Volvo D 13 Engine Specs

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Due to its strength, efficiency, and small weight, the Volvo D13 is more dependable and less expensive. It also complies with EPA rules. 14 power ratings, ranging from 375 to 500 horsepower, are available. Customers who desire lower torque for greater gas efficiency and more torque for better performance can choose between two XE ratings, six Eco-Torque ratings, and three Dual-Torque ratings.It comes in VN day cabs and sleepers, the VHD and the VAH, and is perfect for long-distance, regional, and vocational operations.

Volvo D 13 Engine Specs

We use Selective Catalytic Reduction to get the most out of it and make it reliable and cost-effective. SCR lets us use a passive regeneration thought that uses NOx instead of diesel fuel to clean up the soot, which lowers your operating costs even more.

Ratings Power: 375 to 500 HP
Torque: 1450 to 1850 lb-ft
Base Engine Configuration 4 cycle / Inline Six
Emissions SCR Selective Catalytic Reduction
Aspiration Sliding Nozzle Variable Geometry
Cam / Valve Configuration SOHC / 4 Valves per Cylinder
Cylinder Head One Piece Rigid Deck Cylinder Head
Injection System Dual Solenoid Electronic Unit Injection
Fuel Injection Pressure, psi (bar) 35,000 (2,400)
Electronic Management System Volvo VECTRO
Rating Uprateability Software Only, Throughout Range
Displacement, cu. in. (L) 780 (12.8)
Compression Ratio 16.0:1
Bore & Stroke, in. (mm) 5.16 x 6.22 (131 x 158)
Cylinder Spacing, in. (mm) 6.61 (168)
Full Dress Dry Weight, lb. (kg) 2676 (1214)
Fuel and Lubrication:  
Fuel Specification Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, 15 ppm
Fuel Filters Primary plus Secondary
Total Lube Oil Capacity, qts. (L) 38 (36)
Oil Filtration Two Full Flow, One Bypass
Oil Drain Interval, Normal Service, miles (km) 35,000 (56,000)
Oil Specification Volvo VDS-4, SAE 10W-30
FLOCS Oil Drain Kit Optional
Air Compressor, CFM Two Cylinder, 31.8
Retarder I-VEB Volvo Engine Brake
Engine Brake Rating at 2200 rpm 500 hp @ 2200 rpm
Engine Brake Rating at 1500 rpm 350 hp @ 1500 rpm
Engine Brake Weight, lbs. (kg) 25 (12)
PTO Port for Live Rear PTO Pump or Shaft Standard
Preheater, Electrical Optional

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Volvo D 13 Engine Specs FAQ

Is a Volvo D 13 A good engine?

The Volvo D13 now holds the position of second place. In spite of this, the D13’s major claim to fame is that it is the most adaptable engine in its class. The horsepower ratings range from 375 to 406, so customers have many of options to choose from. ranging from 425 to 435. upwards to 500 from 455 The torque outputs range from 1450 lb-ft all the way up to 1850 lb-ft. They are as follows: 1450 lb-ft, 1450 lb-ft, 1550 lb-ft, 1650 lb-ft, 1750 lb-ft, and 1850 lb-ft.

Is the D13 a Detroit engine?

The Detroit DD13 is a versatile engine with variable horsepower and torque ratings as well as technology advancements for enhanced fuel economy and discharge efficiency. It is well-suited for LTL, regional distribution, and vocational applications.

How many miles is a Volvo D13 good for?

The Volvo D11 engine, like the Volvo D13, is noted for its dependability. They both have a B50 rating of 1.2 million miles, which implies that half of all D11 and D13 models should survive that lengthy before needing main repairs or overhauls.

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