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Sabre 1438HS Specs, Weight, Price, Overview, Horsepower, Serial Numbers, Review, Attachments

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Sabre 1438HS

Sabre 1438HS Overview

Sabre 1438HS is a lawn tractor produced through Sabre (a component of John Deere) in Greeneville, Tennessee, USA from 1999 until 2001.

The Sabre 1438HS is fitted with the 0.5 Liter (28.4 cu*in) single-cylinder gasoline engine as well as a hydrostatic belt-driven transmission that has endless forward and reverse gears.

It was a Sabre 1438HS lawn mower that used the Briggs and the Stratton Intek engine. The engine produced 14.7 PS (10.8 kW; 14.5 HP)of output power.

It’s an 0.5 L 465cm 2., (28.4 cu*in) single-cylinder gasoline engine that is natural aspirated, with 87.7 millimeters (3.45 inches) of the bore of the cylinder and 0.25 mm (0 millimeters) of the stroke of the piston.

The Sabre 1438HS is fitted with a manual sector-and-pinion steering system disc brakes and an open-operating station and a 4.7 Liter (1.2 US gal.; 1 Imp. gal) fuel tank.

Sabre 1438HS Price

Original Price: USD $123.00

Sabre 1438HS Horsepower

Engine Horsepower: 14.5 HP [10.8 kW]

Sabre 1438HS Weight

Operating Weight: 386 lbs [175 kg]

Sabre 1438HS Fuel Tank Capacity

Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.2 US gal [4.7 liters]

Sabre 1438HS Serial Numbers

Location:- Decal with a serial number at the top of the deck of the rear fender just below the seat.

Year Made Serial Number
1999 GX1438B 010001
2000 GX1438B 020001
2001 GX1438B 120228

Sabre 1438HS Specs

Key Specs

Model Name Sabre 1438HS
Cabin type Open operator station
Length 1,520 mm (59.8 in)
Battery 12V, CCA 230A, Group BCI U1
Width 910 mm (35.8 in)
Fuel tank capacity 4.7 liters (1.2 US gal.; 1 Imp. gal)
Height 980 mm (38.6 in)
Weight 175 kg (386 lbs)
Wheelbase 1,130 mm (44.5 in)


Rear tires Lawn/turf: 20×8-8
Front tires Lawn/turf: 15×6.5-6


Engine Model Briggs & Stratton Intek
Starter Electric
Cylinders 1
Horsepower 14.7 PS (10.8 kW; 14.5 HP) at rpm
Engine type Four-stroke, air-cooled, inline
Bore and stroke 87.7 mm X mm (3.45 in X 0 in)
Fuel type Gasoline
Displacement 0.5 L, 465 cm2, (28.4 cu·in)


Engine Starter Volts 12 V
Number of Batteries 1
Starter Motor Electric
Battery Cold Cranking Amps 230
Electric Charging Amps 4 amps
Electric Ground Force Negative
Electric Charging System Unregulated

Chassis and Transmission

Transmission Model Tuff Torq K51
Speed Forward: 9.3 km (5.8 mph)
Reverse: 4.7 km (2.9 mph)
Transmission Type Belt-driven hydrostatic
Gears Infinite forward and reverse
Chassis 4×2 2WD
Brakes Disc
Steering Type Manual Sector-and-Pinion

Sabre 1438HS Review 

The Sabre 1438HS, manufactured by John Deere, is a lawn and garden tractor with a 14 horsepower Briggs & Stratton Intek engine under the hood. It comes equipped with a 38-inch cutting deck and features a five-speed manual transmission.

This particular model, the Sabre 1438HS, is widely favored among homeowners and small businesses for several reasons. Firstly, its affordability and user-friendly design make it an attractive choice. Moreover, it has built a reputation for its robust durability and dependable performance, making it a reliable option for lawn and garden tasks.

For a full review, please check this YouTube video.

Sabre 1438HS Attachments

Attachment Overview

  • Blade
  • 38″ Mid-Mount Mower Deck
  • Snowblower

46″ Blade

46 inches width [116 cm]

42″ Snowblower

42 Inches Width [106 cm]

38″ Mower Deck

Cut height 1 to 4 inches [2 to 10 cm]
Type mid-mount Sabre [2-blade with manual lift]
Weight 388 lbs [175 kg]
Cutting width 38 inches [96 cm]


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Sabre 1438HS – FAQ

Q. What engine does the Sabre 1438 have?

The Sabre 1438HS is powered by a 0.5 Liter (28.4 cu*in) gasoline single-cylinder engine with a belt-driven automated hydrostatic gearbox with unlimited backward and forward speeds.

Sabre 1438HS lawnmowers with Briggs and Stratton engines.


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