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White 2-135

White 2-135 Overview

White 2-135 is a 4WD or 2WD row-crop tractor of the Field Boss series. The tractor was produced by White between 1976 and 1987.

The White 2-135 comes with a 7.8 L (478.0 cu*in) six-cylinder diesel engine as well as the partial powershift transmission, which has 18 forward and reverse gears.

The White row-crop tractor 2-135 utilized the White-Hercules engine. It’s a 7.8 L 7,833 cm 2, (478.0 cu*in) six-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine that has 116.0 millimeters (4.57 inches) of bore size and 124.0 millimeters (4.88 inches) of stroke.

The compression ratio is 17.0:1. The engine produced the power of 137PS (100.7 horsepower; 135.0 HP) at 2,200 rpm engine output.

The White 2-135 is outfitted by power steering hydraulically independent disc brakes that wet as well as the cab (standard) as well as 280.1 cubic liters (74 US gal.; 61.6 Imp. gal) fuel tank.

This tractor is able to be fitted with fuel tanks of up to a gallon. White 1840-QA loader.

White 2-135 Price

2-135 Tractors NEW Price: USD $16,000

White 2-135 Horsepower

Engine Horsepower: 135 hp (100.7 kW)

White 2-135 Weight

2WD Tractors Weight: 13,999 lbs (6,350 kg)

4WD Tractors Weight: 14,903 lbs (6,760 kg)

White 2-135 Fuel Tank Capacity

Fuel Tank Capacity: 74 US gal (280.1 liters)

White 2-135 Engine

white 2-135 has a White-Hercules 7.8L 6-cyl diesel engine

White 2-135 Serial Number

  • Serial Number:- 291201
  • Location:- Serial number is located on the left-hand side of the instrument console just above the step.

White 2-135 Specifications

Key Specs

Model Name White 2-135
Cabin type Cab (standard)
Length 4,260 mm (167.7 in)
Fuel tank capacity 280.1 liters (74 US gal.; 61.6 Imp. gal)
Battery Two 12V
Width 2,430 mm (95.7 in)
Long axle: 2,920 mm (115 in)
Height (cab) 3,040 mm (119.7 in)
Weight (shipping) 2WD: 6,350 kg (13,999 lbs)
4WD: 6,760 kg (14,903 lbs)
Wheelbase 2WD: 2,870 mm (113 in)
4WD: 2,280 mm (89.8 in)
Ground clearance 2WD: 550 mm (21.7 in)
4WD: 400 mm (15.7 in)

Hydraulic System

Total flow 21.0 GPM (79.5 lpm)
Hydraulic type Closed center
Pressure 2250 psi (155.1 bar)
Pressure 2250 psi (155.1 bar)
Hydraulic capacity 87.1 L (23 US. gal, 19.2 Imp. gal.)


Model Name White-Hercules
Coolant capacity 27.9 L (29.5 US. qt, 24.5 Imp. qt.)
Engine type Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, inline
Oil Capacity 20.8 L (22 US. qt, 18.3 Imp. qt.)
Cylinders 6
Starter Electric
Fuel type Diesel
Starter Electric
Displacement 7.8 L, 7,833 cm2, (478.0 cu·in)
Horsepower 137 PS (100.7 kW; 135.0 HP) at 2,200 rpm
Bore and stroke 116.0 mm X 124.0 mm (4.57 in X 4.88 in)
Compression ratio 17.0:1

Three-Point Hitch

Lift capacity (at ends) 2,900 kg (6,395 lbs)
Category III/II
Control type N/A

Chassis and Transmission

Transmission model Hydraulic-Shift
Speed Forward: 28.6 km (17.8 mph)
Reverse: 10.0 km (6.2 mph)
Transmission type Partial powershift
Gears 18 forward and 6 reverse
Chassis 4×2 2WD or 4×4 MFWD 4WD
Final drive Inboard planetary
Steering type Power
Brakes Independent hydraulic wet disc

PTO (Power take-off shaft)

Rear PTO speed 1000, 540/1000 (optional)
Rear PTO type Independent


Rear tires Ag: 18.4-38
Front tires Ag: 10.00-16 (2WD), 14.9-28 (4WD)

White 2-135 Review

The White 2-135, manufactured by the White Farm Equipment Company from 1974 to 1982, is a 135-horsepower two-wheel-drive tractor. It has gained popularity among farmers and ranchers due to its reputation for reliability, durability, and outstanding performance.

Under the hood, the 2-135 is driven by a 366-cubic-inch six-cylinder Hercules diesel engine. It features a four-speed manual transmission and a live power take-off. Additionally, this tractor is equipped with a differential lock and a power steering system, enhancing its functionality and ease of use.

Full review of YouTube video

White 2-135 Attachments

1840-QA Loader

Lift to full height (at pin) 4,300 lbs
1950 kg
Height (to pin) 149 inches
378 cm
Breakout force (lift) 6,000 lbs
2721 kg
Rollback angle 14°
Clearance dumped the bucket 117 inches
297 cm

White 2-135 Problems

Owners of the White 2-135 tractor, while regarding it as generally reliable, have encountered various common issues with their machines, including:

Engine Overheating: The tractor is susceptible to engine overheating, often stemming from issues such as a blocked radiator, a faulty thermostat, or insufficient coolant levels.

Hydraulic Leaks: Leaks in the hydraulic system are not uncommon and may result from worn or damaged seals or loose fittings.

Transmission Problems: Though the transmission is typically reliable, it can develop problems if not adequately maintained. These issues may manifest as shifting difficulties, grinding noises, or slipping.

Electrical Problems: Given the tractor’s age, electrical system issues can occur, affecting elements like lights, starters, and ignition.

Fuel System Problems: Fuel system troubles can include clogged injectors, a malfunctioning fuel pump, or a dirty fuel tank.

Steering Problems: Steering issues, such as loose linkages, worn bushings, or a faulty steering box, may emerge if the steering system is not properly cared for.

Brake Problems: Brake problems may include worn brake pads or shoes and a malfunctioning master cylinder.

Clutch Problems: Clutch-related issues can involve a slipping clutch, a hard-to-shift clutch, or a worn clutch disc.

PTO Problems: Problems with the Power Take-Off (PTO) system can manifest as a slipping PTO, a hard-to-engage PTO, or a worn PTO clutch.

Front Axle Problems: While generally reliable, the front axle can develop problems due to inadequate maintenance, like worn bearings, loose tie rod ends, or a faulty kingpin.


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White 2-135 – FAQ

Q. What kind of engine does a white 2-135 have?

Ans. The White 2-135 comes with a 7.8 L (478.0 cu*in) diesel engine with six cylinders and partial powershift transmission, with 18 forward and reverse gears. The White row-crop tractor 2-135 used the White Hercules engine.

Q. How many hours on a 1978 White 2-135?

Ans. 1978 White 2-35 MFWD 3645hrs. It’s running well, field-ready, 18.4×38 rears 50%-60% and axle mount duals of around 40 percent, 16.9×26 fronts 50-60% Nice interior.

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