Morrisons Survey – It is an everyday part of our lives to shop at supermarkets for household items and other useful items.

While we love the offers and services that are available to consumers, we still feel frustrated by service providers who are not involved in customer issues.

Leave your honest opinion about Morrisonsislistening to be entered in the draw for £1000 vouchers.

The Morrisons Feedback Survey is a brief questionnaire designed to collect feedback about your experiences with the company’s products and services.

This easy survey will help you better understand your customers and provide feedback.

You have the chance to provide your thoughts on several topics, including product quality and infrastructure.

Each month, one entry per person and each e-mail ID is permitted. Participants must be 18 years old or have reached legal maturity.

After The survey is Completed, You will be Entered into A draw for A Prize.


Purpose of the Morrisons Feedback Survey

This survey is designed to understand and learn from customers how they perceive Morrisons’ interactions. These surveys are often rewarded with ‘prizes’ or rewards.

Check your receipt for more details. This is what I call a “Survey Reward” and you will be offered ‘Survey Incentives to encourage customer input.

If your receipt indicates that you have a reward, such as a sweepstakes entry or voucher, it is simple to receive your Survey Award free of charge.

Morrisons Survey Reward

After completing the Morrisons Guest Opinion Survey, you will receive your Morrisons Promo Code. This code will allow you to receive a £1000 Morrisons Gift Card on any future Morrisons shop visits.

Notice: The Survey may end at any moment. What is your “Survey Reward?” It will depend on the information on your receipt. Check your receipt for more information.

Morrisons Customer Feedback Survey Rules and Requirements

  • To share feedback, customers must be at least 16 years of age. They will need a valid receipt, a mobile, PC, or computer with internet access, valid mobile numbers, and a basic understanding of English.
  • The prize draw is only open to visitors of Morrisons stores in the United Kingdom or Gibraltar who have reached 18 years and are not illegal residents.
  • You do not need to make any purchases or pay for feedback or to enter the prize draw.
  • To enter the prize draw online, you must complete the Morrisons Listening Survey.
  • Employees, affiliates, representatives, and officers of Morrisons Supermarket Plc, sponsors, and their immediate families cannot take part in the prize draw.
  • Accepted entries are limited to one per household and each calendar month. A customer can only complete a survey once by using the survey code.
  • Each calendar month, one random winner will be chosen and awarded £1000 Morrisons Vouchers.
  • The prize draw winners will not receive any cash or exchanges.

Quicksteps to Take Morrison £1000 Voucher Survey

  1. Go to Morrisons Survey homepage at or
  2. Log into your existing account, or join to look over your ongoing promotions and customer survey.
  3. Then, enter your Morrisons Survey Code, date time, and then visit the survey feedback website.
  4. Now you can give a rating to Morrisons Feedbackissues and answer questions regarding your experience at Morrisons.
  5. Please provide the required Personal Identification information at the bottom of the page.
  6. Complete an online questionnaire and you’ll receive an entry automatically into the draw for prize money.

How to Take Morrisons Listening UK Customer Survey – Detailed Guide

1. Visit the customer support survey website of Morrisons –


2. Log into your existing account, or sign up to receive your current survey and offers.

3. Input the no day, date, and hour of the receipt for an authentic Morrison survey.

4. To take part in the Survey To begin the Survey, click START.

5. You have now begun the process of completing your Morrisons customer satisfaction survey.

6. Begin by answering honestly certain online questions.

7. Recap your experience and give a rating of your experience. Rate Morrisons customer service items employees, climate cleanliness, etc.

8. Give as honest answers as you can on any Morrisons Storage Survey questions.

9. You must now provide the following personal information to participate in the prize drawing event: Initial Name, Last Name Phone, and email address.

10. To take the Survey To complete the survey, click Next.

11. You’re now entered into sweepstakes for a chance to be the winner of a £1000 Morrison Voucher!

Morrisons UK Survey – Helpful Tips

  • Customers from the Morrisons Supermarket who cannot share Morrisons Feedback online at the Morrisons Is Listening Survey Portal or are unable to get a chance to enter Morrisons Survey Prize Draw can share their issues below.

All About Morrison

Morrison is among the largest food companies and groceries in the UK. There are more than 400 stores for customers and can be easily located on the internet.

The fourth-largest grocery chain in the United Kingdom, trading as Morrisons with its headquarters within Bradford, England.

The company was founded in 1899 and is an egg – and butter stall in the Rawson Market in Bradford, England the abbreviation was Wm Morrison.

Up to 2004 Morrisons was primarily located in North England, but its presence grew significantly across South England, Wales, and Scotland following the takeover of Safeway in the year 2004.

In the year 2016, there were 494 stores in Gibraltar, England, Wales, and Scotland.

They offer a variety of helpful services, such as dry cleaning and printing on photographic paper. If a product purchased from Morrisons is damaged The product(s) bought initially will be replaced or replaced. Morrisons want to learn the details of your recent visit to the store.

Morrisons Official Website:

Final Words

We hope you found some great insights from the Morrisons feedback survey. This Guest Survey is Quick And Easy, so the company can get great results and improve product quality.

Do we all enjoy rewards? This is One of Our Favorite Ways to get them. This is the best way to get an extra discount on Your Next Purchase, as there is no sweating.

Good luck…

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