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Bobcat E42 Specs, Width, Weight, Lift Capacity, Reviews, Manual, Price, Features

The Bobcat E42 Mini Excavator may be what you’re looking for. This page includes a description of the Bobcat E42 Mini Excavator’s specifications, dimensions, weight, and lifting capacity in addition to information about the machine’s key features, controls, videos, and images. more specifics

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bobcat e42 specs

Bobcat E42 overview

Its Bobcat E42 Mini Excavator Minimises Ground disturbance and is an excellent alternative for large-scale excavation projects. The traditional tail swing has more reach and dig depth.

When you need more reach from your Tier 4-compliant Bobcat E42 compact excavator without increasing your time spent in the field, consider upgrading to a long arm. Other possibilities include an angle blade and a clamping device with adjustable length.

Bobcat E42 Price

bobcat e42 specs

Bobcat E42 New Price:  NA

Bobcat e42 for sale

  • 2023 Bobcat E42 with 0 hours for sale at $59,900.
  • 2022 Bobcat E42 with 100 hours for sale at $54,900.
  • 2021 Bobcat E42 with 200 hours for sale at $49,900.
  • 2020 Bobcat E42 with 300 hours for sale at $44,900.

Bobcat E42 Mini Excavator Key Facts

  • Horsepower: 42.7 hp
  • Operating Weight: 9,246 lb
  • Maximum Reach at Ground Level: 17.3 ft
  • Tail Swing Type: Conventional
  • Bucket Digging Force: 9,183 lbs
  • Width: 68.9 in
  • oil capacity: 7 qts, 6.3 L

Bobcat E42 Specs

Bobcat E42

  Standard Long Arm Extendable Arm
Emissions Tier (EPA) Tier 4 Tier 4  Tier 4
Engine Fuel Diesel Diesel  Diesel
Maximum Governed RPM 2,200 rpm 2,200 rpm  2,200 rpm
42.7 hp
42.7 hp  42.7 hp
Turbocharged Engine Optional Optional  Optional
Optional Horsepower n/a n/a  n/a


Operating Weight 9,246 lb  9,722 lb  9,976 lb
Weight Class 4.2 t  4.4 t  4.5 t
Travel Speed – High 2.9 mph  2.9 mph  2.9 mph
Travel Speed – Low 1.6 mph  1.6 mph  1.6 mph
Arm Digging Force 5,762 lbf  4,953 lbf  5,672 lbf
Bucket Digging Force 9,183 lbf  9,183 lbf  9,183 lbf
Rated Lift Capacity 4603 lb  4435 lb  4180 lb
Lift Radius 118 in   118 in   118 in
Boom Swing – Left 75°  75° 75°
Boom Swing – Right 50° 50°  50°
Maximum Dig Depth 10.5 ft 11.5 ft  12.5 ft
Max Dump Height 12.2 ft  12.8 ft  13.3 ft
Maximum Reach at Ground Level 17.3 ft  18.2 ft  19.1 ft


Fuel Tank  21.1 gal  21.1 gal  21.1 gal


Auxiliary Std Flow  20 gal/min  20 gal/min  20 gal/min
Auxiliary Pressure  3,045 psi 3,045 psi  3,045 psi


Length  200 in  201.6 in  200 in
Overall Length in Travel Position  200 in  201.6 in  200 in
Width  68.9 in  68.9 in  68.9 in
Height  98.7 in 98.7 in  98.7 in
Height with Operator Cab  98.7 in  98.7 in  98.7 in


Air Conditioning  Optional  Optional Optional
Cab Enclosure  Optional  Optional Optional
Cab Heater  Optional  Optional Optional
Heater Air Conditioning  Optional  Optional Optional
Radio  Optional  Optional Optional
Tail Swing Type  Conventional  Conventional Conventional
Engine Shutdown  Standard  Standard Standard
Auxiliary Hydraulics  Standard  Standard Standard
Secondary Auxiliary Hydraulics  Optional  Optional Optional
Quick-Tach System  Standard  Standard Standard
Rubber Track  Standard  Standard Standard
Selectable Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow  Standard  Standard Standard
Angle Blade  Optional  Optional Optional

bobcat e42 attachments

Digging Bucket: One of the most versatile attachments available for the Bobcat E42 is a digging bucket, used for various tasks including excavation, backfilling, and grading.

Trenching Bucket: A trenching bucket is a specialized attachment designed for digging trenches. This tool can be utilized for various tasks, including installing utilities, drainage systems, and foundations.

Hydraulic Breaker: A hydraulic breaker is a powerful attachment used for demolition and breaking concrete, asphalt, or masonry structures. This attachment can help facilitate demolition by demolishing, breaking up, or dismantling these materials.

Grapples: Grapples are versatile attachments used for various tasks, including picking up materials, clearing away debris, and loading trucks.

Scraper: A scraper is a specialized attachment used for leveling and grading surfaces, creating smooth, even surfaces for multiple applications. This device can help level surfaces to achieve an ideal finish for various purposes.

Bobcat E42 Mini Excavator Review

The Bobcat E42 is a small digger that lots of people like. It’s great at digging and can do different jobs, like building and breaking stuff. It’s strong and tough, making it a good choice for many tasks like construction and gardening.

For more detail check out the YouTube video

The Bobcat E42 compact excavator has been met with rave reviews by users. Known for its durability, versatility, and powerful performance capabilities; many users appreciate its smaller size that allows it to navigate through tight spaces effectively while operating efficiently within limited spaces.

