Best Stihl Weedeater: Stihl has the perfect weedeater for you, whether you have a small garden or several acres.

Stihl offers a complete line of weedeaters to suit every need, regardless of how small or large.

Stihl is a well-known brand in the handheld power equipment industry for many years. Stihl has a loyal customer base, and a large market share in string trimmers and chainsaws, as well as other outdoor power equipment.

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Stihl Weed Eater

Stihl Weed Eater Comparison Chart

Specs FS 56 RC-E FS91R FSE60 FSA 90R FS111R FS240R
Engine 27.2 CC Two-stroke 28.4 cc four-stroke 5.3 amp electric 36-volt Lithium-Ion 31 CC Four-stroke 37.7 CC Four-stroke
Cutting Swath 16.5 in 16.5 in 14.0 in. 15.0 in. 16.5 in. 16.5 in.
Shaft Type Straight Straight Curved Straight Straight Straight
Fuel Capacity 11.5 oz 24 oz. n/a 30-minute runtime 24 oz. 25.4 oz.
Weight 10.6 lbs 12.1 lbs 8.8 lbs 9.9 lbs 12.1 lbs 14.6 lbs
Warranty 2 years 2 years 2 years 2 years 2 years 2 years

FS56RC-E – Best Homeowner Stihl Weed Eater

The straight shaft, gasoline-powered FS 56 RC–E Stihl weedeater trimmer is a fuel-efficient and high-efficiency engine. The STIHL Easy2Start technology is patented and allows you to easily start the engine by pulling on the starting cord a few times.



The FS 56 RC-E is a gasoline engine that produces 1.07 bhp (input braking horsepower) and an 11.5 oz fuel tank.

Although the fuel tank may be smaller than other models, it should still be sufficient for most homeowners with decent-sized yards.

It is also powerful enough to trim string for a homeowner or commercial business. You can cut any type of grass with it. This trimmer has never been slow in heavy brush.


For comfort regardless of your height, the handle has an adjustable front handle.

The handle has a multifunction control handle that allows you to do quick and easy work without having to move your hands. This handle is durable and comfortable.


The weed trimmer is 10.6 pounds in weight and can be used by almost anyone. This is a major plus. The FS56 RC–E trimmer is very lightweight and easy to use.

However, it does produce a bit more vibration than larger string trimmers.

Cutting Diameter

To get the job done quickly and with fewer passes, you can use 16.5 inches of cutting diameter. This is a common feature of all Stihl trimmers.

FS91R – Best Straight Shaft Stihl Weed Eater

The FS 91 R Model Stihl weedeater is the best straight shaft weedeater. This model features a simple starting procedure, a low-emission engine, and a larger gas tank that can hold more gas for longer hard-working times before you have to refill it.

The model has a 30% longer run time between filling up the gas tank and emptying it. This will save you precious time.

Rubberized loop handles give you maximum grip and maneuverability so that you can navigate around objects without hitting them.



The gasoline-powered engine of the Stihl FS 91 R weed eater is 1.27 bhp. It has a fuel capacity of 24.0 oz and an easily-seeable fuel tank. This allows you to see how much fuel you have before trimming.

This string trimmer is powerful and can handle almost any situation. This trimmer is the best value, and it has a good weight-to-power ratio. You might also consider the Stihl trimmer.


The front handle can be adjusted to suit any height. This makes it less tiring and more comfortable.


The trimmer is 12.1 pounds and easy to maneuver around obstacles. This is a good weight considering how powerful the trimmer is.

Cutting Diameter

To make it faster for larger jobs, the cutting diameter is 16.5 inches.

FSE60 – Best Electric Stihl Weed Eater

The FSE 60 trimmer is lightweight and much more comfortable to use. It is lighter than a gasoline engine model and has less strain on the body.

There are no emissions into the atmosphere. This trimmer can be used to trim small to medium-sized lawns. It is precise.

action AutoCUt from Stihl is included. To quickly replenish the nylon double line, tap the cutting head on a flat surface.

The cord retainer prevents accidental disconnections from extension cords or cords.

This trimmer is best suited for homeowners. This trimmer is a great choice if you only need to trim a small area and are looking for a reliable, easy-to-use trimmer.

If you have the budget, I recommend the Stihl or the below-mentioned battery-powered trimmer. It is a bit more expensive.



Stihl’s high-quality electric trimmer is corded and has both an electric power supply and a corded power supply.

It powers the 5.3-amp output engine at 120 volts. It is quite powerful for an electric trimmer. This trimmer is ideal for weekly trimming.


The lack of weight and size of a gasoline engine and a gas tank make handling easier.

The handle is not comfortable, but the weight is a plus. I find the curved shafted design to be a little too uncomfortable.

This is not a problem with Stihl, but it does apply to all curve shafted string trimmers.


