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Bobcat 331E

About Bobcat 331E

Bobcat is the company that makes the model 331 E G mini excavator. Find and download this machine’s detailed specs and data sheets here. This 331 E G 3.64t machine has a powerful Kubota engine that can give the mini excavator 29.9kW or 40 horsepower.

This Bobcat mini excavator is The biggest model available in The small excavators’ category. The 331 E G measures 1.54m long, 5.05m broad, And 2.36m high.

Since 2009, It has been available without an air blade, Fast hitch hydraulic system, Or track adapter. The Bobcat 331 E G’s Original specifications data sheet Provides further Details. Italian, Spanish, English, French, Dutch, And German versions Of the specification sheet are available for free download. It defines the machine And provides further specs For this model.

Bobcat 331E Price

Bobcat 331E

Bobcat 331E Mini Excavator Price: $24,750 USD

Bobcat 331E Weight

Operating Weight: 7,215 lb

Bobcat 331E Horsepower

Bobcat Model 331E Horsepower is 40 hp

Bobcat 331E Engine Oil Capacity

Fuel Tank Capacity: 14.1 gal

Bobcat 331E Digging Depth

331E Max Digging Depth; 12.9 ft (4 m)

Bobcat 331E Key Features

  • Air Conditioning
  • Cab Enclosure
  • Heater Air Conditioning
  • Radio
  • Tail Swing Type
  • Engine Shutdown
  • Auxiliary Hydraulics
  • Quick-Tach System
  • Rubber Track

Bobcat 331E Specifications

Bobcat 331E Key Specs

40 hp
Operating Weight
7,215 lb
Bucket Digging Force
7,000 lbs
Maximum Reach at Ground Level
191.9 in
60.6 in
Tail Swing Type


Emissions Tier (EPA)
Tier 2
Engine Fuel
Maximum Governed RPM
2,400 rpm
40 hp
Turbocharged Engine
Optional Turbocharged Engine


Operating Weight
7,215 lb
Weight Class
3.27 t
Travel Speed – High
3.5 mph
Travel Speed – Low
1.3 mph
Arm Digging Force
4,225 lbs
Bucket Digging Force
7,000 lbs
Rated Lift Capacity
1430 lb
Lift Radius
161 in
Boom Swing – Left
Boom Swing – Right
Maximum Dig Depth
122.1 in
Max Dump Height
121.6 in
Maximum Reach at Ground Level
191.9 in

Hydraulic System

Auxiliary Std Flow
16.4 gal/min
Auxiliary Pressure
2,700 psi 


192.1 in
Overall Length in Travel Position
192.1 in
60.6 in
94.1 in
Height with Operator Cab
94.1 in

Bobcat 331E Review

The Bobcat 331E is a small digger that lots of people prefer for different jobs like building, gardening, and breaking things. It’s known for being strong, versatile, and good at what it does.

For more detail check out the YouTube video

Bobcat 331E Problems

1. Hydraulic Leaks:

  • Loose fittings or defective seals are potential causes of these issues.
  • f You find that hydraulic fluid is leaking, It is imperative that You have the problem corrected as quickly as you can.

2. Engine Oil Leaks:

  • Engine seals and gaskets that have worn out can sometimes Be the source of oil leaks.
  • Take your Bobcat To repair as soon as you notice any signs Of oil leaking from it. A technician will be able to address the problem.

3. Fuel System Problems:

  • It is possible For the fuel system Of a Bobcat 331 to be problematic, particularly in the event that the filter becomes clogged.
  • t is essential To maintain a close eye On your fuel system And verify that it is functioning in the correct manner at all times.

4. Track Problems:

  • There is A possibility that the tracks of a Bobcat331 will wear out with use And will need to be changed at regular intervals.
  • f you discover that the tracks on your machine are beginning to exhibit symptoms of wear, you should take the equipment to a mechanic and have them inspect it.


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Bobcat 331E FAQ

Q. What engine is in a Bobcat 331e?

Ans. The operating weight of a Bobcat 331E excavator with a V-2203-M-DI-E2B engine model and 40 hp (30 kW) Net Power is 7,185 pounds.

Q. How much does a bobcat 331e weigh?

Ans. Operating Weight; 7,215 lb

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