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Bobcat 811 Backhoe Specs, Weight, Price, Features, Digging Depth, Review

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for detail about the Bobcat 811 Backhoe, Such as it’s features, price, weight, and specs. Through discussions with other Bobcat Reps and Colleagues, Our team confirm’s this information.

The Bobcat 811 Backhoe availability and comparison to other models will be the Main topics of this debate. Online information search might be challenging. Our staff compiles thorough and in-depth details about the Bobcat 811 Backhoe, Including a step-by-step guide, To aid in your search. Let’s go into the subject.

Bobcat 811 Backhoe

Bobcat 811 Backhoe Price

811 Backhoe NEW Price: USD $5,850.00

Bobcat 811 Backhoe Weight

811 Backhoe Without Bucket Weight: 2012 lbs

Bobcat 811 Backhoe Digging Depth

Digging Depth Maximum: 135.7″

Bobcat 709 Backhoe Key Features

  • Digging Depth: The backhoe attachment is a terrific method to maximize both digging capability and carrier mobility, With a comprehensive array of backhoe models for all loader capacities and digging depths of 135.7″ in.
  • Easy to move around: Moving the backhoe attachment from one work to the next is simple, Allowing for as much use as feasible with little difficulty.
  • Great visibility down-hole: The backhoe attachment’s design makes it simple to see, Allowing for quicker and more precise operation.
  • X-Change Mounting Attachment System: Excavators have buckets that come in different widths so they can dig holes of any size. This is accomplished with the X-Change Mounting Attachment System.

Bobcat 811 Backhoe

Bobcat 811 Backhoe Specifications


Approved Loader Models 863, 864 and 963

Dimensional in.(mm)

Stabilizer Type Fold-Down
Stabilizer Spread Transport 81.9 (2082)
Stabilizer Spread Working 130.3 (3309)
Ground Clearance (A) 6.9 (175)
Digging Depth – Maximum (B) 135.7 (3448)
Digging Depth – 2 ft. Flat bottom (C) 134.8 (3425)
Loading Height (D) 100.0 (2539)
Reach from Swing Pivot (E) 166.0 (4216)
Swing Arc 180°
Bucket Rotation 200°

Bucket Mounting System

  • X-Change™ System

Available Bucket Widths

  • 12″ (305 mm)
  • 16″ (406 mm)
  • 20″ (508 mm)
  • 24″ (610 mm)
  • 30″ (762 mm)
  • 36″ (914 mm)
  • 39″ (991 mm) Grading Bucket

Bobcat 811 Backhoe Review

The Bobcat 811 backhoe attachment is a popular choice for contractors and homeowners because of its versatility and durability. It can be used for a variety of tasks, including trenching, excavating, and loading.

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