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Fopp Listen My voice survey –  Is anyone out there who does not love music? I’m sure that most of us enjoy hearing music.

It is said that music and mood are connected. Therefore, music plays a major role in our lives.

Fopp is a well-known music retailer located in the United Kingdom. What if you could earn an incentive for going to Fopp’s Fopp store? Fopp provides you with an opportunity to get some money through Fopp-Hear My Voice Customer Survey at

Fopp would like to hear from you so they can enhance your experience each time you come to the shop.

This article includes all the information needed for completing this Fopp Hearmyvoice Feedback Survey. It will be easy for you to complete the survey. Simply read the entire article.

Fopp Hear My Voice


Purpose of the Fopp Hear My Voice Survey

A survey of customer satisfaction is among the crucial elements of every company. It is the Fopp Survey aims to make the business aware of what its customers love and what can be improved by them.

Since the feedback comes from the customers, it’s much more beneficial. The reviews aid the business in recognizing its flaws and also increase sales. Survey Reward

To thank you for taking part as part of the poll, they’re giving the winner a gift certificate for £100 to one lucky winner.

It is important to note it is only one participant for each month of the calendar is eligible to be a part of the prize-draw contest.

One winner will be chosen at the beginning of each month by computers using software from the entries received in the month prior.

The winner will be informed via email. For the winner to receive their prize the winner has to respond in less than two weeks and confirm they are able to accept the reward.

At any Fopp shop, you are able to make use of a £100 gift card.

Fopp Customer Experience Survey Rules and Requirements

If you intend to take part in Fopp Hear My Voice Survey, you must follow the following rules: Fopp Hear My Voice Survey, you must comply with the following guidelines:

  • It is necessary to be a citizen of the United Kingdom or the Channel Islands.
  • You must be a registered member of the organization with the survey invitation card or have made a purchase at the Fopp shop and receive an original receipt for your purchase that contains the survey number.
  • Participants in the survey are required to be a minimum age of 18 to be able to take part in the Fopp customers’ feedback surveys.
  • It is not possible to take part if you’re a Fopp employee or a family employee.
  • The survey must be completed so that you can make an entry into the Fopp sweepstakes.
  • The survey can be completed only once a month. Multiple entries can cause disqualification.
  • Should the prize-winning winner is unable to accept the prize within the 48-hour time limit, a new winner will be drawn through the redraw.
  • A laptop computer, laptop computer, or mobile phone that has an internet connection that is reliable is required to be within the reach of the survey.
  • You should have a basic understanding of English in order to respond to these survey-related questions.

Quicksteps to Win £100 Fopp Gift Voucher

  1. Visit the survey website
  2. Fill in the necessary details from your most recent order receipt.
  3. If you do not have a receipt you may take part in the survey by using a survey invitation.
  4. Review your experience in the store. Please answer all questions on this Fopp Hear My Voice Customer survey.
  5. Then, choose ‘Yes’ in order to be entered into the £100 Fopp survey prize draw.
  6. Add your valid personal contact details.
  7. Click on the Next button, and you’ve taken part in the prize draw for the Fopp Hearmyvoice prize.

How to Do the Fopp Feedback Survey at – Detailed Guide

Have you been a bit puzzled about the Fopp-hear-my voice survey?

Do not worry, I’ve prepared the complete guide to surveying and you must follow every step of the process:

1. Open the browser and go to the Fopp Customer Satisfaction Survey located at or visit the specific link on your survey invitation.

Fopp Hear My Voice

2. After that, you will see an option to continue. Click that button to continue through the survey.

3. Select if you’ve purchased something the last time you visited.

4. By selecting ‘Yes‘, you will need to input the transaction number, store number till number operator number as well as the day and hour of your visit, as well as the total amount in the appropriate field.

5. If you are having trouble finding the information you’ve received on your Fopp receipt Look at the sample on the right-hand part of your entry field.

6. If you didn’t purchase or purchase, select “No. Simply enter the survey number that you received from the Fopp Hear My Voice Survey invitation.

7. After that, take the survey as needed; comment on your experience, and then rate your satisfaction.

8. Keep answering all Fopp Guest Survey questions honestly.

9. To be classified, you must provide your gender and age.

10. Select “Yes” if you would like to be a part of the prize draw for the Fopp-hearmyvoice.

11. You will be required to fill in the survey registration form, which will require the details of your personal info, including name, email address, and telephone number.

12. Congratulations! You’ve completed successfully your participation in this Fopp Hear My Voice Customer Survey.

Fopp-Hear My Voice Customer Survey – Helpful Tips

  • Participants of the Fopp £100 survey participants are advised to collect the winners’ list by sending an envelope informing the month that the prize draws took place to the address below.
  • Verify your contact information prior to submitting your application because you might not be able to contact should you be the winner.
  • You can earn reward points like this by taking the feedback surveys, therefore it is recommended to save the receipts you receive from shopping.

About Fopp

Fopp is a music retailer. Englishman Gordon Montgomery founded the business in 1981. The company first began with a single stand in Glasgow, Scotland. Nowadays, Fopp has more than 100 locations throughout the UK.

It is a retailer of CDs discs, DVDs, and music, as well as books as well as other entertainment items.

Final Words

We hope that you feel confident enough about this Fopp Hear My Voice Survey. We have tried to provide all the information you want to know about the customer feedback survey at

Please share this with your family members and other friends that might be interested. Good luck!