The automobile industry in Germany is a significant and influential sector, with a rich history and a strong presence of both domestic and international companies.

German automobile manufacturers, such as Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche, and Volkswagen, are among the leading global players in the industry. 

Germany is also home to a high concentration of automotive OEM and tier supplier R&D centers, making it a crucial location for automotive development activities in Europe. 

The country’s automotive industry accounts for more than one-third of its total R&D expenditure, and German OEMs had a market share of over 55 percent in the EU in 2021. 

Automobile Dealers Companies In Germany
CompanyLocationSales Revenue ($M)
AUTO1 Group SEBerlin, Berlin$6,786.26M
Emil Frey Automobil Holding Deutschland GmbHStuttgart, Baden-württemberg$3,994.62M
FCA Germany GmbHRüsselsheim Am Main, Hessen$2,793.51M
AVAG Holding SEAugsburg, Bayern$2,473.07M
Toyota Deutschland GmbHKöln, Nordrhein-westfalen$2,195.79M
Volvo Car Germany GmbHKöln, Nordrhein-westfalen$1,869.63M
Gottfried Schultz B.V. & Co. KGDüsseldorf, Nordrhein-westfalen$1,772.88M
MAHAG Automobilhandel und Service GmbH & Co. oHGMünchen, Bayern$1,583.75M
Feser, Graf & Co. Automobil Holding GmbHNürnberg, Bayern$1,369.03M
Fahrzeug-Werke Lueg AGBochum, Nordrhein-westfalen$1,213.44M
MAHAG GmbHMünchen, Bayern$1,152.64M
EMobG Services Germany GmbHHamburg, Hamburg$997.97M
ahg Autohandelsgesellschaft mbHHorb Am Neckar, Baden-württemberg$958.31M
Tiemeyer AGBochum, Nordrhein-westfalen$889.68M
Gottfried Schultz Automobilhandels SEDüsseldorf, Nordrhein-westfalen$817.46M
Franz Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbHKöln, Nordrhein-westfalen$773.12M
Ernst Dello GmbH & Co. KGHamburg, Hamburg$767.19M
Renault Retail Group Deutschland GmbHKöln, Nordrhein-westfalen$765.51M
Autohaus Heermann und Rhein GmbHHeilbronn, Baden-württemberg$747.25M
Allane SEPullach I. Isartal, Bayern$744.69M
Löhr & Becker AktiengesellschaftKoblenz, Rheinland-pfalz$738.67M
Stellantis &You Deutschland GmbHKöln, Nordrhein-westfalen$735.02M
Hahn Automobile GmbH + Co. KGFellbach, Baden-württemberg$700.82M
B&K GmbHOsnabrück, Niedersachsen$636.99M
Procar Automobile Finanz-Holding GmbH & Co. KGVelbert, Nordrhein-westfalen$634.56M
Autohaus Adelbert Moll GmbH & Co. KGDüsseldorf, Nordrhein-westfalen$584.07M
Stern Auto Holding GmbHLeipzig, Sachsen$575.21M
Enterprise Autovermietung Deutschland B.V. & Co. KGEschborn, Hessen$559.24M
AUTOLAND AGBerlin, Berlin$556.38M
Automobil-Verkaufs-Gesellschaft Joseph Brass GmbH & Co. KGAschaffenburg, Bayern$537.33M
AUTO1 Group Operations SEBerlin, Berlin$489.13M
ROSIER Holding GmbHMenden (sauerland), Nordrhein-westfalen$484.28M
Autohaus Gotthard König GmbHBerlin, Berlin$474.08M

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