Van Wraps Prices 2022

Commercial vehicle wraps do more than provide protection for the exterior of your vehicle. They can also function as advertising on wheels that can increase exposure for your business and generate more income.

However, is the expense of wrapping a commercial vehicle worth it?

We’ve put together this article to help you discover an answer to this query. Keep following the guide to find out the cost of commercial vehicle wraps cost as well as what to anticipate from the process of applying.

van wraps prices


The cost for a commercial wrap for a vehicle is between $3,000 and $5,000 (for complete wraps). Wraps that are partial can range from $1500, depending on the amount and which part of your vehicle plan to wrap.

The majority of companies cost per square foot, so you’ll get a fair cost for your car.

However, there are many things that could bring a few extra dollars to your commercial wrap. Be sure to take these steps to ensure you don’t end up being caught off guard with the possibility of “hidden” costs.

Full Car Wrap

With the full wrap for your vehicle, you’ll be able to really create a buzz and grab the attention of your clients and attention by having your own billboard which is visible 24/7 and 7 days a week.

A full-on car wrap can completely cover your vehicle in vinyl, which includes the doors, roof handles for doors, door handles as well as wheel trims.

This is an excellent option when you’re looking to stand out and make yourself stand out.

The cost includes vinyl wrap to the rear, sides bonnet, roof, and rear completely covered. There is no setup cost, but we do provide an option to charge a cost for artwork design (extra cost) for installation in our top facility.

Car Wrapping Example – Full Wrap

van wraps prices

Car Wrapping Prices – Full Wrap

Vehicle Pricing (from)
Small to mid Sedan $4,000.00 (ex GST)
Utility $5,000.00 (ex GST)
Van $5,000.00 (ex GST)

Half / Partial Car Wrap

The half-car vinyl wrap can be an economical option that will allow the brand to be up and output it in front of prospective customers.

As the name implies the term “half” or partial car wrap is only covering one-third of the vehicle typically the rear and sides.

This is a fantastic option, to begin with, car wrapping. it’s also an excellent option when you’re looking to test your design prior to committing to a full-on wrap.

Prices below are for partial coverage for vehicles including installation and supply at the Sealy Signs customer installation center.

Car Wrapping Prices – Half Wrap

van wraps prices

Vehicle Pricing (from)
Small to mid Sedan $2,700.00 (ex GST)
Utility $3,000.00 (ex GST)
Van $3,500.00 (ex GST)


What does the price of commercial vehicle wraps cost?

It’s difficult to determine an exact cost for this task. Discuss with a professional the particulars of your car and the style you’d like to have and any other specifications and ask for an estimate. 

This will provide you with an estimate of how much you will pay.

Are you unsure of where to find an honest firm?

We’ve got you covered! Do not delay to contact our team for any concerns or are looking to schedule an appointment to have your car serviced.

What’s the lowest price for a vehicle wrap?

The top wrap companies guarantee their wraps by making use of premium cast vinyl materials. The most well-known brands that offer high-quality vinyl wraps comprise 3M(TM) as well as Avery. 

The most suitable material in any wrap would be an uncoated vinyl wrap using a film with a hard laminate. 

Calendared vinyl is not suggested for wraps on vehicles never. Ads On Wheels, Inc. (r) utilizes the finest 3M(TM) wrapping material for vinyl. 

If you maintain and clean regularly on your wrapping, a high-quality vehicle wrap should last between 7 to 7 years.

Do your research. Do some research and you’ll discover print shops who claim they will get your wrap printed at a lower cost than the previous business you spoke to. 

If cost is your primary factor, then go for the lowest price possible. However, as you’ve already figured out you get what spend for. 

The end result is a much higher price to pay for this method. Poor quality wraps are more likely to fail within a three-month time frame from the date of installation.

Here are a few things you ought to be looking forward to considering when selecting the bidder with the lowest price for wrapping your project.

  • Wrap vinyl of low quality
  • The vinyl wrap product isn’t laminated
  • Material pealing
  • Cracking in material
  • Graphics not properly placed on the vehicle
  • With adhesives on the vehicle’s surface at the time of removal
  • The ink has bled across the paint on your vehicle
  • Seams and patches that are in places that are not supposed to be
  • Paint chips can be cut
  • Bubbling materials
  • Poor color quality
  • Poor image quality
  • Poor installation
  • Needing you to replace the wrap in three months


We hope the information that you will find on this site will assist you in making choices when it comes to purchasing a vehicle wrap as well as gaining a better understanding of the advertising possibilities of this medium. 

Ads On Wheels, Inc. (r) has been working for the past twenty years perfecting the method of marketing and believe that it is the most effective method that can be used to promote any company or corporate. 

We enjoy working with business owners across the nation to help them get the exposure and reach their business deserves. If you have any concerns or you’d like to inquire about pricing for your car wrap project contact us.

Van Wraps Prices FAQ

What is a full vehicle wrap?

A complete vehicle wrap protects the paint of your car from the top to the bottom. It’s stunning while protecting your vehicle!

How much does a full vehicle wrap cost?

It is dependent on the dimensions and specifications of your car. For example, a complete vehicle wrap for a smaller car is probably more affordable than a full wrap for a big truck. 

The prices we offer typically range from $1359.00 to $2495.00. We have different prices for commercial vehicles, such as sprinters, trailers, or cube vans. 

To receive a free estimate on a wrap for your vehicle get in touch with us today!

How long does a full vehicle wrap last?

It’s a long time! We only employ top-quality printing equipment and materials to ensure that our wraps will last at least 9 years.

Is a full vehicle wrap covered under a warranty of guarantee?

Yes, absolutely! Our top-of-the-line warranty covers our vehicle wraps to be fully covered for seven years! If you experience problems with your vehicle wrap, contact us. 

Our customer service is the main priority for us, and we’re dedicated to addressing your issues promptly.