Take YourKFC Survey UK & Get 20% Instant Discount Voucher 2022

YourKFC survey: KFC has a reputation for providing a great customer experience and being one of the most popular restaurants in the world. 

For customers who want to maintain excellent customer service, the restaurant chain introduced the YourKFC Survey in the United Kingdom.

Customers can submit feedback online to KFC Great Britain Survey20% discount vouchers will be offered to all participants.

You recently went to KFC and would like a free voucher. Follow the steps to receive a KFC voucher.

The UK participants can share their feedback at www.yourkfc.co.uk, while the participants from the United States can take part in the Mykfcexperience survey at www.mykfcexperience.com.


Purpose of the YourKFC UK Feedback Survey

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), a fast-food chain, isn’t just another fried chicken shop. It is also the second-largest global fast-food restaurant chain and is based in Louisville.

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) offers a variety of fried chicken recipes to their customers every day. KFC must hear from their customers to improve. KFC has launched the KFC Guest Satisfaction Survey in order to get feedback from customers.

YourKFC’s feedback survey and guest experience help customers share valuable feedback that will help KFC grow. 

The purpose of your KFC Survey is to gather feedback and suggestions from UK KFC customers in order to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Kentucky Fried Chicken will use the information to improve consumer care and enhance the customer shopping experience.

KFC Survey Reward

YourKFC Survey Rewards Every participant will receive a 20% coupon per resident per month. 

The redeemable code will only be valid for 14 days after the issue date. To get the discount, make sure to visit KFC within two weeks. To receive 20% off, you must purchase £5.

KFC GES Survey UK Rules and Requirements

These are the rules and conditions for participating in KFC UK’s Guest Satisfaction Survey.

  • To share the KFC customer feedback survey, it is important to have a KFC survey code or KFC receipt.
  • To share feedback, you will need a smartphone or laptop with an internet connection.
  • To receive a validation code, the participant must submit yourkfc.co.uk complaints to be eligible for a free survey.
  • All submissions must reach us before the closing date (the last day of each month).
  • Participants must be citizens of the United Kingdom.
  • To participate in the Your KFC survey, you must be at least 18 years old.
  • On each visit receipt, only one survey and one validation code will be offered. Only one prize per 14 days is available.
  • You must complete a survey to receive your code within a short time period (3 days from the receipt date).
  • To redeem the code, take a copy of your receipt and write it down.
  • The KFC 20% discount coupon must be used within 14 calendar days of the issue date. The code could expire if you don’t.
  • To redeem the coupon at the restaurant, one must purchase a meal.
  • The prize comes in the form of a validation code and cannot be redeemed or transferred.

Quicksteps to Win Yourkfc.co.uk 20% Discount Voucher

  1. Go to YourKFC UK Survey Portal at www.yourkfc.co.uk.
  2. Enter the KFC Store code and other details.
  3. Please share your feedback about your experience at KFC, and we will move on to the next page.
  4. Answer all questions and then send your full name along with an e-mail address.
  5. Complete the survey to receive your KFC Validation code to redeem and a 20% discount.

How to Take part in the KFC UK Survey at www.Yourkfc.co.uk – Detailed Guide

1. Visit www.yourkfc.co.uk to view the KFC Survey UK portal and accept the SMG terms of service.


2. The following information is required from your receipt: store number, date of visit, time, and order number

3. Select the Order Type and answer the question “How did you place your order?”

4. The survey participant will now be on the main KFC Feedback UK webpage. You can answer or rate the questions/issues that you experienced at KFC with honesty.

5. Click Next to enter your age for classification purposes.

6. Please fill out your contact information, such as name and e-mail address.

7. Complete the survey and you’ll receive a KFC 20% Validation code on your screen.

8. After you receive your 20% discount voucher code, you will need to enter the code on the receipt. Show the validation code to the cashier when you return to a KFC restaurant and receive a free discount on your next order.

www.Yourkfc.co.uk Survey – Helpful Tips

  • To receive a 20% discount, customers must present the original purchase receipt and the validation code.
  • All readers suggested that they keep receipts of sales when visiting restaurants, shops, pharmacies, and other retail outlets.

About KFC

Kentucky Fried Chicken, also known as KFC, is more than just a fast-food store. It is the symbol of today’s fast-food industry. 

KFC is a well-known brand worldwide with over 20,000 outlets and stores in different locations in many countries.

The modest origins of this huge chain of fast-food restaurants can be traced back to the Great Depression. 

Colonel Harland Sanders, an independent entrepreneur, opened a small restaurant along the road to serve pedestrians and motorists back in those days. 

KFC took 22 years to establish its franchising policies. However, once they did, the company grew like wildfire.

They still use the original fried chicken recipe. KFC’s secret recipe for fried chicken includes a secret mixture of spices and herbs. They also make amazing burgers and delicious French fries.

KFC fast food is now considered to be the second-largest chain of restaurants after McDonald’s. KFC now has more than $20 billion in annual sales.

Final Words

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