Single-Axle Day Cab Tractor: When it comes to the world of heavy-duty transportation, the single-axle day cab tractor stands tall as a versatile workhorse. With its unique design and practical functionality, it plays a pivotal role in various industries, from logistics and construction to agriculture and beyond.

In this article, we’ll delve into the features, advantages, and applications of the single-axle day cab tractor, shedding light on why it has become an indispensable asset on the road.

Single Axle Day Cab Tractor

What is Single Axle Day Cab Tractor?

Single axle cab tractor is a kind of truck that is specifically designed for use in short-haul transport. It’s distinguished by its compact size, featuring only one axle at the rear and a day cab layout.

In contrast to sleeper cabs that come with a sleeping space that is suited for drivers who travel long distances, day cabs focus on cargo capacity and maneuverability over the extended accommodations for drivers.

These tractors are generally employed to deliver local goods or regional transportation as well as short-haul transportation where drivers go home at the end of every day.

Single Axle Day Cab Tractor

One axle single day cab tractor is a kind of semi-trailer truck with one axle at the front, and a cab for the day is a tiny cabin that has only enough room enough for the person driving. A single-axle day cab tractor is generally used for transporting small loads over smooth roads.

Single Axle Day Cab Tractor Price

Sure, here is a table of the starting prices of some popular single axle day cab tractors in the United States:

Single Axle Day Cab Tractor


Brand Model Starting Price
Freightliner Cascadia 106SD $89,995
Kenworth T680E Day Cab $91,995
International LT Series Day Cab $88,995
Peterbilt 579 Day Cab $95,995

It is important to note that these are just the starting prices. The final cost of one axle day cab tractor will be different based on the particular options and features you select. For instance, a model equipped with a larger engine or with a more lavish cab will be costly.

There are a few other variables that can impact the cost of one axle day cab tractor:

  • Engines: What type of engine and dimension of the engine can significantly impact the cost of the tractor? A tractor that has a more powerful engine will cost more.
  • Transmission Type of Transmission also influences the cost of the tractor. A more modern transmission with more gears will be expensive.
  • Cabs: The type and dimensions of the cab will influence the cost of the tractor. A more extravagant cab with many features will be more expensive.
  • Optional Features: There are many additional features that can be added to an all-day cab with a single-axle tractor, including an auxiliary sleeper cab and a lift axle, and snow plowing. These features will increase the cost of the machine.

It is essential to look at prices from various dealerships before purchasing one axle day cab tractor. Be prepared to negotiate prices.

Single Axle Day Cab Tractor Weight

The weight of an individual axle day-cab tractor can differ based on the model, make, and other options, however, it usually weighs between 17,000 to 22,000 pounds. The tractor’s weight is also affected by the amount of weight that the transmission, engine cab, as well as any other accessories mounted.

Here are some instances of the weights of well-known single-axle day cabs:

  • Freightliner Cascadia 106SD: 17,500 pounds
  • Kenworth T680E Day Cab: 18,000 pounds
  • International LT Series Day Cab: 17,800 pounds
  • Peterbilt 579 Day Cab: 18,500 pounds

It is vital to understand how much weight the single-axle day cab tractor does not equal its gross vehicle weight ratings (GVWR).

It is important to note that the GVWR is the amount of weight the tractor is able to safely handle, including the load, the tractor’s weight along with the trailer, as well as the load. The GVWR of one axle day cab tractor is usually about 65,000 pounds.

It is crucial to determine the GVWR and weight of one axle day cab tractor prior to purchasing it in order to be sure it can handle the load you require to move. It is also important to consider your driver’s weight, passengers, and the cargo you’ll be transporting when formulating the weight of the vehicle.

Single Axle Day Cab Tractor Specs

Sure, here is a table of the specifications of some popular single-axle day cab tractors:

Brand Model Engine Transmission Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)
Freightliner Cascadia 106SD Detroit DD15 15L 6-cylinder inline engine Eaton UltraShift Plus 13-speed automated manual transmission 65,000 pounds
Kenworth T680E Day Cab Cummins X15 15L 6-cylinder inline engine Eaton Endurant 13-speed automated manual transmission 65,000 pounds
International LT Series Day Cab Cummins ISX15 15L 6-cylinder inline engine Eaton Fuller UltraShift Plus 13-speed automated manual transmission 65,000 pounds
Peterbilt 579 Day Cab Paccar MX-13 13L 6-cylinder inline engine ZF Traxon 12-speed automated manual transmission 65,000 pounds

It is important to note that these are merely guidelines and the specifications of a single axle day cab tractor could differ based on the specific features and features you pick.

