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Yanmar VIO35

Yanmar VIO35 Overview

Since over a century Ago, Yanmar has provided superior servicing for its equipment. Since 1971, When they introduced the first small excavator, They have been at the forefront of innovation in the Construction business.

A 24.4 horsepower YANMAR Tier 4 Final engine powers the 3.5-ton YANMAR ViO35 mini excavator. You will save money using it Since it has lower running costs than rival models.

Moreover, it increases operator comfort and Boosts workplace safety with a zero-tail swing. The Yanmar Vio35-Quick-Coupler 6a’s Allows the operator to Swiftly and conveniently Replace the Bucket from the convenience of the cab.

Yanmar VIO35 Price

Model Hours Price
2017 Yanmar Vio35-6a 1300 $35,000
2018 Yanmar Vio35-6a 1000 $38,000
2019 Yanmar Vio35-6a 800 $43,000
2020 Yanmar Vio35-6a 500 $46,000
2021 Yanmar Vio35-6a 200 $50,000
2023 Yanmar Vio35-6a New $55,000

Yanmar vio35 Height

VIO35’s height is 16.8 ft

Yanmar vio30 Weight

VIO35’s weight is 3685 kg

Yanmar vio35 Lifting Capacity

VIO35’s lifting capacity is 3800 lbs

Yanmar vio35 Fuel Capacity

Yanmar vio35 Fuel Capacity is 17.2 gallons (or about 65 liters)

Yanmar VIO35 Specs


Engine Brand Yanmar
Engine Model 3TNV88F-ESBV
Engine Type Diesel, water-cooled, vertical
Number of Cylinders 3
Emissions EU Stage V, EPA Tier IV Final
Intake Naturally Aspirated
Combustion Direct Injection
Rated Power 2200 RPM
US Metric
Horsepower 24.4 HP 18.2 kW
Displacement 100.2 gal. 1642 cc
Bore and Stroke 3.5×3.6 in. 8.8×9.0 cm
Coolant Capacity 0.5 gal 2.0 L
Engine Oil Capacity 1.0 gal 3.9 L
Fuel Capacity 10.8 gal. 41.0 L

Engine Dimension

US Metric
Length 23.1 in 58.8 cm
Width 22.7 in. 57.7 cm
Height 25.0 in. 63.4 cm

Engine Weight

US Metric
Engine Weight (dry) 335 lbs 152 kg


US Metric
Max. Breakout Force (bucket) 7,216 lbs 3273.1 kg
Max. Breakout Force (arm) 4,586 lbs 2080.2 kg
Max. Digging Depth 135.6 in. 344.4 cm
Ground Pressure with Canopy 4.8 psi 33.1 kPa
Ground Pressure with Cabin 5.0 psi 34.5 kPa
Travel Speed 2.7 mph 4.5 km

Swing System

Right 65°
Left 43°
Slew Speed 9.5 RPM

Hydraulics System

US Metric
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow 16.7 GPM 63.2 LPM
Relief Pressure 3205 psi 221 Bar


US Metric
Operating Weight with Canopy
Rubber Track
7,905 Ibs 3585 kg
Operating Weight with Cabin
Rubber Track
8,214 lbs 3725 kg
Operating Weight with Canopy
Steel Track
8,125 lbs 3685 kg
Operating Weight with Canopy
Steel Track
8,434 lbs 3825 kg


US Metric
Overall Length 187.8 in. 477.0 cm
Overall Width 68.5 in. 174.0 cm
Overall Height with Cabin 97.2 in. 247.0 cm
Dump Height 134.3 in. 341.0 cm
Wheelbase 85.1 in. 216.1 cm
Min. Ground Clearance 12.6 in. 32.0 cm


US Metric
Blade Width 11.8 in. 30.0 cm
Blade Stroke 16.7 in. 42.5 cm
Blade Raise 14.6 in. 37.0 cm

Yanmar vio35 Review

The Yanmar ViO35 is a 3.5-ton mini excavator with zero tail swing. It’s recognized for its strong performance, dependability, and comfortable design. It’s a favorite among construction contractors, landscapers, and other professionals who require a powerful and versatile excavator for various tasks.

For more details check out the YouTube video

Yanmar vio35 Attachments

  1. Buckets: The VIO35 can be fitted with buckets of different sizes and shapes, such as digging buckets, grading buckets, and trenching buckets, to suit various digging and excavation tasks.
  2. Hydraulic hammers: A hydraulic hammer attachment can be added to the VIO35 to break up rocks, concrete, and other hard materials.
  3. Augers: Augers can be attached to the VIO35 to drill holes for poles, fences, or other structures.
  4. Grapples: Grapple attachments can be used to handle logs, debris, and other materials.
  5. Hydraulic thumbs: A hydraulic thumb can be added to the excavator’s bucket to provide a better grip on materials and make it easier to pick up and move objects.


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Yanmar VIO35 FAQ

Q. What does a Yanmar VIO35 weigh?

Ans. Yanmar VIO35’s weight is 3685 kg

Q. How much Horsepower is a Yanmar VIO35?

Ans. Yanmar VIO35 Engine produces a 24.4-horsepower


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