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best electric tractor

Best Electric Tractor

An electric tractor is one that operates on electricity rather than standard diesel engines.The batteries that power the electric tractor are charged using energy provided by the grid or renewable sources such as solar panels.

Electric Tractor Price

Solectrac Electric Tractor Price

solectrac Electric tractor

Here is a table summarizing the Solectrac electric tractor prices found in the search results:

Model Price Range (in USD)
E25 Tractor $29,900
E25 Loader Tractor $34,515 – $24,980
Utility Tractor Not listed
eFarmer Model Not listed
E25 Compact Electric Tractor $39,130

John Deere Electric Tractor Price

john deere electric tractor

Model Price Range (in INR)
E Series 7.00 Lakh – 18.80 Lakh
5075E-4WD, 75 HP 14.80 Lakh – 15.90 Lakh
3036E, 35 HP 8.45 Lakh – 9.21 Lakh
5210 E 4WD, 50 HP Not listed

Kubota Electric Tractor Price

kubota electric tractor

Kubota has a selection of electric tractors and prices vary based on the type of tractor, region, and the dealer. Here are some search results that may be of interest:

  • Kubota has introduced three new models of its L60LE small tractors. The starting price for this model’s tractors is $23,474.

  • The pricing of a range of Kubota electric minitractors is not listed on

  • The LXe-261, an electrically driven small tractor, will be available for rental in the spring of 2023, according to Kubota.The price is not shown in the search results.

  • Electric tractor Kubota LX The Kubota LX electronic tractor has low maintenance and fuel costs. It can also operate for up to four hours on a single charge and be recharged in a couple of minutes.Its cost is not reflected in the search results.

  • In 2023, the first electronic Kubota tractor, the LXe 261, was released. However, it is not listed in the search results.

  • A video on YouTube shows the 2023 Kubota Electric LXe-261 battery-powered Compact Tractor. However, no pricing is given.

  • It is recommended that you consult with a local dealer to get a precise pricing estimate.

Electric Tractor Price Uk

Based on the results of the search Here is the data about electric tractor prices within the UK:


  • Prices for the e25G Electric Tractor, Front Loader, and e25 Backhoe begin at $26,324, with a 10% cash back offer as an alternative for financing.
  • The e70N Electric Tractor is appropriate for commercial and vineyard farms, as well as vineyards.
  • You may earn up to $500 for each new client you suggest who purchases a Solectrac Electric Tractor.


  • Atwood provides battery-powered garden tractors however, the exact costs aren’t mentioned in the results.


  • The Farmtrac F25G tractor, a zero-emission, all-electric, and energy-efficient tractor, is now available for purchase in the United Kingdom.Its price is not shown in the search results. However, it is said to be more compact and quieter.
  • It is important to realize that pricing for electric tractor models in the UK may vary depending on aspects such as model, dealer, and other characteristics.
  • It is best to contact the appropriate manufacturer or local dealer directly for the most up-to-date and accurate pricing information.

Best Electric Tractor

Based on the results of a search Here are some details about the top electric tractor:

 Monarch Tractor

  • Monarch Tractor created the first electric tractor with a driver option.

  • The company’s electric tractors are designed to aid in the development of economically sustainable agriculture.

  • The electric tractor from Monarch Tractor is totally electric, autonomous, and data-driven.

  • The actual price of Monarch Tractor’s electric tractor is not stated in the search results, however they are widely available for purchase.

Farmtrac FT25G Electric Tractor

  • It is the Farmtrac F25G electric Tractor, which is a completely electric tractor that is small enough to do modest paddock or yard jobs effectively and easily.

  • The tractor is energy efficient, environmentally beneficial, and easily available for purchase in the United Kingdom.

  • The Farmtrac FT25G Electric Tractor does not have a pricing. FT25G Electrical Farmtrac

  • The tractor isn’t mentioned in the search results, but the product is marketed as a low-cost option for lesser jobs.


  • Solectrac is the most well-known manufacturer of electric tractors in the United States.

  • The firm offers a number of electric tractors, including the Compact Electric Tractor, the e25 Electric Tractor with a Backhoe, and the e70N Electric Tractor.

  • Solectrac’s electric tractor is adaptable, efficient, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly.

  • The cost of each model is not shown on the results page. They are, however, available for purchase.

Small Electric Tractor

Small electric tractors provide an easy and effective solution to various yard and paddock chores. Here’s a brief overview of small electric tractors, based on the results of searches:

Kubota LXe-261 Electric Compact Tractor

  • Kubota has introduced the LXe-261 electric small tractor.
  • The full characteristics of this tractor, such as its features and costs, are not displayed in the search results.

It is recommended that you contact the manufacturer and a local dealer for further information about tiny electric tractors and their prices.

Farmtrac FT25G Electric Tractor

  • Farmtrac’s all-electric compact tractor is particularly intended to perform modest jobs in the paddock or yard simply and quickly.

  • It’s a green tractor since it’s electric, zero-emission, and energy-efficient.

  • The Farmtrac FT25G Electric Tractor’s precise pricing is unknown. The Farmtrac F25G electric Tractor does not appear in search results, however, it is available for purchase.

John Deere Electric Compact Tractor

  • The John Deere 1R Series electric small tractor is available. The 1R Series.

  • This mower boasts a high power take-off (PTO) capacity, allowing it to mow more than 10,000 m2 of grass on a single 4.5-hour charge.

  • It is a high-performance product with minimal maintenance costs and zero emissions. This makes it excellent for applications that demand low noise levels and eco-friendly operation.

Electric Farm Tractors

Electric farm tractors are an innovative agricultural technology that is making waves.They are designed to be more environmentally friendly and efficient than diesel tractors, and they provide several advantages to farmers.

Here are some major components discovered in the search results:

  • Electric tractors have the benefit of emitting no pollutants and being significantly quieter than diesel-powered tractors.

  • This is a significant advantage for farmers that operate in high-traffic regions or near animal habitats.They also save money on gasoline, oil, and DEF, and they may be powered by renewable energy sources like wind or solar.

  • Solectrac and Monarch Tractor are two of the leading electric tractor manufacturers in the United States.

  • Solectrac is a versatile, four-wheel-drive utility vehicle that is ideal for golf courses, hobby farms, horse riding facilities, sports grounds, and municipalities. Monarch Tractor is a completely electric, driver-operated tractor that is designed to maximize the benefits of sustainable farming while being economically effective.

  • Electric tractor difficulties The power capacity of batteries in relation to the energy required by conventional farming is one of the most challenging difficulties for electric tractors.

  • However, technology is continually improving, and greater capacity and faster charging batteries are being developed.

Monarch Electric Tractor

The Monarch Tractor The Monarch Tractor is the world’s first driverless tractor.It was designed to make sustainable farming more economically efficient.

Here are a few key factors to remember about the Monarch Electric Tractor:

Electric Tractor Monarch Features

The Monarch Tractor is entirely electric and contains driver-adjustable features.It is outfitted with cutting-edge technology such as computer-controlled systems and a comprehensive sensor suite that delivers instant warnings.

The tractor has twice the torque and a streamlined weight distribution system, providing piece of mind and steadiness while in operation.

Benefits Monarch Electric Tractor Benefits

Farmers may benefit from the Monarch Electric Tractor in a number of ways.It produces no emissions and operates silently, minimizing noise and environmental effect.

It also minimizes the need for oil, gasoline, and DEF, which saves farmers money.Furthermore, adopting electric tractors may help to improve agricultural sustainability and efficiency.

John Deere electric compact tractor

Here are some details about this John Deere electronic compact tractor.

  • A prototype vehicle initially shown at the 2022 Equip Expo was a John Deere electric compact tractor.

  • It is propelled by a 40-kilowatt electric motor and has a peak speed of 25 miles per hour.

  • The 1RE can operate for around 4 hours on a single battery. It just takes 2 hours to recharge.

  • The tractor has a number of features that make it perfect for usage in suburban and urban areas, including quiet operation and zero emissions.

  • The 1RE is presently in development, and it is unknown when it will be available for purchase.

Here are a few positives of using the John Deere 1RE electric compact tractors:

  • It is both silent and emission-free. It is suited for usage in cities and suburbs.

  • It can operate for a long time on a single charge, making it suited for extended periods of time without needing to recharge.

  • It is simple to operate and maintain, making it a good solution for both small companies and households.

Here are some drawbacks of this John Deere 1RE electric compact tractor:

  • It is presently in the development stage, thus it is unknown when it will be ready for purchase.

  • It costs more than gasoline-powered tractors.

  • The battery’s lifetime may be less than some users would want.


Monarch Tractor has partnered with Foxconn, a Taiwanese contract manufacturer, to help with the production of the Monarch Electric Tractor.

Foxconn has begun production of the first MKV all-electric tractor at its Lordstown manufacturing center in the Midwest.The purpose of this collaboration is to boost the production of electrical tractors and their market availability.


Monarch Tractor is the firm in charge of developing and producing the Monarch Electric Tractor. Monarch Tractor is a corporation focused to improving agricultural techniques and developing clean, efficient, and economically viable solutions for farmers.