Here are some additional specs that you should be aware of when choosing the single axle day cab tractor:

  • Cabs: The size and arrangement of the cab may influence the comfort and performance that the driver enjoys.
  • Engine Size and strength of the engine may influence the efficiency that the tractor.
  • Transmission The type and quantity of gears within the transmission may influence the efficiency of fuel and the performance of the tractor.
  • Axles The number and type of axles may impact the weight capacity and the handling of the tractor.
  • Brakes Type and the size of your brakes could impact the stopping distance as well as the safety of the tractor.
  • Suspension Its size and design could influence the ride quality and handling of the tractor.

Single Axle Day Cab Trucks For Sale Near Me

I’m not sure where you’re in the world, but I’m able to help you locate single-axle day cabs available for sale in your area. Below are some websites you can visit to search for trucks available for auction:

Commercial Truck Trader: This website has a huge selection of trucks for auction that include single-axle day cabs. You can search for trucks by location and make, model, and price.

The TruckPaper The website can be a great resource for finding trucks available for auction. It allows you to search by location make, model, and price. website isn’t specifically designed for trucks, however, there is a separate section dedicated to commercial vehicles. You can search for a location or make, model, and price.

When you’ve identified several trucks you like then you can reach out to the seller to set up an appointment for a test drive and to know more about the truck. It is essential to conduct your research and look at prices before purchasing an automobile.

Here are some more tips to consider buying one axle day cab truck:

  • You should be pre-approved for a credit card before you begin shopping. This will provide you with an estimate of what you’ll be able to pay.
  • Do your homework. There are numerous different types of vehicles available, therefore it’s important to choose the right one for you.
  • Have a thorough inspection of your truck. This will help you determine any possible issues with the vehicle.
  • Discuss the price. The price you ask for isn’t ever the only price. Be ready to bargain to the vendor.

Single Axle Day Cab Trucks For Sale In California

Here are a few single-axle day cabs to be sold in California:

  • 2022 Freightliner Cascadia 126 Day Cab equipped with the Detroit DD15 engine, Eaton UltraShift Plus 13-speed automatic manual transmission with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) that is 65,000 pounds. It’s listed at $119,900.
  • 2021 Kenworth T680E Day Cab equipped with a Cummins X15 engine, Eaton Endurant 13-speed manual automated transmission, and weight of 65,000 pounds. The price is $124,900.
  • 2020 International Day Cab Single Axle equipped with a Cummins ISX15 engine, Eaton Fuller UltraShift Plus 13-speed automatic manually-operated transmission, and weight at 65,000 lbs. The price is $119,900.

Features And Specifications

Single axle day cabs are equipped with a wide range of specifications and features that improve their efficiency and effectiveness. They include:

  • Engine Options Single axle day cab tractor models can be purchased with a variety of options for engines, which include gasoline, diesel, and other fuel choices. The selection of the engine is based on factors like energy demands, fuel efficiency, and environmental aspects.
  • Different types of transmissions are available: Tractors may be fitted with either automatic or manual transmissions, based on the driver’s preference and operational needs. Automatic transmissions are easy to use and more fluid shifting and manual transmissions give more control and could be preferred by experienced drivers.
  • Suspension Systems The suspension system of a single-axle day cab tractor plays an essential role in ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride. The air suspension system is often utilized since they offer more stability and shock absorption and result in increased passenger comfort and protection for cargo.
  • Safety Features Single axle day cab tractors are fitted with a variety of security features to guarantee the safety of both cargo and driver. These could include sophisticated stability control, braking systems, lane departure warning as well as collision prevention systems.

Maintenance And Care

For optimal performance and durability, regular maintenance and care are essential for single-axle day cab tractors. This includes routine inspections, fluid checks, and adherence to manufacturer-recommended service intervals.

