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Sarah Bush Patient Portal

About Sarah Bush Patient Portal

You can talk to your doctor’s office through the Serah Bush Patient Portal, get your prescriptions filled online, make appointments, and check the results of your tests.

We want you to look through the health library on our website to learn more about your health.

In our health library, there are animations, podcasts, risk assessments, films, health calculators, and other ways to learn about exams, procedures, treatments, illnesses, and medications

In the Serah Bush Patient Portal, you can find detailed instructions that will help you lose weight, keep your family healthy, and deal with your pregnancy and new baby.

You’ll like the healthy recipes and the food calculator, which can tell you how healthy a wide range of foods is.

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Patient Care

It can be hard to figure out how to take care of your health and the health of your family. Through this website, we hope to make things easier for you.

When looking for a doctor, you can look through our list of medical staff and make appointments. If you are going to have a baby soon, you can pre-register online by giving information before you go into labor.

At Sarah Bush Lincoln, we help people protect their health by offering ongoing Wellness Programs, health screenings, access to mental health services, a weight management program, physical medicine and rehabilitation services, and a wide range of diagnostic and treatment methods.

Check out the links above to learn more about some of the services.

Follow These Guide And Steps

1. Use the link below to go to the official login page for the Sarah Bush Patient Portal.

2. When you click on the link, it will open in a new tab so you can keep reading the guide and follow the steps. https://www.sarahbush.org/patient-portal/

Sarah Bush Patient Portal

3. Click “Enter” and then just sign in with your login information. You must have gotten these from the Sarah Bush Patient Portal, either when you signed up or when you were given permission to do so by Sarah Bush Patient Portal.

4. You should now see a message that says “you have successfully logged in.” You have now successfully signed in to the Sarah Bush Patient Portal.

4. If you can’t sign in to the Sarah Bush Patient Portal website, use our guide to fixing problems, which you can find here.

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Through our new secure online portal, you can:

• pay your bill
• request a medication refill
• request an appointment
• view your Lab and Diagnostic Imaging reports
• message your doctor’s office
• view your upcoming appointments
• access your health record

Password Reset

You can call Cerner Customer Care at 1-877-621-8014 if you need help resetting your password. A representative is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you reset your password.

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Request Your Medical Records

While you are at the Health Center, every part of your care is written down in a technical document.

A medical record is used for care coordination, quality assurance evaluation, reimbursable expenses, education, public health, accrediting certification, and licensure.

Care providers must keep records to show what services they gave. Even though the Health Center owns the physical medical record, the information in it belongs to you.

There are very specific rules about who can get your medical record with your permission. If you need your medical record, the Health Center asks that you:

In writing to the following address, you can print out this form and send it to the address below or fax it to 217-258-2144 to give Sarah Bush Lincoln permission to share your health information.

Medical Record Management
Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center
1000 Health Center Dr., P.O. Box 372
Mattoon, Illinois, 61938

8 am to 4:30 pm – Monday through Friday

Call 217-258-2536


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