Electric Tractor Manufacturers

Here are some of the electric tractor companies based on the results of the search:

Fendt Tractor

  • Fendt is a German company that makes electric tractor models.

The details of Fendt’s electric tractors such as their specifications and costs, are not included in the results of a search.

Solectrac Tractor

  • Solectrac is the most well-known manufacturer of electric tractors in the United States.

  • The firm offers a variety of electric tractors. The Compact Electric Tractor, the e25 Electric Tractor with Backhoe, and the e70N Electric Tractor are among them.

  • The electric tractor from Solectrac is adaptable, efficient, energy-efficient, and environmentally beneficial.

  • The specific price for each model is not stated in the search results, although they are easily accessible for purchase.

Farmtrac Tractor

  • Farmtrac offers its clients the FT25G Electric Tractor, an all-electric, emission-free, and energy-efficient tractor accessible in the United Kingdom.

  • The Farmtrac FT25G Electric Tractor does not have a pricing. The Farmtrac F25G electric Tractor does not appear in search results, however it is referred to as a cost-effective alternative for modest operations.

Monarch Tractor

  • Monarch Tractor created the first electric tractor with a driver.

  • The company’s electric tractors are especially developed to aid in economically sustainable agriculture.

  • Monarch Tractor’s electric tractors are totally electric, driver-dependent, and data-driven.

  • The specific pricing of Monarch Tractor’s electric tractor is not listed in the search results, although it is available for purchase.

Electric Tractor Price: Factors and Considerations

Determining Electric Tractor Price

The cost of an electric tractor may be influenced by a number of variables:

Brand and Manufacturer

Established brands that have a good reputation for reliability and quality could offer electric tractors at a higher cost. But, they could also have better customer support along with longer-lasting warranties.

Power and Performance

The performance and horsepower abilities of an electric tractor could affect its cost. The models that are designed to perform work that requires a lot of power might be more costly.

Battery Capacity

The capacity and size in the capacity of the battery can significantly influence the price of the tractor. Tractors equipped with bigger battery packs that are able to handle longer-running operations could be at a higher price.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Farmers should do a cost-benefit analysis before selecting to acquire an electric tractor for their property.Consider the following factors:

Fuel Savings

Because of the reduced cost of power, electric tractors often have lower operational expenses. The estimate of prospective fuel savings over time will assist in establishing the long-term economic benefits.


Electric tractors are currently an agricultural sector invention with various benefits over diesel-powered tractors.

Their environmental benefits, cost-saving options, and technical developments make them an appealing option for the contemporary farmer. As battery technology advances and battery manufacturers expand, farmers may look forward to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

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Who manufactures electric tractors?

Electric tractors are manufactured by companies such as Fendt, Solectrac, and Monarch Tractor.

How does an electric all-wheel-drive (AWD) tractor perform in terms of traction?

An electric AWD tractor can provide excellent traction performance based on its power system.

Are there any large-scale assembly plants for electric tractors?

Yes, Ideanomics has commissioned the largest assembly plant for electric tractors in North America, with a capacity to produce 4,100 electric tractors annually.

What are the benefits of using electric tractors in off-highway jobs?

Electric tractors operate with zero emissions, reduced sound levels, limited vibrations, and lower operating costs.

How do electric tractors compare to diesel-powered machines in terms of torque?

Electric tractors provide instantaneous torque and peak torque at every operating speed, while diesel-powered machines need to idle their engines and ramp up to generate sufficient power.

Can electric tractors be used for larger agricultural machines?

The shift to electric power is starting in the small, low-horsepower tractor segment, but as battery technology improves, electric tractors will eventually be adopted for larger machines.

What advantage does the extra weight of the battery provide for electric tractors?

The extra weight of the battery can improve traction, which is crucial for farm tractors.

How does an electric tractor separate the traction, PTO, and hydraulic systems?

One advantage of an electric tractor is the ability to separate these systems, unlike conventional tractors where all the power is supplied together.

Are electric tractors more efficient than diesel tractors?

Yes, electric tractors are more efficient as all the energy goes into work, whereas diesel tractors waste energy as heat. Electric tractors also have maximum torque available immediately.

How much maintenance do electric tractors require?

Electric tractors require very little maintenance since the power source has just one moving part. Even the batteries are projected to last around 10 years.

How much torque and power can electric tractors generate?

Electric motors are very efficient, allowing electric tractors to produce a lot of torque and power while using a small amount of energy.

Can electric tractors be used for heavy-duty farming tasks?

Electric tractors are suitable for a range of farming tasks, including heavy-duty applications. However, the specific capabilities may vary depending on the model and power system.

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