Tell Shell Survey the truth is that we all go through to travel in this life and busy lifestyle and we all require gas and oil. Nowadays, much like food water, shelter, food gasoline and oil are working the transition to becoming vital.

For those who are customers of the shell, I have some great information for you! You can participate in a customer feedback survey at or and win free rewards.

For those who don’t know anything about Shell, The Royal Dutch Shell Public Limited Company is renowned throughout the world for its products in the area of Oil and Gas, in general, all petroleum-related items.

To summarize If you’re an existing customer from the Shell group or even the bottom line, you may take part in the Shell Tell Shell survey of customer satisfaction if you have an invoice from the store of the shell.

If you want to participate in this Survey You must spend only a few minutes of time and some effort to give genuine feedback regarding the shopping experience in the Shell Store. In exchange, you’ll receive amazing rewards.

After reading this article, you’ll be well prepared to take part to take part in your participation in the Shell Customer Feedback Survey.

Keep studying to learn more details about Shell Store, the rules and regulations, and also how to conduct the Shell customer satisfaction survey.

Tell Shell

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Why Tellshell UK Feedback Survey

Running A Business can be an Arduous Task. Although it might appear appealing and easy on the outside, many difficulties could be taking place within. While The Main Goal of any business is to make money there Are many elements that Affect Profit-Making.

One key factor that can affect the process of making profits is sales. The more sales there are and the more profits would be. In Order to have a steady flow of sales, A company must ensure that Customers get Satisfaction when they shop with them.

However, maintaining the shell voice of the customer isn’t an easy job. Is because of two major reasons.

The first is that focusing on keeping customers satisfied is a must, along with taking care of all the other aspects of a company, which means you can’t compromise the price of your items beyond a certain amount.

Additionally, The demands, as well as The Requirements of the Customers, Are Constantly Changing.

To stay on top of these constantly changing requirements, needs, and demands of customers, businesses need to know what the requirements and wants of the customers are.

To accomplish this Shell Store is conducting this Feedback and Guest Experience survey to be aware of the needs and wants of their customers and adjust their operations in order to ensure that their customers are satisfied and happy.

Tell Shell Customer Survey Rewards

After you’ve completed the survey for Shell UK Guest Feedback Survey You will be given the chance to participate in Shell’s prize draw.

Two prize draws are open to customers, referred to by the names Fuel Prize Draw and EV Prize Draw.

It is expected that Shell’s Fuel Prize Draw will award 11 prizes each month. The reward will be Shell V-Power fuel vouchers valued at £100 are awarded to the winner of the first prize. In the following 10-runners-up, Shell V-Power Fuel Vouchers of £10 will be given away.

The Shell’s EV Prize Draw It is only accessible to customers of electric vehicles and requires logging into the website via the QR code available on Shell’s charging station for EVs.

The prizes are similar to those of the draw for the fuel price. The prizes are similar to the fuel prize draw. The first-time winner will also be able to Shell shop vouchers worth £100 and the Next 10 winners Will be Shell shop vouchers worth £10.

Be aware that if the prize winner is unable to claim the prize after receiving it through the Shell Group, or is unable to utilize it within the agreed timeframe the shell group cannot be held responsible. Survey Rules and Requirements

To take part in the shell feedback survey:

  • Participants must be citizens of England as well as Scotland and Wales.
  • Entrants must be older than 18 to answer the survey
  • The agent, employee, and/or supplier from the group or the closest relative of any employees of the shell store are not permitted to participate in the prize draw.
  • You must possess a laptop/ mobile or tablet or any other device that is in good working order.
  • The client must have a sufficient understanding of the English language to be able to understand the survey’s questions and give relevant and valuable responses.
  • Also, It is essential to have a reliable Internet Connection That Is Fast Enough.
  • If there is an unexpected incident that prevents the shell group from providing the prize mentioned they reserve the right to substitute the prize with a prize of the same or higher worth.
  • It is necessary to fill out this Tell Shell Online Survey successfully in order to be eligible for the prize draw.
  • You can only participate in the Shell drawing for prizes only once per the monthly calendar.
  • The reward must be used by the time period specified in the coupon.
  • If you’re required to be a part of participating in the Electric Vehicle Prize Draw You can enter by scanning the QR code that is promotional that is available through the Shell Website for a charge of your electric car.
  • Customers of all ages can take part to participate in the draw for prizes in the fuel industry by filling out the survey in the following steps.

Steps for win £100 Shell Voucher

If you’d like to take part in Tell Shell’s survey, which is called the Tell Shell Customer feedback survey You are able to do this by following the steps below. steps.

  1. Go to or
  2. You must enter the site ID and the date and time of your visit.
  3. In a sincere manner, rate or respond to each survey question.
  4. Give your personal contact details like Name Contact Number, Name, and email address.
  5. Last but not least, complete your Tell Shell Survey You will then be entered into the £100 prize draw.

How to Do the Shell Feedback Survey at – Detailed Guide

Here are the full step-by-step instructions you can reference and follow to participate in the customer feedback and experience survey.

1. Bring your tablet or smartphone or laptop, or any other device you’re connected to via the web. And, open your web browser and go to or

Tell Shell

2. Then, you’ll be asked to input Your Site IDs and the date and time that you visited. If you aren’t sure of the Site ID, then you will be able to locate your location on the maps by clicking the link ‘Find the Station I went to’ link .’

3. Click on the red button which reads “Start” which you will be able to view in the bottom left corner of your screen. The official Survey will begin, and the questions from this Survey will be put to you.

4. You are Asked To Submit feedback on Various aspects of Your Experience during Your visit.

5. You must then describe the purpose behind your visit to the Shell.

6. Many of the questions you are asked at you could be addressed using one of two options: extremely satisfied and dissatisfied.

7. Then, you’ll be asked to be a part of this Shell retailer’s draw for prizes. you must select “Yes” to enter an entry into The Tell Shell Prize Draw.

8. Once you’ve answered all survey questions you will be asked to respond to some personal questions. This will include your Full Name, Telephone Number, and Email Id.

9. The time has come for you to participate in the shell store’s customer satisfaction survey is taken care of.

Tellshell Survey for Customer Feedback – Practical Tips

  • Participants in the Shell’s Survey must provide accurate personal details in order to get the prize in the event that they win.
  • The prize draw winners will be contacted by either e-mail or phone within 21 days of the draw’s winner’s choice.

More About Shell

In 1907, the Royal Dutch Shell Group was established 1907. They are Now More Than 100 Years of Age. The Shell Group has merged two reputable firms that were The Shell Transport and Trading Company Limited and the Royal Dutch Petroleum Company.

They were the main Competitors in the Field And Came from The Netherlands And the United States of America.

The main goal of the merger was to create an international provider in the area of regular petroleum (petroleum oil). These companies’ parent corporations were formed around 1890.

After more than 100 years of providing customers with gas and oil items, Shell Group has a net profit of more than 21.5 billion according to 2020 figures. There are more than 10 subsidiaries and employs more than 86,000 people.

Final Words

Now that I have told you all about the Tell shell customer feedback survey, you can go to right now and participate in that Survey.

Maybe you may be One Of The Lucky Winners!

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