publix Near Me page, you can find out more about Publix and find Publix supermarkets near you. You can also find out when these supermarkets are open and get coupons to get better deals.

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George Jenkins opened the first Publix store in Florida in 1930. Five years later, during the Great Depression, he opened his second store, which was also successful. In 1940, he opened the first supermarket in Florida. It had many things that other stores didn’t have at the time, like automatic electric-eye doors, flower and donut shops inside the store, cold cases for cold and frozen foods, air conditioning, and piped-in music.

George Jenkins couldn’t build more grocery stores because of World War II and a lack of building materials. But right after the war was over, he bought a chain of grocery stores and changed their name to Publix Super Markets. Since then, the Publix company has grown more, and in 1991, the first Publix grocery store in a state other than Florida opened (Savannah, Georgia). Later, Publix kept growing by moving into more states in the Mid-Atlantic and South. Even though this chain is always on the list of the top 100 retailers in the U.S., it is only available in a few states, not all of them.

Every Publix has the following departments: seafood, meat, flowers, produce, bakery, deli, and grocery. In each of these departments, you can buy certain things and get services. Some Publix stores also have things like a liquor store, a pharmacy, a sushi bar, a café, and valet parking.

Many people shop at Publix because of a service called “special order.” With this service, customers can order rare or hard-to-find items that aren’t sold in this supermarket chain otherwise. Most of the time, these goods include organic vegetables and fruits, vegan products, products that are good for people with allergies, etc. A special order like this can be made at the Publix customer service desk, which is in every grocery store. The customer service counters at Publix also offer other services, such as selling lottery tickets, transferring money (through Western Union), cashing checks, renting DVDs, etc.

Publix is known for giving customers prescriptions for free drugs, but only for two weeks and only for certain drugs on a list provided by the company. Publix also owns a chain of ATMs called “Presto!” There are more than 1,100 “Presto!” ATMs in 7 U.S. states and all of them are in Publix grocery stores. At the moment, more than 193,000 people work for the company. Publix is owned by all of its current and past employees.

Publix Location Near Me

Even though Publix is often called one of the biggest stores in the U.S., it doesn’t have stores all over the country. There are currently 1,154 Publix supermarkets in 7 states in the United States. These states are Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Alabama. At first, the main office for Publix was in Winter Haven, Florida. But later, the headquarters moved to Lakeland, Florida, and it has stayed there until now.

In this section of our Publix Near Me page, you can look at a map that shows where all the Publix stores are. Just let Google know where you are for convenience’s sake, and the closest Publix supermarkets will show up right away. If you want to keep your privacy, it will take a little more time, but you can zoom in and out and find the closest supermarket on your own. In fact, here is the map:


Publix Opening Hours

The fact that Publix stores are open at convenient times is just one more way to show how convenient they are. There are no different work hours at different Publix supermarkets because each one follows the same set schedule. Also, work hours are the same every day of the week, whether it’s the weekend or the middle of the week. So, here are the hours that people work at Publix stores:

  • From 7:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. every day.

Publix Coupons, Promo Codes & Deals

The Publix chain of grocery stores is a great place to shop. So if discounts don’t make it better, what else could? When it comes to coupons and deals from Publix, the company’s website has two sections: one for in-store coupons and one for digital coupons.

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But you don’t have to only look for deals on the official Publix website to save some money. There are also websites that offer coupons on their own, update them often, and may have something special to offer. It’s also a good idea to spend some time every now and then looking at this page and those sites. So, here are some of the websites you can use: