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Allis Chalmers HD4

Allis Chalmers HD4 Dozer Specs Price

Allis Chalmers HD4 Dozer Specs price is USD $4,500.00

Allis Chalmers HD4 Dozer Specs Weight

Allis Chalmers HD4 Dozer Specs weight is 12,400lbs

Allis Chalmers HD4 Dozer Specs HP

Allis Chalmers HD4 Dozer Specs HP is Engine (gross)  52 hp 38.8 kW

Allis Chalmers HD4 Attachments

Allis Chalmers Loader

Height (to pin) 120 inches
304 cm
Clearance dumped a bucket 98 inches
248 cm
Dump reach 29 inches
73 cm
Dump angle 45°
Reach ground 62.5 inches
158 cm
Rollback at ground 38°
Breakout force (lift) 10900 lbs
4944 kg
Lift to full height (at pin) 5000 lbs
2268 kg
Bucket width 66 inches
167 cm
Raise time to the height 6.53 s
Bucket dump time 2.7 s
Lowering time 5.61 s
Rollback time 2.4 s

Allis Chalmers HD4 Dozer Specifications


Manufacturer Allis Chalmers
Industrial Crawler tractor


HD-4 crawler
HD-4 Loader loader-crawler
Allis Chalmers HD-4 Loader Engine
Allis Chalmers 3.3L 4-cyl diesel
Fuel tank 18 gal
68.1 L

Allis Chalmers HD-4 Loader Power

Engine (gross) 52 hp
38.8 kW


Drive crawler
External band brakes
Open operator station.


Pressure 1625 psi
112.0 bar
Pump flow 15 gpm
56.8 lpm
25 gpmOpt
94.6 lpm

Dimensions & Tracks

Weight 12400 lbs
5624 kg
10-inch tracks

Allis Chalmers HD4 Dozer Review

The Allis-Chalmers HD4 bulldozer was commonly chosen for smaller to medium-sized construction and landscaping jobs. People liked it because it was dependable, durable, and easy to operate.

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FAQs – Allis Chalmers HD4

What kind of engine does Allis Chalmers HD-4 have?

Allis-Chalmers HD-4 dozer, six ways blade, Diesel, is running and driving just as it should. It also comes with a complete set of manuals original to it. The seller is selling due to not being in need of any more.

Who made Allis-Chalmers engines?

As time passed The Edward P. Allis Company expanded to produce steam engines and by 1900, the company was one of the biggest steam engine manufacturers in America. Even though Allis died in 1889. Allis died in 1889 his children, Charles and William Allis were the ones to manage the business.


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