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Bobcat 325G

About Bobcat 325G

Bobcat is the company that makes the 325G variant of the mini excavator. Discover and download the machine’s comprehensive data sheets and specifications here. This type is powered by a Kubota engine that can produce up to 20.5 kW, which is equivalent to 27 horsepower. The Bobcat 325 G weighs 2.9 tonnes.

The 325 G is positioned In the middle ground between the smallest and largest machines in the micro excavator’s category. The 325 G has dimensions Of 1.42 x 4.20 x 2.357 metres. The 325 G model’s bucket holds 0.062 m3, which is typical for this type of machinery.

Blade, Quick hitch mech. Also, as Of 2010, Rubber tracks are No Longer provided with this model. The original Bobcat 325 G Data sheet offers more detailed machine descriptions as well as the standards themselves. A Data-sheet written in Dutch is available for free Download at LECTURA Specs.

Bobcat 325G Price

Bobcat 325G

Mini (up to 12,000 lbs) Excavators Price: USD $27,900

Bobcat 325G Weight

Operating Weight: 6145lb

Bobcat 325G Horsepower

Gross Power: 27.7hp

Bobcat 325G Oil Capacity

Fuel Capacity: 14.1gal

Bobcat 325G Digging Depth

Max Digging Depth: 100.6 ft

Bobcat 325G Key Features

  • Air Conditioning
  • Cab Enclosure
  • Cab Heater
  • Heater Air Conditioning
  • Radio
  • Tail Swing Type
  • Engine Shutdown
  • Auxiliary Hydraulics
  • Quick-Tach System
  • Rubber Track

Bobcat 325G Specifications

325G Key Specs

Horsepower 27.7 hp
Operating Weight 6,145 lb
Maximum Reach at Ground Level 166.7 in
Bucket Digging Force 4,766 lbs
Width 55 in
Tail Swing Type Conventional


Engine Fuel Diesel
Maximum Governed RPM 2,200 rpm
Horsepower 27.7 hp
Turbocharged Engine
Optional Turbocharged Engine
Emissions Tier (EPA)
Tier 2


Operating Weight 6,145 lb
Weight Class 2.7 t
Maximum Dig Depth 100.6 in
Max Dump Height 109.4 in
Maximum Reach at Ground Level 166.7 in
Travel Speed – High 1.9 mph
Travel Speed – Low 1.2 mph
Arm Digging Force 2,820 lbf
Bucket Digging Force 4,766 lbf
Rated Lift Capacity
1249 lb
Lift Radius 118 in
Boom Swing – Left 90°
Boom Swing – Right


Length 165.2 in
Width 55 in
Height 92.8 in
Overall Length in Travel Position 165.2 in
Height with Operator Cab 92.8 in

Hydraulic System

Auxiliary Std Flow 12.3 gal/min
Auxiliary Pressure 2,500 psi

Bobcat 325G Review

The Bobcat 325G is a small digging machine that many people use for different jobs like building, gardening, and tearing things down. People like it because it’s strong, can do various tasks well, and works nicely.

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Bobcat 325G FAQ

Q. How much can a Bobcat 325g lift?

Ans. 325g Lift capacity is 1,249 lbs.

Q. How much does a Bobcat 325g weigh?

Ans. Bobcat 325g Operating Weight is 6145lb

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