All electric trimmers are lighter in weight, which makes them easier to use. This trimmer weighs only 8.8 lbs.

Cutting Diameter

This electric weed trimmer has a cutting diameter of 14.0 inches. Although it is not as big as some gas-powered trimmers, this is still enough for an electric weed eater.

FSA90R – Best Battery Powered Stihl Weed Eater

The FSA90 R straight shaft weed cutter is professional-grade and features a powerful 36-volt Lithium Ion battery.

A battery-powered trimmer will produce less noise than a gasoline engine trimmer, which is great for commercial work around schools or businesses.

It is lightweight and easy to transport. The ECO SPEED STihl soft stop trigger extends the work time by extending the life of a single charge.

You can quickly start and stop it with just one push of a trigger. This allows you to complete large commercial jobs or home projects quickly and quietly.



The FSA 90R has a battery-powered engine that uses AP series rechargeable lithium batteries. It can run for about 30 minutes after a full charge.

This is the main problem with most commercial battery-powered string trimmers.

This short run time makes it difficult to have enough batteries or a charging station in your truck or trailer. This is a limitation for string trimmers like this in commercial lawn care settings.


The product’s lighter weight makes it easy to handle and maneuver. It feels and operates exactly like its gas-powered counterparts. It’s a fantastic battery-operated string trimmer.


With the battery attached, this weed trimmer is only 9.9 pounds. This makes it one the most powerful weed trimmers on the market.

Cutting Diameter

It cuts a width of 15.0 inches and has a cutting diameter that is perfect for a battery-powered trimmer.

FS111R – Best Commercial Stihl Weed Eater

The Stihl FS 111R model of weed cutter is powerful enough to tackle the most difficult jobs. It’s also fuel-efficient, which will help you save money on fuel.

It meets all emission requirements so it is environmentally conscious.

The new model has a 30% longer run time and all the power you want. The 3 steps easy start system saves you time. It also features a pleated exhaust filter that can be changed quickly.



This engine has a gasoline-powered 1.4 bhp motor and a fuel tank of 24 oz. This trimmer offers a little more power than the FS91R trimmer. This trimmer can handle almost any application.


The model is a commercial weedeater and can be used for hours. It has padded handholds that reduce vibration and stress.


Stihl managed to keep the weight down despite having such a powerful engine. The model is 12.1 lbs in weight and may be the best Stihl weed eater. Although it may seem heavier than some models, this is an acceptable tradeoff.

Cutting Diameter

You can quickly and easily trim any size of commercial weeds with a large cutting diameter of 16.5 inches.

FS240R – Best Heavy-Duty Commercial Stihl Weed Eater

Stihl FS 240R is a weed cutter with a loop handle that gives you the most control possible in even the most difficult cutting conditions.

The weed trimmer’s heavy-duty design can withstand any harsh conditions and can be used in any type of cutting situation.

The large fuel tank allows you to spend less time refueling, and make more money working with this model.

This model is strong enough to be used in commercial areas such as around ponds and canals, in ditches along the roadsides, or in thickets.

This trimmer’s head can be converted to a brushcutter, if necessary. This is the greatest advantage of owning a string trimmer. This trimmer is usually too powerful and heavy.



This gasoline-powered engine has a 2.3 bhp rating and a displacement volume of 2.3 cubic inches. This string trimmer is the best for commercial jobs.


Even with its powerful engine, this model of weedeater is easy to use and adapts to be comfortable for anyone of any height.


The 14.6-pound weight of this big boy is amazing considering all the power it can provide for even the most difficult jobs. This Stihl weed-eater is undoubtedly the best on the heavy-duty market.

Cutting Diameter

The FS 240R has a cutting diameter of 16.5 inches. This will allow you to quickly complete your commercial jobs. Time is money in this industry.


BYB is a company that genuinely wants to make informed purchasing decisions. There are many reasons we love our job.

We are skilled outdoorsmen and women, gardeners, landscapers, and homeowners. We also have a passion and enthusiasm for what we do.

We take pride in pointing people in the right direction when they make a purchase. Even those who just discovered the need for this product.

Weed whackers, in this instance, are something that almost everyone at BYB has had firsthand experience using.

We haven’t tried every Stihl weedeater on the market, and we don’t claim to have. Having the experience makes it easier to understand the details and compare the descriptions of the manufacturer and the retailer, as well as the customer reviews and ratings.

You can trust BYB staff to provide accurate and honest information when we review items for your home, garden, backyard, or DIY projects.


It is not enough to look at features and prices when choosing the best Stihl marijuana whacker. It is important to understand what you need and what you should look for.

These are the top factors to consider when shopping for the right one.

Brand Specific Features

Stihl weed eaters are well-known for their brand-specific features. These include a Power Drive Transmission, One Pull Start gas-powered motor, and high-end rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries. If you’re looking for other brands than Stihl, you need to be aware of their brand-specific features.


