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Yanmar EX3200

Yanmar EX3200 Overview

A Small Utility tractor called the Yanmar EX3200 is made for a range of Agricultural and Landscaping uses. It has a Hydrostatic gearbox with simple speed and Direction control and a 32-horsepower diesel Engine.

The EX3200 can handle a variety of equipment, Including mowers, plows, and cultivators, thanks to its three-point hitch, Which has a maximum lift capacity of 1,540 pounds. It also boasts an adjustable steering wheel, a luxurious suspension seat, and a pleasant operator station with simple controls.

The Yanmar EX3200 Also boasts selectable four-wheel drive, Power steering, And a big fuel tank for longer running time. In Addition, A rollover prevention system (ROPS) and seatbelts are included for enhanced safety.

Yanmar EX3200 Price

EX3200 Original Price: $16,900

Yanmar EX3200 Horsepower

Engine Horsepower: 31.5 HP

Yanmar EX3200 Weight

Operating Weight: 2,502 lbs

Yanmar EX3200 Fuel Tank Capacity

Engine Oil Capacity: 6.3 US gal (24.0 liters)

Yanmar EX3200 Lift Capacity

Lift Capacity: 1,252 lbs

Yanmar EX3200 Serial Number

EX3200 Serial Number: YANMEX32HADN100728

Yanmar ex3200 Battery

Yanmar ex3200 Battery is NA

Yanmar ex3200 Oil Filter

Yanmar ex3200 Oil Filter is NA

Yanmar EX3200 Specs

Key Specs

Model Yanmar EX3200
Cabin type Two-post foldable ROPS
Length 2,780 mm (109.4 in)
Battery 12V, CCA 540A
Width 1,500 mm (59.1 in)
Fuel tank capacity 24.0 liters (6.3 US gal.; 5.3 Imp. gal)
Height 2,230 mm (87.8 in)
Wheelbase 1,550 mm (61 in)
Weight 1,135 kg (2,502 lbs)
Ground clearance 255 mm (10 in)

Hydraulic System

Total flow 9.9 GPM (37.5 lpm)
Hydraulic type Open center
Steering flow 4.3 GPM (16.3 lpm)
Pressure 2030 psi (140 bar)
Pump flow 5.6 GPM (21.2 lpm)


Model Name Yanmar 3TNV88
Coolant capacity: 4.5 L (4.8 US. qt, 4 Imp. qt.)
Engine type Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, inline
Oil capacity: 4.0 L (4.2 US. qt, 3.5 Imp. qt.)
Cylinders 3
Starter Electric
Fuel type Diesel
Horsepower 32.0 PS (23.5 kW; 31.5 HP) at 2,600 rpm
Displacement 1.6 L, 1,642 cm2, (100.2 cu·in)
Bore and stroke 88.0 mm X 90.0 mm (3.46 in X 3.54 in)

PTO (Power take-off shaft)

Rear PTO speed 540 rpm
Rear PTO type Continuous Live with Overrunning Clutch
Middle PTO speed 2,100 rpm
Middle PTO type Continuous Live

Chassis and Transmission

Transmission model N/A
Transmission oil capacity 20.3 L (5.4 US. gal, 4.5 Imp. gal.)
Transmission type Hydrostatic
Speed Forward: 21.3 km (13.2 mph)
Reverse: 21.3 (13.2 mph)
Gears Infinite (3-range) forward and reverse

Three-Point Hitch

Lift capacity (at ends) 568 kg (1,252 lbs)
Category I
Control type Position control


Rear tires Ag: 11.2-24
Lawn/turf: 13.6-16
Industrial: 15-19.5
Front tires Ag: 7-14
Lawn/turf: 25×8.50-14
Industrial: 25×8.50-14

Yanmar EX3200 Review

The Yanmar EX3200 is a well-liked small excavator known for its dependability, strong performance, and versatility. It’s a common choice for construction contractors, landscapers, and other professionals who require a powerful and easy-to-maneuver excavator for various tasks.

For more details check out the YouTube video

Yanmar EX3200 Attachments

CL300 Loader

Lowering time 2.5 s
Rollback time 2 s
Loader weight 855 lbs
387 kg
Height (to pin) 96 inches
243 cm
Raise time to the height 4.0 s
Bucket dump time 1.5 s
Clearance dumped a bucket 80 inches
203 cm
Dump reach 25 inches
63 cm
Bucket capacity 0.26 cu yd
0.2 cu m
Bucket width 60 inches
152 cm
Dump angle 45°
Rollback angle 25°
Lift to full height (at pin) 900 lbs
408 kg
Lift to full height (at 500mm) 770 lbs
349 kg
Breakout force (at pin) 2,500 lbs
1134 kg
Breakout force (at 500mm) 1,825 lbs
827 kg

CB75 Backhoe

Dipperstick force 1,985 lbs
900 kg
Backhoe type Yanmar CB75 Backhoe
Bucket force 2,804 lbs
1271 kg
Weight 925 lbs
419 kg (without bucket)
Swing Arc 180
Digging depth 89 inches
226 cm
Bucket Rotation 180
2-Foot flat digging depth 87 inches
220 cm
Reach from pivot 124 inches
314 cm
Loading height 80.5 inches
204 cm


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Yanmar EX3200 – FAQ

Q. What kind of engine does a Yanmar ex3200 have?

Ans. In answer to your question, the Yanmar EX3200 is powered by a 1.6-liter (100.2-cubic-inch) three-cylinder diesel engine and mated to an Electrostatic gearbox with infinitely variable Ratios for both the rear and front wheels. This utility tractor’s Yanmar 3TNV88 engine was built Specifically for the Yanmar EX3200.

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