Operators and drivers must keep track of maintenance of the tires including brake inspections, tire maintenance, and electrical system inspections. Regular washing and cleaning of the outside, as well as the interior, is essential to ensure its appearance and performance.

Single Axle Day Cab Tractor Attachment.

A variety of single-axle day cab tractors can be mounted to various trailers and equipment. Some of the most commonly used attachments are:

  • Trailer A common accessory to one axle day cab tractor is the trailer. Trailers are utilized to transport a range of products, such as drinks, food, and even textiles.
  • Snow plowing: Snow plows can be used to get rid of snow from driveways and roads. They can be mounted onto the back of an all-day cab with a single-axle tractor to allow it to drive through snowy conditions.
  • A dump bed can be utilized to move loose material like sand, concrete, and gravel. They can be affixed to the rear of one axle day cab tractor to make it simpler to unload and load materials.
  • Lowboy The Lowboy is used to transport heavy equipment like construction vehicles, as well as agricultural machinery. They can be connected to the rear of one axle day cab tractor in order to aid in loading as well as unloading machinery.
  • Flatbeds: Flatbeds are used for transporting a range of items that are not easily loaded or removed from the trailer. They can be connected to the rear of a cab with a single-axle tractor, making it simpler to unload and load goods.

Single Axle Day Cab Tractor Review

Single axle day cab tractors are commonly preferred for local and regional trucking jobs. They are smaller and easier to maneuver compared to tandem axle day cab tractors, which makes them well-suited for navigating narrow spaces and city streets.

Additionally, single axle day cab tractors are usually more budget-friendly and demand less maintenance compared to their tandem axle counterparts.

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The single-axle day cab tractor has proved to be a game-changer in the field of transportation. Its small size, mobility, and effectiveness make it a great resource for businesses in a variety of sectors.

As we look towards a more sustainable, technologically advanced time These multi-purpose vehicles will have a major role to play in the way that goods are moved.

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Single Axle Day Cab Tractor FAQs

What is a Single Axle Day Cab Tractor?

A Single Axle Day Cab Tractor is a specialized truck designed for short to medium-haul trips. It features a single set of wheels at the rear, providing increased maneuverability and efficiency.

How does a Single Axle configuration benefit transportation?

The Single Axle configuration enhances maneuverability, making it easier to navigate through tight urban spaces and traffic, leading to improved accessibility and reduced operational challenges.

What industries commonly use Single Axle Day Cab Tractors?

These tractors are widely used in industries such as local delivery, retail distribution, construction, and manufacturing due to their agility and versatility.

Are Single Axle Day Cab Tractors fuel-efficient?

Yes, they are. Their lighter weight and efficient engine design contribute to better fuel economy compared to larger trucks, resulting in cost savings and reduced environmental impact.

How comfortable is the driver’s experience in a Single Axle Day Cab Tractor?

Manufacturers prioritize driver comfort, offering ergonomic designs for the cab interior, ensuring easy access to controls, and providing a comfortable driving experience even during long hours.

Can a Single Axle Day Cab Tractor handle heavy loads?

While they might not have the same load capacity as larger trucks, Single Axle Day Cab Tractors can still manage a substantial amount of cargo, making them suitable for various hauling needs.

Are these tractors suitable for long-haul journeys?

Single Axle Day Cab Tractors are primarily designed for short to medium-haul trips. However, advancements in technology are gradually extending their range, making them more versatile.

How does maintenance compare to larger trucks?

Maintenance for Single Axle Day Cab Tractors is generally simpler and potentially less expensive due to their streamlined design and fewer components.

What factors should businesses consider when choosing a Single Axle Day Cab Tractor?

Businesses should consider factors such as intended usage, load capacity, fuel efficiency, driver comfort features, and maintenance requirements when selecting these tractors.

What role does technology play in the future of Single Axle Day Cab Tractors?

Technology is shaping the future of these tractors, with advancements in electric and hybrid powertrains, as well as autonomous driving technology, enhancing their efficiency and sustainability.

How do Single Axle Day Cab Tractors contribute to sustainability?

Their fuel efficiency, reduced carbon emissions, and potential for hybrid or electric powertrains contribute to a more sustainable transportation solution.

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