A weed eater’s engine determines how powerful it is and what type of fuel it uses. Two types of engines are most commonly used in weed eaters: gasoline and electric.

Both corded and cordless electric motors are available. Before you buy one, make sure you understand the fuel costs and maintenance costs.


How it handles will depend on its shaft type and overall weight. Your height, shape, weight, and body type all play a role in how it handles.

Your neighbor might have the perfect weed eater, but you may find it too difficult to use and vice versa. You should also consider how heavy the unit is and the angle at which the string cuts.

Ease Of Use

It is more than how easy or difficult a weed eater can be to use. It includes how easy it is for a weed eater to be started, how much maintenance it requires, how long it takes to clean up after use, and how difficult it can be to adjust, restring, or adjust.

The ease of each weed eater’s use will vary depending on its model and your personal characteristics.

We recommend trying out a few weed eaters in person, even if your intention is to purchase one online.


When shopping for weed eaters, it is important to consider their weight. It doesn’t matter if you want something light or if you are strong enough to carry a heavier model.

There are models that weigh less than five pounds. Heavy weed eaters can also weigh more than 15 pounds and, in some cases, even twenty with fuel.

Cutting Diameter

The weedeater’s cutting diameter is the measurement that indicates how many weeds and grass it can cover in a “swath.” You will need to decide how large or small a cutting diameter you require. The most popular cutting diameters range from 12 to 18 inches.

Larger cutting diameter is better for large yards. It will allow you to do the job more efficiently and quickly. Smaller cutting diameter is better for small yards that don’t require much weeding.


A weed eater is perfect for maintaining your lawn. It will make your edges look fantastic and remove any stragglers that a mower may have left behind.

You can also use it to trim around trees and fences.

Bottom line: You will need a good weedeater if you own your house, manage a rental property, own land, or are responsible for maintaining it.

You may also find it beneficial to invest in a great weed eater if you do any of these tasks regularly.

  • Edge your lawn
  • Clear away weeds from foundation or deck edges
  • Trim weeds near fences
  • Prune grass around trees
  • Remove weeds from your gardens
  • Take out grass and weeds that are clogging driveway cracks
  • Large areas of tall grass should be trimmed


The first step in choosing the right Stihl herbicide is to determine your needs. Your height and weight can make a big difference.

Straight Vs. Curved Shaft

Because it has a greater reach than other shaft types, the straight shaft is most popular in weed eater construction.

Because the shaft is long and straight, it’s easier to use to whack the grass or weeds without needing to go knee-deep.

Straight shaft weed eaters are easier to maneuver under bushes than curved shaft models. These are easier to manage if you’re larger than average or taller than the average bear.

Gas Vs. Electric Vs. Battery-Powered

Ask your neighbors what weed eater they recommend, and they will likely suggest an electric model. This is especially true if you like to work in the yard at 6 a.m. on Saturday mornings.

You can sleep in your neighbor’s electric trimmer or battery-powered model, as they are quieter than gas-powered ones.

A gas-powered weed eater has many advantages, such as the long life span and increased power from a gas string cutter. You should take a lesson online, or ask someone who is familiar with how to set up a Stihl weedeater. It can be difficult the first time.

Stihl weedeater maintenance is simple, regardless of whether you choose electric, gas, or battery-powered. However, the gas trimmer will require you to add fuel each time you use it.

You can plug an electric trimmer, while the battery-powered trimmer requires you to charge it before you use it.

Bottom line: A gas-powered trimmer will work best if you have a large lawn to maintain.

An electric trimmer will be able to work on smaller lawns and not cause any disturbances to your neighbors.

For jobs far from the property’s edge where a line can’t reach, a battery-powered weed eater is ideal.

Why You Can’t Just Use A Lawn Mower

Lawnmowers cannot reach as many places as a weed cutter can. It is impossible for a lawnmower to reach certain areas because of its design.

Consider flower beds, walkways, and gardens, as well as outdoor furniture like fire pits, decks, and foundations.

You can use a lawnmower for your yard. However, this will not do the job right and you will eventually have to deal with all the problems that come with tall, uncut weeds.

This will result in more bugs and mice, as well as a yard that looks unkempt no matter how often you mow it.


It can be difficult to choose the right Stihl Weed Wacker because there is one for every job. You may prefer an electric-powered or battery-powered grass trimmer because it is quieter or can store more fuel.

If this is the case, you can choose the Stihl that best suits your needs. There is one weedwacker that can be used to maintain a yard or lawn.

The Stihl Grass trimmer FS 56 RC–E is the best weed eater for most homeowners. This moderately priced gas trimmer is equipped with a low-emission engine that doesn’t pollute the environment and has enough power for big jobs.

You don’t need to trip over cords because the gas engine is silent. It is easy to use the straight shaft under bushes and the handle can easily be adjusted to make it more comfortable.

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