Winnebago Van Price ❤

Current Price of Winnebago Solis

Solis is Winnebago’s cheapest camper. Winnebago Solis lets you customize your Class B camper van. MSRP is $115000 before options.

If you’re new to camping, the Winnebago van is best. This Ram ProMaster camper van has a V6 gas Engine. Three exterior colors

  • White
  • Red
  • Silver

Winnebago’s first Pop Up van is The Solis.

This style has swivel seats and a removable table.

The Solis may add a Murphy bed or couch bed to the pop-up sleeping room.

Current Price of Winnebago Travato

Winnebago Van Price

The Winnebago Travato has been for seven years and is a classic model. However four floor designs are available to accommodate your camping needs. The Travato can accommodate two people and is 21 feet (6.4 meters) in length.

Winnebago has upgraded the 59G layout with the addition of

  • Two automotive grade chairs with a table for two.
  • The Winnsleep technology is featured on the European suspension foam mattress Winnsleep.
  • Pop-up electrical outlets.
  • Pull-out galley with versatile storage.
  • An inverter of 36 watts with 230 watts of solar electricity.
  • Pure Three Volta system with 8700 watt hours of electricity.

The 59GL has all the same characteristics as the 59G, in addition to a lounge area powered by lithium-ion batteries and a sofa.

In the 59K and 60KL variants twin beds are offered.

Current Price of Winnebago Revel

Winnebago Van Price

The Winnebago Revel offers the possibility to go off-road in 4WD. The 202,401 starting price for this model is the 41E floor plan.

Revel offers a rear bed with a power lift. This allows you to store your items during the day, and you can lower them at night for sleep.

Two lithium batteries provide power for 3,200 watt-hours, and an inverter converts solar energy.

The Revel is the ideal vehicle for those who want to be independent for a time. It has the most comfortable interior and the highest ground clearance for off-road excursions.

Current Price of Winnebago Boldt

Winnebago Van Price

The Winnebago Bobolt is built on a Mercedes-Benz diesel chassis. It also has the option of 4WD. Boldt comes with a generator-free camper van.

Winnebago Boldt features all season insulation, full-interior heating, and in coach waterlines. Both the 70BL and 70KL models offer full-service comfort with ample electricity from an off-the-grid Pure3 Energy Management System.

The Winnebago Boldt 70BL sleeps 3 and has a mid-cabin toilet while the Winnebago Boldt 70KL sleeps 2 and has a rear bathroom.

Current Price of Winnebago Era

Winnebago Van Price

Winnebago’s classic camper van is the Winnebago Era. It features all that Winnebago is famous for: interior comfort, powerful engines with both on- and off-road options, and more.

The Winnebago Era starting price is 204,287.

You can choose between the Mercedes-Benz 4WD-drive chassis and the Mercedes-Benz rear-wheel-drive chassis depending on your off-road requirements. At 24′ (7.32m) the Era Winnebago camper van is the longest.

There are three models available in the Era: 70A, 70B, and 70X. Each model brings luxury and functionality to the table.

The Winnebago 70A comes with:

  • The flex bed system allows you to convert a sofa with 2 rear twin beds into one big bed.
  • Swivel captains’ chairs.
  • A wet bath
  • Flexible wardrobe
  • Two-door refrigerator with compressor, two burners, and a sink.
  • Vinyl and ultra-leather upholstery are available.
  • Sleeps three, or four, if there are two adults with small children.
  • The Winnebago 70B features the same features as the 70A but has a centre seat.

The Winnebago70X offers:

  • Single-door compression refrigerator.
  • Two seats in the centre
  • A removable pedestal table can be placed between the captains and centre chairs.
  • Sleeps two people.

Closing Thoughts

Winnebago van prices reflect the features that make it suitable for day trips as well as longer expeditions.

This camper van offers sleeping space for up to four people and the convenience of driving a large SUV,truck.

Winnebago Camper vans are available for camping in traditional campgrounds or for longer periods of time off the grid. A van allows you to travel in comfort and freedom.