One of the hallmarks of the bobcat e42 reviews is its impressive digging abilities. Equipped with a powerful hydraulic system and equipped with strong digging forces, users can tackle even challenging excavation tasks with ease and its precise controls and smooth operation make it a popular choice among operators who prioritize accuracy and efficiency.

Users have expressed appreciation for the cabin design of the E42 cabin, which provides a comfortable and ergonomic working environment with ample legroom, adjustable seating, and excellent visibility. Furthermore, its intuitive controls enable operators to work for extended periods without experiencing fatigue.

bobcat e42 parts diagram

This diagram depicts the major components of a Bobcat E42 excavator, including its engine, transmission, hydraulic system, cab, and boom. The engine provides power for transmission which drives hydraulic system which powers boom which allows to move arm/bucket. Finally, cab provides safe and comfortable operating environment.

This parts diagram does not display all of the individual components that make up a Bobcat E42 excavator, so for more detailed parts information you should refer to its service manual.

The Bobcat E42 excavator is an intricate machine, and using genuine Bobcat parts is paramount for its proper operation and maintenance. These genuine parts have been specifically engineered to fit together seamlessly and come with warranties; by contrast, non-genuine parts may nullify such protection and lead to premature wear-and-tear on your excavator.

If you need parts for your Bobcat E42 excavator, reach out to your local Bobcat dealer. Your dealer will help identify and order them on your behalf.

Bobcat e42 problems

  • Hydraulic System Issues: Are you having issues with the hydraulic system of your excavator, such as slow or weak operation? This could be caused by low hydraulic fluid levels, a clogged filter, or a malfunctioning hydraulic pump. Check all fluid levels as well as inspect the filter for signs of debris or damage before seeking assistance from an authorized Bobcat dealer or service center if the problem continues.
  • Electrical Issues: Electrical issues can lead to various malfunctions within a machine. If you experience difficulty with controls, lights, or any other electrical components, verify the battery connections are tight and secure before inspecting fuses for signs of damage or replacement if necessary. If issues still persist after these measures have been taken it would be prudent to consult a professional technician.
  • Track System Troubles: If your track system is experiencing issues such as excessive track tension, uneven movement or slipperiness, misalignments or damaged components could be to blame. Inspect the tension settings according to manufacturer recommendations before inspecting for signs of wear or damage on each track and replacing as necessary – should the issue persist, contact a Bobcat dealer or authorized service center immediately for assistance.

Final Words

That’s all there is to know about the Bobcat E42 Mini Excavator Price, Specs, Review, and Key Features; nevertheless, if you have any questions about this topic, kindly put them in the comment section below. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as we can.

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Bobcat E42 FAQ

How much weight can a Bobcat E42 LIft?

The lift capacity of the Bobcat E42 is 4,603 lbs.

How much does a Bobcat E42 excavator weigh?

The Bobcat E42 operating weight is 9,830 – 10,666 lb.

What engine is in Bobcat E42?

The Bobcat E42 has a turbocharged Bobcat D18 engine.

How much horsepower does an E42 Bobcat have?

The Bobcat E42 has a turbocharged Bobcat D18 engine that produces 42.6 horsepower.

How much oil does a Bobcat e42 hold?

The Bobcat E42 holds 11 Qts of oil.

How wide is a Bobcat e42?

The Bobcat E42’s length is 201.7 in, width is 72.8 in, and height is 99.1 in.

What is the maximum reach of the Bobcat E42?

The E42 Bobcat mini excavator offers 42.6 horsepower, and has a maximum reach of 17.6 feet. Maximum dig depth is 10.4 feet.

How big is the Bobcat E42?

Dimensions. The Bobcat E42 rubber track mini excavator with a narrow width of just 68.9″, and 200″ in length, and has a height of 98.7″. It’s maximum dumping height is 12.2 feet (standard arm) and 12.8 feet (long arm).

What is the difference between Bobcat E42 and E45?

The 42.7-horsepower E42 is a conventional tail swing model designed for bulk excavation tasks which offers a 10.5-foot dig depth, 17.3-foot reach at ground level and has 9,183 foot-pounds of bucket digging force; while the 42.7-horsepower E45 is a zero-tail-swing model that offers unobstructed rotation and all around …

How much does a E42 Bobcat specs weigh?

Get more in-depth insight with Bobcat E42 digger specifications. See information, like: Weight: 4.19t – Transport length: 5.08m – Transport width: 1.75m – Transport height: 2.51m – Max. Reach horizontal: 5.3m – Dredging depth: 3.2m and more.

Where can I buy the Bobcat E42 excavator?

You can buy the Bobcat E42 excavator from authorized Bobcat dealerships. These dealerships are located in various regions and countries.

Can I purchase the Bobcat E42 excavator online?

While some dealerships may offer online sales options, it is recommended to contact a Bobcat dealership directly for purchasing the E42 excavator. They can provide you with accurate pricing and delivery options.

Can I test drive or demo the Bobcat E42 excavator before purchasing?

Bobcat dealerships often provide the opportunity for customers to test drive or demo the equipment. Contact your nearest dealership to schedule a visit and discuss your requirements.

Are there warranty options available for the Bobcat E42 excavator?

Yes, the Bobcat E42 excavator usually includes a manufacturer’s warranty; however, specific details may differ depending on where you purchase your unit from. Please contact your dealership to gain further details.

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